Woman Poncho

Poncho femme

At BellePaga, we offer you the Women's Poncho. Made of Alpaca wool, more precisely Baby Alpaca, these trendy ponchos are of a unique quality without equal. Much warmer than a wool, cotton or synthetic poncho, it will seduce you with its softness. If the alpaca wool fiber makes our women's poncho a garment of extreme lightness, it is still warm. Of South American origin, this garment based on a unique ancestral know-how ensures that the wearer is protected against the cold.

But once adorned against the cold, the Poncho woman thermoregulator accessorizes your outfit. On a dress, on jeans, with sneakers or high heels, whether your look is chic or casual, this women's Poncho is a real fashion accessory that adds an original, bohemian and trendy side to your outfit while providing comfort and softness.

The Poncho : which origin ?

Poncho femme seule

Currently a fashion piece of your dressing ultra trendy, it has not always been the case. This garment originated in the ancient civilizations of South America and North America and is an emblematic accessory for the coldest evenings of the continent.
Known under several names, from poncho to mantilla, it is today the oldest garment made of alpaca wool. As simple as warm, sometimes colored, this woolen square with a hole to let the head pass through allows to face the various bad weather while allowing the wearer to move easily. Originally it protected the walkers and their backpacks during their travels. It was often equipped with a hood. But against all odds, it was also often used as a roof at night. This allowed the walkers not to be burdened with a tent. The poncho made it possible to survive the coldest nights.

As for the making of the Poncho, it has been similar for centuries: it is based on an ancestral knowledge and on the wool of Alpaca. That's why we work with qualified people who work with their hands to assure you this quality and to offer you the best service in our products. Raised on the Andes plateaus, at more than 4000 meters of altitude, the Alpacas live in their natural habitat and in the best conditions (no barrier allowing a real freedom of the animal, no mistreatment...).

Today arrived on the European continent, it becomes a real fashion accessory.

A trendy handcrafted quality wool

Alpaga : Une laine de qualité artisanale tendance

If the desire for a comfortable and unique poncho takes you, the Poncho woman from BellePaga is a sure value. Our brand, respectful of nature, promotes the purchase of clothing of unparalleled quality but always within an eco-responsible framework. Indeed, the breeding of Alpaca, contrary to that of the cashmere goat or another animal, does not have a directly harmful effect on the environment (it does not destroy the ground, does not require too much water and has a higher yield during the shearing).

Thus, from the various stages of production intertwined in the eco-responsible trade, we manage to produce a collection of clothing, including the Poncho woman made by hand, limiting the destruction of the environment and ensuring the respect of our animals.

But this Poncho woman made of alpaca wool, has a double cap. At the same time very ecological, it becomes an elegant fashion accessory. It will bring style and class to an outfit from the most classic to the most sophisticated. Thanks to the diverse color palette we offer, it goes perfectly with a dress for an elegant and sophisticated silhouette, or with jeans for a more casual look.
The softness of the material ensures comfort and warmth throughout your day. No pilling guaranteed. Trendy in all circumstances. The women's Poncho is the warm and comfortable fashion accessory that you will not be able to do without for your outfits.

Baby alpaca wool

La laine Baby alpaga

When you buy a product from BellePaga, you are buying a product of superior and unique quality. Alpaca wool, also known as "wool of the Gods", provides our garments with exceptional softness, comfort and quality. All this without ever having to worry about not adapting to the outside temperature. This hypoallergenic wool is known as the finest and most luxurious in the world: 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, you can wear it next to your skin. Moreover, in order to ensure its traceability, we have opted for a label, the Alpaca Del Perú label, which is used for all our articles and in particular the women's Poncho. A guarantee of confidence for our customers, it ensures the respect of precise specifications.

But let us return to the wool. For our Poncho woman, it is about a different wool. Well, not so different, it remains Alpaca: the wool of Baby Alpaca, this natural fiber is even softer and warmer. So no, no baby Alpaca has been shorn for the occasion.

This wool is simply obtained after shearing specific parts of a young Alpaca and represents 10% of the production. Hence the name. During this shearing, 3 kilos of wool are recovered. Of a rare premium quality, close to that of cashmere, it is much more resistant than any other material. It allows access to quality clothing and much more resistant, as a Poncho woman from BellePaga.

You are kept warm, 7 times more than with a sheep wool poncho. And if it allows you not to be cold, it remains for all that a lightness without equal. This is due to the thermoregulatory properties of wool. Moreover this wool of Alpaca has the characteristic to have a high resistance. This means that it does not pilling and therefore allows to extend the life of your clothes and accessories.

What good news! A purchase at Bellepaga is a purchase for life.

Maintain your Alpaca wool poncho

Entretenir la laine d'alpaga

But to keep this garment for a lifetime, maintenance must follow. Your women's poncho from BellePaga is a unique and high quality product. If the Alpaca wool ensures extreme softness to your product and no pilling, to stay in good condition it cannot be cleaned randomly. There are some simple steps to follow.

First of all, it starts with the washing step. To do this, make sure you have a good shampoo for Alpaca wool: soft, delicate, low dose of detergent, close to natural (we offer products for maintenance on our website). Even if this wool is resistant, BellePaga advises for your Poncho woman a dry cleaning or a hand wash with warm water. The temperature should always be between 10 and 20 degrees for optimal washing. When washing, rather at the end of the season to avoid moths, wear gloves to avoid damaging the fiber. And don't be afraid, it is normal for colored items to become dyed in the water during the first few washes. So remember to wash your items separately and if you feel like it, add 20% white vinegar to the preparation to fix the colors.

Then comes the drying stage. Forget the dryer. Start by trying to absorb as much water as possible with a towel. You can then let your Poncho woman dry flat and especially in the open air.

Finally, the ironing. Although Alpaca wool fiber does not wrinkle as easily as cotton, some people find it necessary to iron. To do this, you must turn the Poncho inside out to avoid damaging the product and use your iron at a low temperature, without steam.

Our Brand

The most important thing to remember is that throughout the production and design process, our brand achieves a perfect balance between comfort, warmth and elegance. A modern and trendy style that perfectly blends nature and the city.

As you can see, BellePaga is intimately linked to nature and South American history, and is dedicated to the production of quality garments made from the world's silkiest, hypoallergenic natural fiber: Alpaca wool. This production is also ethical (with a great respect for the environment), where labor standards are strongly respected, with a fair remuneration of the craftsmen.

You can then find the articles we propose on our site. All as qualitative and comfortable as the Poncho woman: sweaters, socks, scarves, plush and other accessories. There are in all colors and for all tastes.

So let yourself be tempted by one of our alpaca wool Ponchos without delay!

The Bellepaga Tip: an extra tip for washing and caring for your clothes. For the more motivated, you can put your new women's Poncho in the refrigerator for 48 hours to tighten the fibers before washing. A little unexpected but it works! To your fridges!