Warm sweater

It is well known that when it is cold, certain clothes and especially certain materials are to be favored. It is obvious that we are more likely to wear a warm sweater and a heavy coat than t-shirts in winter. When it's cold we look for warmth more than anything else. That's why it's important to choose sweaters that are really effective against the cold.

To do this, you need to know the list of essential textiles for a warm, soft and eco-friendly sweater. Moreover, it is always better to know what our clothes are made of. Brands that offer ethical and eco-friendly clothing are very popular these days and deserve to be supported.

BellePaga is a brand that advocates beautiful values by putting the human, nature and morality at the center of its responsibility. All the clothes are designed with respect for the Alpaca, whose wool is present in all the products, and with a traditional and unique know-how in the heart of the Landes of Peru. We offer super warm clothes in Alpaca, a material that offers exceptional comfort. And the must-have for winter is a warm sweater from our collection for women or men.

woman's large knit sweater

Warm sweater to face Winter

Winter is the coldest season and often the most difficult to face. The days are shorter, the weather is not kind and it is complicated to dress accordingly. Of course, a good coat is essential but what is not to be neglected is to wear a warm sweater underneath.

In order for a sweater to be warm, it must first be insulating. Indeed, it is the insulating properties of certain textiles that allow to make a warm sweater.

First, we can mention velvet, a material that keeps warm thanks to its tight fibers. Silk is also a material recommended when it is cold because it absorbs moisture. Moreover, its lightness and its fineness are very appreciable. Then, of course, there is down, present in down jackets. Viscose and fleece are also two materials widely used to make warm clothes.

Finally, the wool family is probably the most popular. Sheep's wool is the best known, its quality is lower compared to other wools and its texture is rougher. There are many other wools such as merino wool, mohair, angora, cashmere or lambswool.

The warmest and softest wool is the Alpaca. There are also Baby Alpaca and Royal Alpaca which are even softer fibers than Alpaca. Alpaca wool is so incredible that it is often referred to as "wool of the gods".

At BellePaga, we are delighted to be able to offer you sweaters and other clothing made from alpaca wool. We do our best to make warm, soft and very comfortable sweaters. We know that feeling good in your clothes is essential to your well-being. Our priority is to guarantee you authentic articles, with a beautiful history and a true know-how. Moreover, we are happy to present you with durable, healthy, ethical and environmentally friendly clothing. In other words, if you're looking for a warm sweater, you're sure to find what you need!

warm grey sweater

Finding a warm AND comfortable sweater

It's already a big step to find a warm, qualitative and eco-friendly sweater. But it is even more difficult to find a warm and comfortable sweater. Indeed, some materials such as sheep wool are very warm but not comfortable, which means that they can be itchy. What a horrible feeling to have the collar of your sweater scratching your neck all day long.

It's a real joy to wear a soft, silky sweater in the coldest weather. There is a material so warm, so soft and so unique that it is called "the wool of the gods". It is the wool of Alpaca. It is a wool mainly harvested in South America, where camelids live in the mountains. Their wool is reputed to be seven times warmer than sheep's wool.

In addition to being warm, this fiber does not create itching. Thanks to this material, it is possible to have a warm but super comfortable sweater. In addition, there are two fibers even softer than Alpaca. These are Baby Alpaca and Royal Alpaca. Thanks to these fibers, it is possible to obtain products with a softness and resistance similar to that of silk.

warm blue sweater

Which wool for a woman's sweater?

To get a warm sweater, the chosen textile is essential. There are many different types of wool. Each wool has its own virtues as well as its disadvantages. Some wools are more known than others. We will see and what are their advantages and their defects.

The wool of sheep is very resistant and warm. Moreover, it is the least expensive wool. However, with its rough texture, it often causes itching. On the other hand, it requires careful maintenance, otherwise it can felt or shrink. Thus, if not well cared for, a sheep's wool garment will not be wearable.

Mohair is a wool obtained from the shearing of the angora goat. Used for thousands of years, this soft and fine fiber is one of the most appreciated. This textile can allow you to obtain a very pleasant warm sweater.

Merino wool has many therapeutic properties. Indeed, it is antibacterial and thermoregulatory. This wool is very qualitative, warm and finer than the traditional sheep wool.

Angora fiber comes from the hair of the angora rabbit. This fiber is very soft and warm, but its harvesting is not at all ethical because the hairs are plucked from the animals. These rabbits are mistreated and locked in cages.

Cashmere comes from a certain species of goat. Its fiber is three times more insulating than sheep's wool, which means that this material keeps the heat better. For several years, the harvesting of cashmere has become quite cruel to the animals. Indeed, to meet the high demand of consumers, goats must be shorn prematurely, even in winter. As a result, many of them die of cold because they no longer have a coat to protect themselves. While this rare wool can provide you with a soft warm sweater, its production is a real disaster for the environment.

alpaca wool fiber

Alpaca wool, also known as "wool of the gods" has many advantages. First, it is extremely insulating. It is one of the fibres that best retains the heat produced by the body. In fact, it is seven times more insulating than sheep's wool. So having a warm sweater made of alpaca fiber will be amazing to get through the winter.

Secondly, alpaca wool is very soft, comparable to cashmere. That is, when you wear alpaca, you are not bothered by an unpleasant textile. In addition, alpaca has thermoregulatory properties. This prevents the body from sweating and therefore from being too cold or too hot. This very light and pleasant wool can be worn in all circumstances.

Also, alpaca wool is very resistant and it almost does not get damaged with time, in other words it does not pilling like most wools. A product made of alpaca wool is therefore a durable product.

Finally, the harvesting of alpaca fleece is ecologically responsible and ethical. Indeed, the production of alpaca fleece emits very little greenhouse gas compared to the production of other wool. Moreover, alpacas are not mistreated and live in their natural environment to which they are obviously adapted. A warm sweater made with alpaca wool offers unparalleled comfort and allows you to have a clear conscience.

With all this information, we can deduce that the best wool for a warm sweater is alpaca wool. It has all the desirable properties and few drawbacks.

At BellePaga, we use mainly alpaca wool, but also bamboo fiber and mohair. We also use Baby Alpaca, a fiber even softer than alpaca. In other words, we offer you clothes designed with respect for nature and the environment with incredible comfort. Adopt a BellePaga warm sweater and you won't be afraid to face the weather outside!

alpaca wool ball

A nice and warm sweater for women

Of course a warm sweater is good, but if it is pretty, it is even better! The design is important but it is also the making of the sweater that makes everything. Some materials can not be shaped by everyone.

For example, alpaca wool requires a real know-how to be worked. Indeed, few people master the wool of the gods as well as those who live with alpacas.

That's why at BellePaga, we work with Peruvians who have a real ancestral know-how. Because of this, in addition to being warm, elegant, soft and comfortable, BellePaga clothing is of high quality.

Our collection of women's clothing, available on the website and in store, is sure to make you fall in love! It's time to find the warm, stylish sweater that fits you and checks off all the boxes of the perfect sweater.

warm grey V-neck sweater

3 BellePaga tips for choosing a sweater

- Choose a sweater color that matches your skin tone. Some colors match all skin tones, like red!

- Choose an alpaca wool sweater! This material has all the properties to make the perfect sweater.

- Be sure to choose a sweater that matches your body type. You have to pay attention to the patterns, the thickness and the length. Don't panic, all morphologies can be perfectly highlighted!

warm V-neck sweater

BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its Alpaca products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our sweaters for women and our sweaters for men. You will love our women's alpaca collection and our men's collection too! You can also find our products for Home&Deco. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.