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The woolen hat is very trendy and can easily be combined with your outfits. Bellepaga hats are made from Baby Alpaca wool and are knitted by the breeders in Peru, with whom we work. The woolen hat is designed and created by the Bellepaga design team. The woolen hat is as fashionable for women as for men. The baby alpaca wool hat has several unique qualities. The third advantage of wool hats is the knitting. Our woolly hats are actually knitted. The woolen hat is therefore an indispensable winter item.

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Woolen hats are becoming more and more popular. They are coloured, plain, large, small, thick or thin, they take the colours and shapes you want. The trend returns every winter. The woolen hat is not only an essential element to face the cold of winter, it is now an essential accessory to match your "look" of the day. Bellepaga offers you a choice of plain woollen hats in several colours to best suit your desires.

The women's woolly hat has 6 different models:
-The pacha hat: a woolen hat with a pompom. It is available in 3 trendy colours, light blue, wine and beige. A trendy woolen hat with a touch of fantasy in the pompom.
-The Cari hat: a unisex wool hat with a unique and simple shape. It has a tighter knit with a lot of detail. There are also 3 colours for this hat, ochre, navy blue and dark grey.
-The Wayra hat: a woolen hat with a more relaxed knit, with knitted reliefs. There are 3 pastel colours, grey, pink and blue grey.
-The Samay hat: a woolen hat with a wider knit. There are 2 colours for this model, white and grey.
-The Minka headband: a woolen hat with a trendy shape and colours. It is available in 3 colours, black, ochre and blue.
-The Tuta headband : a woolen hat more original because of its shape. It is sold in 3 colours, beige, light grey and light blue.

The woolen's hat for men has 2 models:
-The Cari hat: a unisex woolen hat available in 3 colours. You can find it in navy blue, ochre and dark grey.
-The Tawa beanie: a woolen beanie with a tight knit. A simple and elegant pattern to go with all your outfits.

All our hats are made of Baby Alpaca wool, an added value for our products. But what is this wool, otherwise known as "wool of the gods"?



The Bellepaga hat is very warm and is woven from the "wool of the gods". Incredibly soft, they stand out from the classic hats that are not very comfortable to wear. Bellepaga has its own collection of women's wool hats that protect you from the cold while remaining stylish. It's a must-have trend this winter. Our women's alpaca wool hats are of very high quality. They are also comfortable to wear. In fact, they are made primarily from a type of wool called vicuña (the best fibre you can get from shearing a mature animal). This natural fibre has an unrivalled softness. So the wool used in our Bellepaga brand is perfect for making our hats, but most of all for the comfort of the wearer.

We carefully select the wool we use from farms in Bolivia and Peru. The alpacas have evolved in their natural environment at an altitude of over 4,000 metres in the Andes. The fibre harvested by shearing is considered one of b. It incorporates thermal properties as it is 7 times warmer than wool, but it is also valued for its thermoregulatory properties, which is very valuable when you consider that 25% of body heat is lost through the head when it is very cold. The baby alpaca wool used in our hats is also very resistant, 4 times more resistant than wool, the only wool that does not pilling. Therefore, it is a very durable and sustainable fibre.



For some time now, knitting has been coming back into fashion. This trend is back in the hobbies of more and more people. Knitting has become increasingly popular in recent years. Contrary to appearances, it is not a grandmotherly activity. This tradition of knitting has become popular with the younger generation. Bellepaga offers knitted hats in its product range. Knitting for a bonnet is becoming more and more familiar as they are the easiest to make. The woolen hat is made on our men's and women's hats. Beyond this know-how, the knitting fashion allows to create several models of clothing. Often seen as an old fashioned trend, handmade is more and more valued.

Because of its format, knitted fabrics are easy to carry. It is perfect for keeping the mind occupied on any occasion. Stop smoking, stop snacking in front of the TV, stop biting your nails and concentrate on knitting jumpers, those nasty habits you'll never think about again! Gone are the days of messing around with your phone on the tube, in the waiting room, get out your knitting, do a few lines, and time is instantly shorter!

Knitting gives you great satisfaction! Imagine the pride and joy you'll feel when you give your soon-to-be-born friend a beautifully designed sleeping bag to match her future baby's room!
Knitting offers so many possibilities, our creativity knows no boundaries. Scarves, jumpers, but also handbags, headbands, bracelets, quilts and even decorations, knitting is far from being a superfluous activity! Today, we have knitted everything for our mailbox, like a suit for our mailbox, or a jumper for our tree! Yes, yes! You are not dreaming! If you don't believe us, do some research online on Yarn bombing trends and you'll be surprised!

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In order to take care of your alpaca wool hat, scarf, etc., here are some tips.

This mysterious alpaca wool has a fibre 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool. This wool of the gods can be kept in its original state for several years if it is well cared for.
For washing, choose a good, gentle shampoo and use as little detergent as possible. We invite you to take a look at our different types of natural cleaning products specially designed for washing alpaca wool or any other delicate wool.
We also recommend dry cleaning or hand washing in lukewarm water (between 10 and 20 degrees) with a mild shampoo. The temperature of the water is very important, as washing at too high a temperature can cause your alpaca wool item to felt.
Hand washing is the best way to keep your hat and scarf in top condition. Simply run warm water through the wash and rinse, and do not wring out or twist the item after washing: simply press gently to remove excess water.
As for drying, alpaca wool products (hats, scarves, etc.) cannot be dried in the dryer! Place your item on a clean towel so that it absorbs water and dries faster. You should also air dry flat to avoid stretching the fibres of your alpaca wool product.
As for ironing, alpaca wool garments have the advantage of not creasing. However, if you want to iron your product, turn the garment inside out! Also place a cloth between the iron (at low temperature and without steam) and the garment to avoid damaging it. Your alpaca wool garment will then have a smooth effect without being damaged.

Please have a look at our wool hats. The current trend correlates perfectly with our Bellepaga products. We offer you several wool caps knitted from baby alpaca wool, otherwise known as "Wool of the Gods". Stay on top of fashion with our Bellepaga wool hats. What better way to keep your head warm than with a hat made from alpaca wool, which is 7 times warmer than cotton hats?