Men's gift

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Finding the right gift for a man is not always easy. BellePaga offers a wide range of gift ideas for men. Whether it's a birthday gift for a man, a stylish gift for a man... The question is to know what to choose. A pair of socks, a jumper, a hat, gloves, a pair of slippers or even a scarf. Let yourself be seduced...

Coquettish gift for men

BellePaga puts the comfort of your feet first! A great gift idea for men.

Alpaca wool socks for men are above all of exceptional quality! Thin, warm, comfortable and elegant, they go with many styles (jeans or a suit). And in particular to the coquettish men. Thanks to their thinness, our men's socks are also suitable for physical activities (skiing, hiking, running...).

Alpaca wool socks also let your feet breathe, which considerably reduces perspiration. And above all, they allow your feet to stay warm during the harshest of winters, notably because of their insulating power, which is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. But always temperate!

In addition, we offer you a wide choice of colours and patterns. Yes, there is something for everyone! And also available in different sizes and heights (socks, classic, half-high, high).

All our men's socks are of premium quality. Indeed, the Baby Alpaca wool used in all our articles is recognized as one of the softest fibres and offers maximum softness and warmth.

BellePaga socks are the brand's flagship product, so don't hesitate to offer them as a gift for men

Gift idea for men's birthday

Silky, warm and comforting, the men's scarves from Bellepaga provide a unique comfort. Very elegant with their classic, timeless and pure design. A breathtaking gift idea for men.

Our alpaca wool scarves for men are made of a high quality material, the fibre. The fibre is unique and differs from the majority of wools from the same animal.

For your information, our Alpacas live in total freedom at an altitude of more than 4000 meters, in the Andes Mountains. This environment has a direct impact on the quality of the fibre, as our animals are confronted daily with significant temperature variations.

A nice warm scarf in winter will give you a real pep and put some colour in your lives! A large choice of scarves awaits you, buffalos, classics, twisted... As well as a multitude of different colours. So, fill up with this gift idea for men?

Finally, our Alpaca wool scarves for men are made in accordance with the values of the BellePaga brand.
That is to say, our items are all locally designed: they are made exclusively in Peru, where our Alpacas live in their natural environment in total freedom.

We attach great importance to the respect of animals and the environment, which are our priorities.

So why the Alpaca? Because it is the most eco-responsible "wool" animal (we also call them "hair" in the Alpaca!). Let's take the example of a goat (cashmere), these will eat everything, tear up and destroy the land where they will be and therefore they will have to be moved often, because they will have no more food. Contrary to the Alpaca or even the sheep which have pads, and are therefore not harmful to our land and landscape, because they are more "careful".

Gift suggestion for men

Are you looking for an elegant, soft, warm, comfortable and above all quality jumper for a man's gift idea? Look no further, BellePaga jumpers are made for you.

Do you know Baby Alpaca? It is a superior quality of fibre, which is finer than the fibre called "Alpaca". Yes, our Alpaca wool jumpers for men are made from this fibre.

In fact, there are 2 categories of Alpaca fibre: Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. Baby Alpaca wool is finer (about 23 microns for Baby Alpaca versus 29 microns for Alpaca fibre) and does not necessarily come from young Alpacas, but from the first shearing of the animal, when its hair is at its finest.

Each BellePaga jumper will suit all your desires and tastes! If you want to combine sobriety and elegance, BellePaga jumpers will be perfect for you, thanks to their cut and design. They will delight you all year round!
Designed to fit your body perfectly, they will give you an exceptional style, whatever the season. So you can stand out from the crowd, in all elegance and in optimal comfort.

BellePaga jumpers are the perfect way to stop sweating! Thanks to the thermoregulating power of this exceptional fibre.

The little extra at BellePaga is that we work with breeders who keep the animals in their natural habitat. Yes, we are talking about the mountains of the Andes, at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres, where temperatures can vary by as much as 30 degrees during the same day.

But why not use European-bred wool?

Namely: by removing the animal from its natural environment, traditional breeding makes the fibre lose all the virtues linked to its environment, as it will not be as thermoregulatory, as the Belgian climate, for example, would not make them develop a high quality wool as in the Andes.
The respect of our values is essential for our brand! We have selected the best quality fibre from the best Peruvian farms for the design of our men's Alpaca wool jumper. Our Alpaca jumpers are extremely soft and will give you all the warmth and comfort you need for your day.

Choose our BellePaga jumpers as a gift for men!

The Alpaca wool jumpers for men are made in accordance with the fundamental values of our brand, namely
-In short circuit
-In the country of origin of the Alpaca wool (Peru)
-In an exceptional quality with hand finishing
-In the complete respect of the environment, the animals and the craftsmen, paid at the fair value of their work.

Gift idea for men 30 years old

Think of protecting yourself from the cold this winter! What could be better than a good Alpaca wool hat for men? A great gift idea for men!

It will keep your head warm and soft. Try it and you'll love it! Be elegant and protect from the cold, that's the BellePaga hat!

Our products at BellePaga are made from high quality wool. Like all our products, the beanie is also made from Baby Alpaca (the finest natural fibre obtained from the shearing of adult animals). This natural fibre is ideal for hats and the comfort of the wearer. Moreover, it is also one of the warmest fibres (7 times warmer than sheep's wool), which is very important when you know that 25% of body heat is lost through the head when it is cold.
Namely: Alpaca wool is very light, pleasant to wear, and respects the most sensitive skins thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. This is why NASA equipped its astronauts with clothes in this wool at the beginning of the space conquest.

Alpaca wool is also very resistant (4 times more than sheep's wool). It is one of the few wools that does not pilling. This fibre is therefore more than durable and is an excellent long-term investment.

The Alpaca wool hat is an almost essential winter product that you can't do without! It is suitable for all styles, from casual to trendy. The hat style will suit any age group and makes a perfect gift idea for men! Moreover, it fits any head because it is one size fits all.

BellePaga is a real know-how, each men's hat in Alpaca wool is handmade by craftsmen who have an ancestral know-how.

Tips for caring for alpaca wool

At BellePaga we are full of goodwill! Here we share with you an important tip on how to care for your alpaca wool clothes.

First of all, it is important to read the label!

To know: Alpaca wool is easier to care for, as it hardly pills and is more resistant than other wools.
As Alpaca wool does not pilling, it is not necessary to wash the products by hand. A machine wash at 30°C on a wool programme or on a gentle programme with the rest of your clothes will do the trick.

However, you are advised to use specific products for this wool. Avoid using conventional detergents which may damage the quality of the wool.

We strongly advise against putting Alpaca wool garments in the tumble dryer!

It is also important to know that the dyes we use on all our products are not chemical and are natural dyes of the Alpaca wool or mineral pigments. These pigments are therefore more resistant, as well as being more respectful of the environment. Thus, these techniques will allow you to have access to colours that last over time.

So what are you waiting for? You have the choice of gift ideas for men!