Knitted cardigan

The knitted cardigan is a must-have piece in your wardrobe for all seasons: winter and summer. The knitted vest can be knitted with tight stitches to keep you warm during winter, or with wider stitches to let your skin breathe during mid-season. You can easily match it to any outfit: over a shirt, a tee-shirt, a sweater. You can create different styles with your beautiful knitted vest: classic, casual, or elegant. If you want to match your wool vest easily with all your outfits, choose a neutral and classic color: black, gray, white, or navy blue. On the contrary, choose a flush color for a more pronounced look: red, orange, pink, blue, green. Don't hesitate, and choose the knitted cardigan that suits you!

Knitted Cardigan

How to choose the length of your vest: long or short knitted vest? 

There are different lengths of knitted vests. Today, you can find in your stores long, medium or short knitted vests. How to choose the ideal length of knitted vest for your body type, your style, and the season's trends?

Some lengths are better suited to some body types than others. If you are tall, you can choose a long knitted cardigan. Indeed, it will fit perfectly with your morphology and will bring more elegance to your silhouette. On the contrary, if you have a small waist, choose a short knitted cardigan that stops above the hips. The long knit cardigan is less suitable for people with small waists. If you are still unsure about the length of your knitted vest, you can choose the mid-length vest. It stops just below the buttocks, and covers the hips. The mid-length vest is suitable for all body types.

The length of your knitted vest depends on your body type but also on your style and the outfit you are wearing. If you are wearing a very long dress, the long knitted cardigan of the same length as your skirt or dress will be perfect. The long knit cardigan allows you to look very stylish and pairs perfectly with strong pieces in your wardrobe while still being wrapped in comfort. If you are wearing a skirt, shorts, or a short dress, choose a short knit cardigan to show off your beautiful legs. The short vest is suitable for both chic and casual styles.

Finally, the long knitted cardigan is more appreciable during the winter periods because it will bring you more heat than the short knitted cardigan. The latter is preferable during the summer months in the spring or early fall. The knitted vest is a timeless piece of your wardrobe for the summer as well as for the winter to always stay stylish, and protect you from the cold.

Choose the knitted vest that suits your body type, your look, and the season!

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Women's knitted cardigan 

Like the warm winter sweater or the small light summer cardigan, the knitted cardigan is now found in every wardrobe. It is an essential for all women.

The knitted cardigan can be matched with all outfits, and wraps you in a cocoon of softness and comfort. The women's knitted cardigan is very trendy today. There is something for every taste, and every style. You can choose from a wide range of colors, lengths, and stitches. The knitted vest keeps you warm all winter long, and protects you from the cool breezes during the mid-season.

Don't hesitate, and choose your favorite knitted vest for this season!

Black cardigan for woman

The woman's alpaca wool cardigan: a winter timelessness

For all seasons, the knitted cardigan is a trendy and essential piece for all women. They are available in all sizes and for all tastes in the textile shops.

You can also imagine and create your own knitted cardigan. Knitting your own garment requires more time and patience but the result is more satisfying. You can choose everything: the color, the length according to your morphology, the embroidery or other patterns to add on your garment. If you decide to knit your own knitted cardigan, it is essential to choose quality wool. The choice of wool is very important to have a durable garment, resistant in time, and comfortable. Today there are different types of wool with more or less beneficial properties. The natural wools have the best virtues, and have the advantage of being soft, warm, and delicate as: the link, cashmere, cotton, angora, or alpaca. The alpaca wool knows the best virtues, and is today a very prestigious and high quality wool.

Alpaca wool is called the "wool of the gods". This wool comes from the alpacas that live in their natural environment on the Andes at an altitude of over 4000 meters. Alpaca wool and more particularly baby alpaca wool has the advantage of being fine and warm at the same time.

Indeed, baby alpaca wool is the warmest wool in the world and brings 7 times more warmth than sheep wool. Moreover, baby alpaca wool is very soft, thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic. This means that it does not itch or irritate even the most sensitive skin. Finally, baby alpaca wool is also 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool. It is one of the rare wool that does not pilling. You will be able to enjoy your baby alpaca wool vest for several seasons without worrying about pilling.

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Bellepaga tips for choosing your ideal knitted cardigan

Choose a color that matches your skin tone and gives you a healthy glow. The color of a garment, especially a coat, jacket or vest, is essential to bring radiance to your outfit! If you're a blonde, for example, choose a light-colored knitted vest such as powdered pink or sky blue. These light colors are perfect for blonde hair, and will highlight your face. On the contrary, if you are a brunette with a dull complexion, choose a dark knitted cardigan with warm colors: orange, pink, red, fir green. These colors go perfectly with darker skin and brown hair. Finally, if you don't know what color to choose or you want a knitted cardigan to wear with all your outfits, opt for classic and timeless colors: black, gray, white.

The length of your knitted cardigan should match your body type for a stylish outfit. If you are tall, choose a long knitted cardigan that will lengthen your figure and show off your elegance. If you are short, choose a short vest to avoid compressing you. The short vest stops above the hips and shows off your beautiful legs. If you are still unsure about the length of your knitted cardigan, choose a mid-length cardigan that stops below the buttocks.

The knitted vest is knitted. There are different knitting techniques for a different but still stylish look. The knitting stitches can be tight for a fine and delicate finish. On the contrary, knitting stitches can be a little softer and open for a softer and more comfortable look.
Choose the knit cardigan you like best to feel comfortable in all seasons.

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Find our baby alpaca wool vests to wrap you in softness and delicate comfort all winter long. Discover all our little wonders, and choose the knitted cardigan that suits you!