Knit scarf

Do you dream of finding the perfect knitted scarf?

In this article you will find lots of tips on how to find, choose or make your knitted scarf.
What more could you ask for?


Our tips for knitting beginners

Do you want to start knitting? Make a knitted scarf?
Make your own clothes?

Here are some essential tips to start knitting!

First of all, your needles should not be too big.
We recommend sizes 5 and 6, they are perfect for beginners.
Choosing larger needles causes many problems when handling them, but thinner needles are much more difficult to grip.

To select your wool: Choose cotton!
Easy to use and not too expensive.
Choose medium size yarns (i.e. 50g for 100m yarns).

Now, here are the mistakes to avoid when you are just starting out:

- Pulling the wrong yarn:
Your ball of yarn is made up of one thread, so in order not to deconstitute it, you need to make sure you pull the beginning of the thread and not the end.
The end of the yarn that is most visible, contrary to what you might think, is the end of the yarn.
The end of the yarn that you need to pull, is actually inside the ball. You will find it on top, at the hole above the ball.

- Not wanting to make a sample:
The sample may not be the most interesting thing to do, but it is nonetheless crucial.
Why? It will simply avoid inconveniences such as wrong dimensions and therefore a phenomenal waste of time.

- Do not count your stitches:
If you do not count your stitches you will lose precious time.
It should be done right from the start when you are building the stitches.
This will ensure that you have not lost any on the way.

tricoter une écharpe

How to knit a scarf when you are a beginner?

Easy to knit, the scarf is often the favorite knitting to learn.
Want to get started?
Here are our best tips for knitting your own easy knitted scarf!

First of all, the choice of yarn.
Depending on how thick you want your knitted scarf to be, you should choose a thicker or thinner yarn.

A thick yarn will make a thick and chunky knitted scarf.
Thinner yarns will create a thin scarf that you will wrap around your neck several times.

The ideal wools for knitted scarves are mohair or alpaca wool.
Thermoregulating, warm and soft, they are ideal to protect your neck.
Synthetic and cotton yarns are often less soft and especially hold much less heat.

Then, the dimensions.
Count at least one meter to create a beautiful knitted scarf.
If you want to tie it, do not hesitate to take 1 meter 40 ideally.
For a long knitted scarf, 1 meter 80 would be perfect.

Concerning the width, count about 20 to 30cm if your yarns are medium and 15 to 20cm for thicker yarns.

laine tricot

Which wool to choose for a knitted scarf?

Nowadays, there are countless knitted scarves made from countless different wools.
But which wool to choose for maximum comfort, warmth and most importantly, no itching?

There are many types of wool: sheep, merino, angora, cashmere, mohair, etc...
Difficult to find your way around, isn't it?
Here are some explanations of the most common wools, you will see much more clearly after.

- Sheep wool :
It is the most known and used natural fiber.
It is very durable and has very good thermal properties.
However, this wool is heavy to wear and not very soft. So we don't recommend it if you have sensitive skin.

- Angora :
Very soft, this wool is a real pleasure to wear.
Moreover, its fineness and its lightness are the two assets of this wool.
Thermoregulating, it will protect you from the cold.
Beware, angora is very fragile.
It is prone to pilling and hair loss.

- Cashmere:
This material is light, warm and regulates body temperature.
This wool is a very rare and expensive material.
In addition, cashmere is an extremely fragile material and one must be very careful with cleaning instructions.

pelote de laine tricot

Scarves knitted with alpaca wool

The advantage with knitted scarves is that the large knits add detail to your scarf. Its cozy side allows you to wear it oversized.
In addition, its excellent elasticity, allows us to wrap ourselves inside.

Our Apocuna knitted scarf will offer you this comfort and softness so appreciated thanks to its knitted stitches.
In addition, all our items are made from 100% baby alpaca wool.
Also known as the "Wool of the Gods", this fiber is the softest and warmest on the market.

Little reminder: the fiber of the Baby alpaca does not come from a baby, but from an adult alpaca!
This wool is much finer than the classic alpaca.
To learn more about this extraordinary fiber, it's here.

Alpaca wool is also more durable than sheep's wool, it does not pilling and can be washed without any problem.

It is also hypoallergenic and thermoregulating.
It is perfect for the most sensitive skins. Thanks to alpaca you can now forget about redness and unpleasant tingling on your neck.

A knitted alpaca scarf will warm you up 7 times more than a sheep scarf.
This wool is the warmest in the world and you won't find better.

Moreover, its insulating and thermoregulating properties will keep you warm without making you sweat!

Respectful of the environment and animal welfare, BellePaga offers you nice knitted scarves.

Warm, comfortable and of very good quality, the knitted scarves from BellePaga will satisfy you.

Available in different colors, you will easily find the scarf of your dreams.