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For some time now, knitting has been coming back into fashion. This trend is back in the hobbies of more and more people. Since the confinements, knitting has become more and more popular. Bellepaga offers knitted scarves in its product range. Knitted scarves are becoming more and more familiar as they are the easiest to make. Knitted scarves are made on our Apocuna scarves. Beyond this know-how, the knitting fashion allows to create several models of clothing. Often seen as an old fashioned trend, handmade is more and more valued. This is why scarf knitting is becoming more and more common and valued.

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Our scarves are designed by the Bellepaga team of stylists and knitted directly on site. The scarf knitting patterns are directly inspired by the local culture while respecting the current trend in Europe. The design of our products is simple. The designers follow a method with several techniques that you can find on our website, in the article Apocuna scarf. The knitted scarf respects the rules of Peruvian knitting and the current fashion trend. The model of our knitted scarves are the Apocuna. You can find the pattern on our website. The knitted scarf is only available on our Apocuna scarves. It is a top product, the pattern is trendy and is made in wide stitches.

There are several styles of knitted scarf here are the 10 we have selected:
- Apocuna scarf (Bellepaga): Our Apocuna scarf is 200cm long and 50cm wide. The Apocuna scarf is knitted from Jersey stitch, all over. It weighs a total of 250g and its virtues are extraordinary thanks to its composition. It is made of 70% baby alpaca wool with 23% polyamide and 7% merino.

There are other knitted scarf patterns that we can think of:
- knitting scarf Eben
- knitting scarf Toulouse
- knitting scarf Adorable
- knitting scarf Clover
- knitting scarf Arolla
- knitting scarf Bryant
- knitting scarf Viti
- knitted scarf Rushmore

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There are no precise, predefined sizes, but there are a few rules to follow to get a nice knitted scarf. A scarf covering the neck is about 1.40 m long. If you want to knit an extra long scarf, you need at least 1.80 m. With this size you can make a neckline and have two sections up to the waist. The longer your knitted scarf is, the easier it will stretch if you knit loosely or if you use a roving that is not too curvy. As you stretch, the width of the seam will narrow and your scarf will look like a long, narrow strip. Be careful with rovings, there is almost no twist to weave a scarf, even if they give you a quick weave.

Design a scarf that is 20-30 cm wide for a medium strand. If you choose thick rows, allow up to 15 to 20 cm. Many knitting stitches are available for knitting scarves. However, some knitting stitches are idiosyncratic and you need to know how to think about them before you start. A "rolled" stitch pulls the yarn into a twist, causing the edge of the knit (and then the scarf) to straighten itself. Stockinette is an excellent "rolled" stitch, but it is not the only one. Some knitting books show how the stitches behave, such as Kintzig Stitch Basics. If you don't want the scarf to roll up by itself, follow the instructions for choosing a stitch to knit the scarf. Stitches that do not "roll" prevent the yarn from twisting, stitch after stitch. This is the case with moss stitch, alternating rows of stitches on the right side or on the wrong side, in this position or on the wrong side. All ribbing and single or double rice stitches create a very flat edge.

You can find more technical information on how to knit a scarf on our blog.

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A scarf is a winter accessory, so it is designed to be visible, and therefore perhaps more exotic than the so-called "basic" outfit you wear every day. Indeed, if people often buy coats in fairly solid colours so that they can match as many colours as possible, then a scarf is often an accessory that lets your style and imagination run wild.

As a result, you will find scarves in a wide variety of patterns and colours, lengths, shapes or materials. However, the more flamboyant and original your scarf is, the less it will work with a variety of clothes. Also, depending on the material of the scarf, including the problem of pilling, it is sometimes not advisable to match scarves of certain materials with jackets or zip-up jumpers. This is particularly the case with wool.

Alpaca wool is known for its amazing strength and softness and its exceptional resistance to abrasion. But if your favourite scarf still has a lint problem, our article on how to avoid pilling will give you a magic solution to remedy it or avoid another disaster.
A scarf is not just a warm fabric, it is a real fashion accessory that completes your outfit and can be worn in many different ways. How you wear your scarf will depend on your taste, your mood and the weather. Also, depending on the material of the scarf, including the problem of pilling, it is sometimes not advisable to match scarves of certain materials with jackets or zip-up jumpers.

Therefore, a classic knitted scarf, Apocunas, can be worn in different ways: for women, the most common way to wear a scarf is simply tied. Women's single knots are more likely to be part of the scarf to cover/protect the neck, with two symmetrical pendants of equal size on either side of the shoulders. For men, the knot will be more like a tie. You should actually fold the scarf in half so that the ends are level, then wrap the scarf around your neck, always keeping the fold down and inserting the ends into the "holes" formed opposite the ends.
Long, wide scarves are particularly popular with women because, as well as being able to be tied 'classically' around the neck, they can be worn as a plaid around the chest and shoulders or as a scarf, covering your head and neck at the same time. For a more casual look you can of course also let your scarf hang over your jacket after you have slipped it around your neck, this way of carrying your scarf will elongate your figure.

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First tip: Wear it with colour, the trendy effect of the knitwear should be highlighted on your look.

Second tip: Gift idea: Offer balls of baby alpaca wool and a knitting kit for an original and trendy gift.

Tip 3: Try different knots to match your outfit and the weather. Make your scarf an essential accessory to your outfit.

This knitting trend has only just begun. Don't miss your chance! Don't miss out on the knitwear trend! From every angle, every button and every seam. The return of knitting is triumphant! And you'll be on top of the trend with our Apocuna knitted scarf.