Cashmere scarf

There are many types of materials to make scarves, cotton, synthetic, sheep's wool or  
alpaca  . Each material has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

In this article you will find our explanations on one of the softest materials there is:  cashmere  , whose reputation is second to none and which is perfect for making scarves that will keep you warm during the harshest winters. .

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Why wear a scarf in winter?

The first of the obvious reasons is obviously style. A beautiful scarf  can perfectly accompany or even enhance an outfit. Its color, shape, length or patterns can vary and completely transform your style. A very colorful scarf can make your outfit less dull and more cheerful, while conversely, a sober scarf can contribute to a serious look. To enhance your style, it is also possible to wear a scarf. These are thinner, lighter and smaller than scarves. They will not necessarily keep you warm but will be very elegant and will be noticed.

The second most obvious reason is the cold. Indeed,  a good scarf will keep your neck and neck warm, protect against the wind that rushes into the top of your coat and can even be pulled up to your ears to protect them from the cold  . The warmth of a scarf depends a lot on the material it is made of. Natural materials such as wool are generally the warmest, where synthetic materials will be less warm.

Finally, the throat being a very fragile part of the body, with very thin skin and very irrigated with blood, it is an ideal entry point for viruses, bacteria and other microbes. Covering your throat with a scarf can help  reduce the risk of contamination and therefore illness  .

As you will have understood, the scarf is both a fashion accessory, but also  a winter essential  to stay warm and protect yourself from illness. Among all the variants, we will see in this article the advantages of cashmere as a material for your scarves.

Cashmere scarf

What is cashmere?

Cashmere  is an animal fiber, more widely used in the textile industry, for making clothes, such as sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, etc. This fiber comes from the cashmere goat, an animal native to the Tibetan highlands, in the Himalayas in the Kashmir region. It is an endemic species, so cashmere production is exclusive to this geographical area. In this region of the world, temperatures can be extremely cold,  between -30 and -40 degrees Celsius. To protect itself from these very low temperatures and the wind, the cashmere goat produces a down of very fine and tight hair. This down, located on the chest of the animal is shorn or brushed at spring time to recover the hair. The hair is then bleached using rice flour, then washed, treated and dyed before being woven to the making of clothes.

The low production of this down by goats increases its rarity and therefore its price. It takes about 4 goats to produce a single sweater. Producing this down only once a year, it therefore takes a colossal quantity of goats to meet global demand. A goat produces around 150 grams of cashmere per year. It is this reason that explains the high price of cashmere items and accessories. This rare fiber is highly prized for its many virtues.

First, cashmere naturally regulates moisture close to the body. Thanks to this,  cashmere is very insulating and therefore very warm  . It is also warmer than sheep's wool while being lighter and finer. A cashmere scarf will then be more comfortable than a wool scarf which risks scratching but will also be warmer. It is also one of  the softest fibers around. Unlike wool, cashmere does not itch and can be worn directly against the skin without the risk of redness or itching. Finally, cashmere is a resistant material, your cashmere scarves will last a long time if you take care of them. It is not an accessory that is quickly thrown away.

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Cashmere scarves for men

As mentioned above,  cashmere scarves  are a fashion accessory. Many men wear them to dress up their outfits a little more or to keep warm. Cashmere scarves are the perfect accompaniment to a coat, shirt or sweater that may itself be in cashmere. The men's scarf is often an opportunity to bring a little color to a sober outfit without breaking or diminishing the elegance. Worn as an accessory, the cashmere scarf can bring a fancy touch to an outfit.

There are several ways to wear a  cashmere scarf  for a man. The first is then content to place it on his neck and let it hang along the bust. This is a very stylish way to wear an oversized cashmere scarf. It is also possible to tie it around the neck like a scarf, thus combining the two lengths in one for more elegance. You can also simply wrap it around your neck leaving only a little length. For more extravagance, you can also go around the neck, and have a length along the bust and the other in the back. Finally, for a more urban look, you can roll it up completely without tightening it too much, giving it a loose side to let your neck breathe.
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Cashmere scarves for women

As with men,  cashmere scarves  are a winter fashion staple for women. The elegance of cashmere is well established and will delight women who want to keep their neck warm during the winter without neglecting its look. For women who prefer finer scarves, cashmere is the ideal material. Indeed, it is light, flexible but above all thin. Soft colors like pale pink, light brown or sky blue will be perfect for your outfits. The patterns can also vary and completely transform your style. Small elegant checks, very subtle patterns or fine stripes will be very chic and will make your outfit more elegant than ever.

To tie your scarf, there are no secrets, as for men, it's up to you to choose how you want to wear it. Depending on your mood or your style of the day, you can opt for a wider or tighter scarf, open or closed, straight or on the side. Many women like to wear their chunky cashmere scarves like a shawl, resting on the shoulders and falling down the body and arms. This comforting style will protect you from the cold and give your outfit a warm and cozy feel: just like home!

It is important to remember that very often  the scarf is a unisex accessory  , which is suitable for both men and women, regardless of the scarf, color, pattern or size. Men and women alike, the scarf is an essential part of any wardrobe, in winter as well as during the shoulder seasons.

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Bellepaga Tips

In this section, we will give you 3 tips for choosing and maintaining your  cashmere scarf.
-  Beware of counterfeits! Cashmere is a noble material, certainly expensive but worth its price. It can be tempting to turn to less expensive models. But very often, these scarves are not 100% cashmere and contain very little. In this case, you will not feel the benefits of cashmere. Beware of counterfeits that lie to you and do not contain cashmere.
-  Find the cashmere scarf of your dreams! As an expensive accessory, be sure to choose the scarf you like the most. It's not something you change regularly. Color, shape, patterns, all these points are important to make your decision.
-  Take care of your cashmere scarf! Cashmere is a hard-wearing material, but that doesn't mean you have to throw your scarf on the floor or wash it haphazardly. As a natural material, cashmere likes to breathe. If there is no stain, hanging up your scarf will often be enough to get rid of the odors. In case of washing, favor a cold wash (30° Celsius maximum) and avoid the dryer. Hang your cashmere scarf to dry.

Don't wait any longer and find the cashmere scarves you need! Soft, warm and resistant, it's the accessory you need to face harsh winters. We can also recommend that you take a look at our alpaca wool scarves   , a unique material nicknamed  ''The Wool of the Gods''  . Visit our   website  to find what you are looking for.