Knitting scarf pattern

For some time now, knitting has been coming back into fashion. This trend is back in the hobby of more and more people. Knitting has become increasingly popular since the confinement.
Knitted items are becoming more and more familiar as they are the easiest to make.

In addition to this skill, knitting allows you to create a variety of clothing styles. Often seen as an age-old trend, crafts are becoming more and more important. This is why scarf knitting is becoming more and more common and important.

At BellePaga we offer a range of knitted products.
So in this article we are going to give you tips for a knitted scarf pattern.

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Learn to knit: some tips.


Looking for a new relaxing hobby and maybe trying to give a special gift to a loved one? Knitting scarves is a great beginner project that is fun for all ages. Knitting isn't just for your grandmother anymore, find out and have fun!

More and more people are discovering this great activity as a way to relieve stress, have fun, and create unique pieces. Knitting is a great way to combat fast fashion and have fun at the same time.

There are no specific, predefined sizes, but there are a few rules to follow to get a nice knitted scarf. A scarf around the neck requires about 1.40 m long. Count at least 1.80 m to knit an extra long scarf. With this size, you can make a neckline and have two pieces at the waist. The longer your knitted scarf is, the easier it will stretch if you knit loosely or use a roving that is not too curved. As you stretch, the width of the seams will narrow and your scarf will look like a long, narrow strip.

Pay attention to the strands, woven scarves have little to no twist, even if they give you a quick braid. Design a scarf that is 8 to 12 inches wide for a medium length. If you choose thick lines, count up to 15 to 20 cm.

Many knitting stitches and knitting scarf patterns are available for knitting scarves. However, some knitting stitches are special and you need to think about them before you start.

A "wrap" stitch pulls the yarn into a twist, which causes the edge of the knit (and then the scarf) to straighten. Stockinette is an excellent "rolled" stitch, but it's not the only one. Some knitted scarf patterns show the behavior of the stitches, such as Kintzig Stitch Basics. If you don't want the scarf to roll up on its own, follow the instructions for choosing a stitch to knit the scarf. Non-rolled stitches prevent the yarn from twisting, seams. This is the case with moss stitch, alternating stitches on the right side or on the wrong side, in this position, or on the wrong side. All ribbing and single or double rice stitches create a very flat edge.

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Knit scarf pattern

To begin your knitted scarf pattern, prepare and organize your material.
First, you have two ends of yarn, the short end attached to the noose and the long end leading to the ball of yarn.
Start by tying an overhand knot with about six inches of yarn sticking out. Then attach it to a needle. You also have two ends to the needle, the blunt end and the pointed end.
You need to "cast on" about 20-22 stitches of thread to the needle.
To do this, simply make a small loop around the needle, with the long end facing the blunt end of the needle. Repeat this step until all the stitches are on the same needle.
This is where the fun begins. Push your second needle between the first and the loop and take the long end of the yarn. With the long end, wrap the yarn around the second needle in a counter-clockwise direction. If you want to add a different color to your knit scarf pattern to add a little personality, it's very easy to do!

When you want to change the color, simply change the new color counterclockwise around the second needle when knitting. Cut off the excess of the original color and continue with the new color. We recommend changing the color when all the stitches are on the right side of the needle for an even look.

To finish the scarf, you must first make two regular stitches.
Then, with the left needle, push it through the loop of the first stitch and pull it up and over the second stitch of the right needle.
Then catch the second stitch with the right needle, a stitch should be present. Make another stitch to have two stitches on the right needle again and repeat the process. Thread the left needle through the first stitch, up and over the second stitch and catch the second stitch with the right needle.
Now, when you get to the end of the row where you have only one stitch left, cut a tail off the long end, leaving about six inches of yarn. Wrap the tail counterclockwise around the needle and thread it through the loop of the scarf and you're done with your knitted scarf pattern!  

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Knitted products from BellePaga


Our scarves are designed by the Bellepaga team stylists and woven/knitted directly on site. The knitted scarf pattern is directly inspired by the local culture while respecting the current trends in Europe.

Our designer adopts a knitted scarf pattern, which you can find in the article Apocuna scarf on our website. The knitted scarf pattern respects the rules of Peruvian knitting and current fashion trends. The model of our knitted scarf is Apocuna. You can find this pattern on our site.
The knitted scarf pattern is only available for our Apocuna scarves. It is a stylish flagship product and made with a wide range of colors

Knitted scarves come in many styles:
Apocuna Knitted Scarf (Bellepaga): Our Apocuna knitted scarf is 200 cm long and 50 cm wide. Apocuna scarves are woven in one piece from Jersey Point. With a total weight of 250 grams, its benefits are extraordinary thanks to its composition. It is composed of 70% baby alpaca, 23% polyamide and 7% merino wool.

There are other models of knitted scarf that we think of:
- of knitting scarf Eben
- of knitting scarf Toulouse
- of knitting scarf Adorable
- knitting scarf Clover
- knitting scarf Arolla
- knitting scarf Bryant
- knitting scarf Viti
- knitting scarf Rushmore

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BellePaga Tips


Which wool to choose for your knitted scarf pattern:
There are different types of materials to use for knitting. At Bellepaga, we offer you our alpaca wool yarn. Alpaca wool is a very high quality wool that does not pilling. Incredibly warm and soft, you will love wearing it. The yarns are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your personal style.

When choosing needles for your knitted scarf pattern:
Next, you need to choose the needle, usually the medium ones are the best for beginners. You should look for a width of 4 mm, 4.5 or 5 mm. As for length, a good starting size is 10 inch needles, they are small enough that most people can hold them easily.

First tip: Wear your scarf with colors, it will put the trendy effect of knitting forward.

Second tip: Gift ideas: Give balls of baby alpaca wool and knitting kits for original and stylish gifts.

Tip #3: Experiment with different knots depending on your outfit and temperature. Make your knitted scarf an essential accessory to your outfit.

This knitwear craze is just beginning. Don't miss the opportunity! Don't miss out on the knitting trend! Every angle, every button and every seam. Knitting is back in full force! Wear our Apocuna knit scarf and you'll be on trend.