Woman's large knit sweater

The chunky sweater is an essential for winter. First of all, its thickness and its wool allow to obtain warmth and comfort all day long but also remains a fashion item to be privileged in its wardrobe. However, it is often difficult to find a thick knitted sweater that fits perfectly to our silhouette, that does not itch, does not pilling or even that does not let the cold enter through too wide knits.

At BellePaga, we offer sweaters made from alpaca wool. Resistant, warm and very soft, it will bring to your sweater an unequalled comfort.

woman's large knit sweater chunky pink grey winter

The chunky sweater: a fashion essential

The sweater is the most used garment in winter time.
Not being the most refined garment in our wardrobe, it remains our greatest ally in the face of the cold while maintaining style.

It comes in several forms: v-neck sweaters, sweaters cover heart, short sweaters ... or sweaters in large knit.
This category of sweater is probably one of the most present in our dressings.
Worn with jeans, a skirt or even over a shirt, it is available in different colors or different shapes.

Every year this essential comes back in the trends for women while knowing how to renew itself: worn as a dress or oversized, with puffed sleeves or sparkling colors, there is something for everyone!

If you want to stay more sober you can opt for more neutral colors: beige, brown, black, white ... and match it with more "chic" pants. The casual - chic mix is a growing trend.

Many patterns, colors and cuts exist for chunky sweaters. This gives you a wide choice and many possibilities.

You want to be different from the ordinary ? Go for a flashy sweater or one with original patterns and pair it with jeans.

Your style is more classic, more sober ? The chunky sweater is a must, neutral colors, classic shapes, trendy weaves ... the best thing about this sweater is that it offers many possibilities of outfits.

woman's large knit sweater beige white

The large knit sweater: an essential for the cold

Facing winter, we are all looking for warm and comfortable clothes.
There are all kinds of clothes allowing to combine these two points: coats, scarves, sweaters etc.

However, the large knit sweater seems to be the garment to prefer when the temperatures are low. Its thickness allows to retain body heat and to stay warm.
Plus, you can pair it with a shirt underneath to add detail to the collar. This will add an extra layer of insulation to your body temperature.

There are also sweaters in large knit collars, which will allow you to keep your throat warm and avoid catching cold.
The turtleneck is also a wardrobe essential, so why not combine style, comfort and warmth?

The sweater dress in large knit will also protect you from the cold.
With a sweater dress, you will be wrapped in warmth and comfort.
Combined with pretty tights, with or without patterns, and boots. You will look great, while staying warm.
What more could you ask for?

women large knit sweater chunky beige pink white

Which knitted sweater to choose according to its silhouette?

The knitted sweater, a fashion essential, but how to wear it?
It is necessary to know your morphology to know which sweater to choose.

You are small? Go for a short knitted sweater, it will lengthen your figure. You can also opt for patterns and vertical stripes.

You are tall? A long sweater or a sweater dress would be ideal, it will highlight your legs. The turtleneck is also a piece to favor, it will highlight a long neck.

Which knitted sweater to choose when you have shapes? Opt for pieces that will modulate your silhouette and create a movement effect.
Your chest is generous? The col-v knit sweaters will enhance you. Sweaters with patterns or dark colors are also ideal, they will reduce your curves if they displease you.

And when you are thin? You can adopt a twisted sweater, a turtleneck or a cowl neck. It will highlight your silhouette.

woman large knit sweater beige brown pink white

What colors to choose according to your skin color?

The chunky knit sweater comes in many colors: from the most neutral to the most flashy tones, you are spoiled for choice.
But beware, some colors may not make you look good, quite the opposite!

If your skin is matte and your hair is dark, opt for colored clothes: fushia pink, almond green, purple etc... Warm and dark tones such as mustard yellow, khaki or camel are also colors that will enhance you.

Your skin is light and your hair is dark? Go for very bright tones such as coral, royal blue, peach or prairie green.

Your hair is light and your skin is light? Colors such as electric blue or emerald green are ideal. You can also wear cool tones such as sky blue, water green, pink or lavender.

Your skin and hair are very dark? Go for cool and dark colors like fir green, navy blue and dark purple.

woman large knit sweater chunky purple

A cotton chunky knit sweater? Acrylic? What material should I choose?

Most brands such as ZARA or Mango offer large knitted sweaters.
But how are they made? Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Nylon... many terms, but do you know what they mean?

Acrylic, nylon and polyester are made from petrochemicals.
They are materials extremely used by the brands of ready to wear despite the various risks they involve such as allergies, pollution and so on.

The viscose comes from a plant. It is transformed into plastic by subjecting celluloses to numerous chemical treatments.

As for natural materials, cotton is often the most used fiber. Many brands use cotton to make their chunky sweaters.
This fiber has many qualities: it is both soft and breathable, hypoallergenic, it is ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, it is very robust, you can wash it with hot water many times without problems. Its versatility allows brands to create many different pieces easily. Cotton is also a very cheap fiber, you will find many nice outfits for reasonable prices.
However, cotton also contains some drawbacks. Cotton has a low resistance, be careful that it does not shrink in the dryer, it will be really difficult to return to its original state after. Cotton is a material that wrinkles very easily, be sure to iron it well. A natural fiber such as cotton can be damaged over time: mildew, pilling and discoloration can appear.

woman large knit sweater beige white

Why choose an alpaca wool sweater?  

At BellePaga you will find nice sweaters made from alpaca wool.
But why choose alpaca wool you may ask?

Simply because it contains unique properties and characteristics that are ideal for staying warm when temperatures are close to zero.
Alpaca wool is the most prestigious natural fiber on earth.

Its virtues are numerous:
First of all its extreme softness will make you addicted very quickly, especially since we prefer the wool of Baby Alpaca which is even finer and silkier.
Be careful, the fiber of "Baby Alpaca" does not come from the shearing of a baby alpaca but means that its thickness is about 18 to 22 microns and this is what makes the garment so silky, light and soft.

Alpaca wool has a very strong thermal and thermoregulatory power that allows you to stay warm without getting too hot when you go in and out of a heated place.

The last point is perspiration. Some people can sweat even when it's cold, or even if you're having a hectic day you're likely to sweat. Know that this wool has no smell when it is wet, moreover its thermoregulatory power allows the person who wears it not to be too hot and thus not to sweat, or at least very little.

Still not convinced?
Alpaca wool is much more resistant than other wools.
This will allow you to keep your clothes even longer!

Want to be fashionable and stylish without skimping on comfort and quality?
A BellePaga chunky knit sweater will fill you with happiness and satisfy all your desires.
Opting for a BellePaga sweater is opting for a unique, comfortable and trendy experience.