Thermoregulatory Duvet

A duvet is an indispensable product for us. Every day, we find ourselves wrapped up in it in order to spend pleasant, warm nights. It is therefore important not to neglect certain criteria when buying a duvet, it is very important to choose a quality duvet in order to be satisfied in the long term. Winter, summer or 4 seasons duvet, in cotton, silk or alpaca wool, what is the best material to ensure an ideal comfort to our nights? BellePaga tells you all about it!


What is really a thermoregulatory duvet?

It is a duvet that adapts to body temperature as well as the temperature of the room in which you sleep. The temperature of the room, as well as the chills of each person, have a great influence on the quality of sleep. Indeed, everyone at a different temperature in the room in which they sleep. In addition, our bodies are exposed to several temperature variations during the night. Because of these two criteria many people, although they sleep, do not really rest. It is for these reasons that BellePaga has decided to offer you thermoregulating ultra duvets made of alpaca wool.
The thermoregulatory duvet offers a personalized climate for a balanced and serene sleep. It adapts and maintains an ideal heat in both summer and winter. It will make your sleep more restorative because you will no longer experience microwakes due to temperature variations during the night. Your nights will be more pleasant and cosy.
This duvet is especially recommended for people who are very sensitive to heat during the hot seasons or for people who are very sensitive to cold during the winter.
Often compared to the 4-season duvet, it is a much smarter model. Not only is it suitable for all seasons, but it also allows more than other duvets to fight against humidity by evacuating warm air very quickly and regulating the temperature necessary for our body. Alpaca wool is indeed known as a breathable fibre.
We are talking about a duvet adapted to everyone, even the most demanding. A very soft, fine, and high-quality duvet that will offer you unparalleled comfort by balancing the changes in your body's heat.

Choose a lightweight duvet for both summer and winter


With its natural filling, the alpine wool duvet keeps warm without being heavy. We are talking about light and warm duvet. It is, therefore, suitable for both summer and winter. This is a perfect duvet for the most chilly or for those who are always too hot. It thus guarantees a long and warm sleep.
For those who didn't know it yet, the filling of this duvet is made with a natural material very hated by mites, alpaca wool. So we also have a superb anti-mite duvet.


Quality Wool Duvet


Falling for this type of duvet is quite normal. When you buy a thermoregulating wool duvet, you will experience one of the most restorative sleeps of your life.
Indeed, wool naturally protects the animal from the extreme conditions of its natural habitat, such as cold and dampness, and the wool duvet will offer you the same properties.Your body will be able to breathe very well when it is hot.
The alpaca wool duvet is 100% natural and therefore completely biodegradable. It will absorb moisture and regulate the temperature so that it is best suited to your body's needs. With an alpaca wool filling wrapped in the best cotton that can exist, Pima cotton. It is a fibre of exceptional fineness and length compared to traditional cotton, Pima cotton offers a particularly soft touch and incomparable flexibility while guaranteeing much greater strength and durability. It is a high-quality silky material. Pima cotton is a rare variety, it represents only 3% of the world's cotton production. The length of the fiber makes it exceptionally bright and durable. Pima cotton is therefore fabulously suitable for wrapping and holding the duvet upholstery in place. It is, therefore, one of the softest and most comfortable duvets in the world. It is a very soft duvet.
It is much more resistant than any other duvet. Its filling does not settle over time or washes. Just shake the duvet to make it look like new. The life span of a natural duvet is much longer than that of duvets made with a synthetic material.

Garinassage of a thermoregulatory duvet 


The weight of the filling of the thermoregulatory duvet is 350gr/m², it is a medium filling when compared to very light and heavier duvets. It is a perfect filling for the duvet to be warm in winter and also very comfortable in summer. It is a duvet whose stitching is made in waves to keep a certain aesthetic, but also especially so that the upholstery is distributed in an identical way in each area.
The maintenance of such a duvet is very easy, but it must be done dry.
All these points make us talk about a duvet of the highest quality. Be proud to offer yourself the best duvet in the world!

An ecological duvet

In addition to its thermoregulatory virtues and its unequalled quality, the alpaca wool duvet is ecological. Indeed, this camelid has a very small ecological footprint. It lives in its natural habitat, the Andes Mountains, in complete freedom on land that it does not eat. The pads on its feet allow it to flatten the ground without turning it over and it does not pull up the roots of the grass it feeds on, which allows it to grow back more quickly. The alpaca can also go several days without eating or drinking, its needs are less than those of the cashmere goat for example.
When sheared once a year in the spring, a single alpaca yields about 3 to 4kg of wool, which is why it is so rare. Alpacas are known for being a rare, light, soft and warm wool and are nicknamed "the wool of the gods".
After shearing, the wool undergoes no chemical transformation.
All BellePaga thermal duvets are made in Peru to limit polluting transport, using the traditional and unrivalled skills of Peruvian craftsmen.

So try our temperature-regulating duvets without further delay!

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