Alpaca wool ball

Take advantage of the softness of the ball of Alpaca wool to knit and create your own Alpaca wool items. Our balls of Alpaca wool are available in many colors to allow you to make your most fancy creations and 100% in Alpaca wool.


Why Alpaca wool? 

Alpaca wool has many virtues that sheep's wool cannot counter, also called wool of the Gods , it is the warmest and softest wool you will find on the market. It has the qualities of being thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, insulating, soft, fine and many others... but also it never pills! Our balls of Alpaca wool are made of 100% Baby Alpaca, the Baby Alpaca fiber is even finer than the usual alpaca fiber: it measures between 18 and 22 microns compared to the medium Alpaca fiber which measures between 27 and 29.9 microns. This is a detail that makes Baby Alpaca wool much finer and more luxurious,
this wool can be compared to silk. The balls of Alpaca wool are designed in many colors so that you can bring joy to your creations.

To your knitting with BellePaga!

Take advantage of our many balls of Alpaca wool to create your fashion accessories in Alpaca wool. With our balls of Alpaca wool we assure you knitting sessions full of softness, to please your loved ones or yourself with small accessories or clothes in Alpaca wool. At BellePaga we offer to live a unique experience by knitting with balls of Alpaca wool. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the qualities of Alpaca wool and immerse yourself in a cloud of softness during your knitting sessions. The luxury of the ball of Alpaca wool will allow you to create quality clothing and accessories.


Immerse yourself in Peruvian culture

Get inspired by Peruvian accessories and clothing to try to create them with your own hands , put yourself in the shoes of a Peruvian craftsman and create the most imaginative accessories and clothing. This will be an opportunity to please your loved ones with extraordinary gifts! At BellePaga, our Alpaca wool comes directly from local farms in Peru , and the design of our clothes is also made in Peru by local artisans, but with our balls of Alpaca wool you will put yourself in the shoes of Peruvian artisans to create your own Alpaca wool accessories and clothing.

Local farms in Peru 

At BellePaga we seek to keep the authenticity of our wool, which is why we want to collect our Alpaca wool from local farms in Peru. This allows Alpacas to live in their natural environment, with space and greenery. We find this essential to obtain the most qualitative coat with fulfilled and happy alpacas. By knitting with our balls of Alpaca wool, you will be able to feel the well-being of the animal through the good vibes that Alpaca wool sends back.


Eco-responsible knitting! 

Do you know that Alpaca wool is one of the most eco-responsible materials  ? Indeed the Alpaca is an animal very respectful of nature: - it does not damage the ground and the vegetation. Thanks to its pads instead of hooves, it is super delicate when it walks and this allows not to impact the life of the vegetation on which it moves. In addition, the Alpaca has the gift of not tearing the roots of the plants it eats thanks to its upper lips which are split in two, because this allows it to handle what it eats more easily. How well nature is! Alpaca wool is a renewable resource

 : the shearing of the Alpaca is done every year from the 4 years of the animal, this allows to obtain wool every year! The positive point is that the shearing of Alpacas is essential for the well-being of the animal, it avoids any hypothermia of the animal or discomfort because of the heaviness of the excess wool.
Alpaca does not pollute  : did you know that Alpaca produces very little greenhouse gas compared to sheep and cows? Another important point that places it at the top of the most environmentally friendly animals.

Take action for the planet 

With our balls of Alpaca wool you can knit with a clear conscience and the planet will thank you. The balls of Alpaca wool guarantee you knitting sessions in harmony with nature, the Alpaca being an animal that is very respectful of the environment, its wool can only bring you positive vibes. You will knit your most beautiful creations with natural Alpaca wool without chemical treatments.


Alpaca wool, how to knit it? 

With Alpaca wool you can make many creations: scarves, hats, vests, sweaters or even accessories. Give free will to your imagination and take advantage of the warmth, finesse and resistance of Alpaca wool to knit your winter clothes. With its draped structure, Alpaca wool is a material that remains rather soft compared to sheep's wool, this makes it possible to create clothes and accessories that are very pleasant to wear because they are not rough and firm. However, if you want to create objects, they will not hold on their own, so save yourself balls of Alpaca wool to make fluid clothes and accessories .

And the knitting in detail? 

Alpaca wool is a very luxurious wool , it is very fine and resistant, so you can have fun making patterns with Alpaca wool. But don't forget that the patterns may stand out less than with sheep's wool if you are used to this wool. This is explained by the texture of Alpaca wool which gives a much more blurred rendering , which still has its little effect! Which needles to use with balls of Alpaca yarn? To knit with our balls of Alpaca wool we advise you to use a 3.5 mm needle , however it is quite possible to go up to 4 mm.

Be careful because alpaca wool tends to be much more slippery than sheep's wool.


Where to find our balls of Alpaca wool? 

Our balls of Alpaca wool are available on our BellePaga website in many colors.
At  BellePaga we guarantee you top-of-the-range alpaca wool balls . Composed of 100% wool of the Gods, the  balls of Alpaca wool are the qualitative and the most luxurious that you will find on the market. It's an easy-to-handle yarn that does n't fray , and without forgetting its many other qualities such as its finesse, its insulation, its lightness... This makes this yarn the darling of knitters.

Our little tips! 

Tip n°1: When you knit patterns, to hide the ends of the yarn, pass the yarn through the stitches on the back of the knit. Tip n°2: If your stitches are not regular when you have finished knitting, it means that you have not brought the same tension throughout your knitting. In this case you can make a blockage  : you put your creation in cold water, you wring it by rolling it in a towel and you let it dry flat. Tip 3: Are you a beginner and learning to knit? Don't panic, take your time, knitting is  learned with practice .

and is an occupation that allows you to relax. So to start, don't aim to be complicated and knit simple things like scarves. And don't forget: we learn by making mistakes!