Alpaca cardigan

Are you looking for a great cardigan? A soft, warm, comfortable and quality waistcoat? BellePaga is here for you! Whether you want a new waistcoat for everyday wear or for an occasion, they will be perfect.

Baby alpaca cardigan

Bellepaga's cardigans offer a unique experience of softness. They are made from alpaca wool and more precisely, from the finest and softest fibres of the adult animal, the baby alpaca.

Alpaca wool is known as "the wool of the gods". Our waistcoats are made in the alpacas' homeland in Peru. This means that our wool comes from alpacas living in the Andes Mountains, at an altitude of over 4000 metres. There the temperatures can vary by 30 degrees in a single day. This is why alpacas have developed a fine, silky, heat-regulating coat of hair. Keeping them in their natural environment allows us to preserve all the virtues of our wool. BellePaga has chosen to use only fibres from animals that live in their natural environment at high altitudes, which ensures exceptional wool quality. The thermal and insulating power of the wool in our waistcoats will protect you from the cold while being light and comfortable to wear.

Our alpaca waistcoats are made in the same way as our other products. This means that our wool comes from Peru. Everything is done with complete respect for the environment, the animals and the craftsmen. They are paid the fair value of their work. This allows the local populations to live off the products of their land.

Alpaca is naturally black, brown, white or grey. We try to mix these different colours as much as possible in order to have natural colours and to avoid dyes. All the models with colours close to these are made naturally without using dyes.

Warm and soft cardigan

We decided to make the waistcoats in this wool because it has a number of qualities.

Of all the wools, baby alpaca is the softest, silkiest and shiniest. Don't worry, baby alpaca is not the wool for babies. It is called baby alpaca because it is 18 to 22 microns thick, whereas classic alpaca is thicker and therefore less soft. This makes the waistcoats soft and provides a new experience of softness. Baby alpaca is considered one of the softest and most prestigious natural fibres in the world. It is quite rare as it represents only 10% of the total world production of alpaca wool. It is therefore a high-end fibre that we have decided to include in most of the items in our shop so that you can enjoy it.

Moreover, alpaca wool is 3x more resistant and 7x warmer than sheep's wool. It is therefore optimal for protecting against the cold without making you sweat because it has thermoregulatory properties!

Compared to sheep's wool, another major advantage of alpaca is that it is hypoallergenic. No more jumpers that are not worn because they are itchy.

It is also a light wool. This makes it more comfortable and sets alpaca apart from other types of wool. The waistcoats really do offer a unique comfort, with warmth, tenderness and softness.

The elastic fibre allows the garments and accessories to adapt perfectly to your body shape.

The quality of our waistcoats is incredible. Each piece is unique as the finishing is done by hand. Alpaca wool is known for its durability. Unlike other wools, it is the only one that does not pilling. This characteristic will allow you to keep your waistcoat for many years.

An advantage of alpaca is that it does not create static electricity. Your hair will not be ruined after putting on or taking off your waistcoat. Washing is also easy.

Classic and elegant, our cardigans are timeless and can be worn for any occasion. You can wear them with a skirt, jeans, trousers or a dress to embellish your outfit.

You can also discover our women's collection of jumpers, ponchos, socks, slippers, hats or gloves and all the benefits of alpaca wool. Try alpaca wool and you'll love it!

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