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blue wool scarf for men

It is more important than ever to consume less to consume better. Investing in quality ready-to-wear, which will last over time, despite frequent washing and use, seems like a solution. Among the many textile components, let us look here at wool. 

You must have heard your grandmothers tell you that that's the only way to fight the cold. Wool has always been a preferred material when it comes to countering winter, however it can be uncomfortable, causing itching and skin irritation. If this is the case for sheep's wool, there are different types of wool. Cashmere, merino and alpaca have neither the same softness nor the same cost. 

Another disadvantage, moreover, when you want to invest in quality wool, you need a small nest egg. An economical solution exists: rather than investing in a coat or a sweater - a piece which by its dimensions will cost you even more advantages - we suggest that you look into a winter essential with underestimated potential: the scarf ! The models of men's wool scarves offered by Bellepaga, I am sure, will satisfy you.   

The Woolen Scarf

Wool is a natural animal material consisting of the hairs of certain mammals, woven to form a textile. It is mainly used to produce clothes, especially sweaters and cardigans. It can also be used to create blankets, or shawls. And let's be honest, what could be better than one of our men's wool scarf models against the harsh season?
It is well known, wool is a very warm material. In addition, some wools are not pleasant because they can be rough and cause itching. This is also the case with traditional sheep's wool. When you wear a scarf, you simply want to be wrapped in a cocoon of softness without scratching because the material is not pleasant. 
What about other yarns? First of all you should know that there are different types of wool with very different qualities. So how to choose your men's wool scarf for the winter?
The most common and least expensive is sheep's wool. But let's forget about this option because it is too spicy, especially if you wear it directly in contact with the skin. 
Other wools exist, more noble and more expensive, often better suited for a scarf. Merino wool, which also comes from the fleece of a sheep from Spain, or Mohair, are wools that remain very light and very warm. We can still prefer angora for its fiber with unequaled softness but nevertheless very fluffy and will tend to leave hairs on your clothes. As for cashmere, in addition to its price, it is soft and very popular for capes and scarves. The only drawback: its fragility. What about alpaca wool then?

checkered wool scarf

What type of wool to choose? 

sheep's wool 

The so-called ordinary wool will be rougher especially if it is of low quality if it has not undergone good treatment before being used to make clothes. An itchy wool is the assurance of a men's wool scarf that you will not wear; so ban!

merino wool 

When we talk about woolen clothing today, it is quite likely that we are referring to a fiber that comes from merino sheep. This species is known for the fineness and whiteness of its hair. Merino wool is primarily sought after for the quality of the garments produced. Its fine fiber does not sting and it is thermoregulatory. Nevertheless, it is far from being the warmest wool that exists...


To find a soft wool that does not scratch, you must choose a quality wool such as cashmere wool or Himalayan wool. Cashmere wool is a luxurious wool that comes from the region of the same name, renowned for its long, smooth and straight fibers. The thickness and length of his hair make the difference. 
Beneath its fine and light exterior, cashmere is a kind of textile superhero. What distinguishes it from other wools is that it does not contain lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic: perfect for baby skin. Are one and only drawback: it tends to pill. 

the different wools

The prestige of the alpaca

Alpaca wool is a very interesting wool for several reasons. First, it is the only wool in the world that does not require chemical treatment before making clothes or accessories, so it is more ecological than all the others. Then, it offers unequaled thermoregulatory and breathable properties. The hair of the animal, and even more of the Baby Alpaca, is so soft that you can curl up in your men's wool scarf without moderation. 
Alpaca offers many very soft and varied natural shades. This makes it possible to obtain accessories, gloves, hats, woolen scarves for men and women, which will go well with all your clothing styles. You will have no trouble pairing this same woolen scarf with your coats and all your bags. 
At BellePaga, our collections are ingeniously designed, using the most natural alpaca wool available. We advocate authenticity and respect for animals. We make it a point of honor to respect people and the environment, which is why we have chosen to work with natural and untreated fibers such as alpaca. 
In addition to offering you an ecological product, we offer you an elegant and refined textile, enough to find a sock that fits and timeless men's wool scarf !

the luxury of alpaca wool

The scarf, the essential winter accessory

BellePaga offers many accessories in alpaca wool. Our collection, especially for women, nevertheless has a wide range of products for men, including one of its flagship products: its model of men's wool scarf.
Our stylists are constantly renewing themselves in search of clothes with comfortable and loose cuts, basic while being elegant. How not to melt in front of men's wool scarves , long or short, in modest colors and unparalleled softness? Perfect to wrap up during the coffee break at the office or to match with gloves and hats for icy mornings!
If you buy an alpaca blanket from BellePaga, you know that behind it there is real traditional workmanship, quality wool and that the animals live in their natural environment. In other words, gentlemen, you know where your men's wool scarf comes from and by whom it is made. 
The scarf in addition to being an accessory that dresses, with an elegant touch, happens to be a useful barrier to the gust of wind. If your woolen scarf is of good quality, it will be an incomparable ally for spending the winter! 
And if quality comes at a price, investing in a scarf that doesn't deteriorate over time is something to consider. Especially since buying a men's wool scarf is not as greedy as investing in a coat, for example. 

Bellepaga scarves with subtly different cuts , all have the same lightness and the same softness. Composed mainly of alpaca wool and woven with Peruvian know-how, you will not find warmer wool to spend the winter. 

As you will have understood, our models of men's wool scarves are the condition for spending a warm winter, the accessory to wear without moderation and to be offered as a gift. Do not hesitate !

the essential of winter: the scarf

Why choose Bellepaga? 

Can't choose your ideal scarf model? 
What makes BellePaga offer you a unique choice:  

  • We offer quality scarves; with a light but soft texture like alpaca woolThis material will bring you real warmth for the winter as well as real comfort.
  • We favor woolen fabrics in natural and light shades, easily associated with your clothes and matchable with all your styles. 
  • We offer you a real choice in a basic range. Choose the texture of your scarf according to the desired thickness: our different products remain timeless. Among our men's wool scarves you will find subtle and modern cuts that are timeless!

BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its Alpaca products. Spend the Winter serenely, with real comfort. Your well-being is our priority. Discover our superb men's wool scarves Highly appreciated for the unique softness and warmth provided by Alpaca wool. You can match them with all your outfits and other alpaca accessories. Find our complete collection of clothing for women, men and accessories on our online store!