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Our dear alpacas coming from South America, not far from the Andes mountain range are too far from your home? No problem, if you are looking for a small alpaca farm not far from your region to discover alpacas you will be conquered because there are different places that you can find directly on the unique and brand new interactive platform on our site BellePaga with the different farms and breedings grouped together.
If you love this animal you will love this kind of atypical activity in alpaca farms to do with friends, couples and families. 

Alpaca and its benefits 


The alpaca is a quiet animal, famous for its soft coat. It is also known as the "plush of the mountains" and its wool as the "wool of the gods". During the warm season, the hair must be shaved, and it is necessary to trim it at least once a year. Its curious personality makes it sociable. Alpacas have two different types of fibre. The Huacayas have a dense, lustrous, curly fleece growing vertically to the body of the animal while the Suris have a silky fibre that hangs in long "fingers". Alpaca breeding is ecological in the sense that it respects the environment. Indeed, the alpaca consumes little. One 40 lb bale of hay is enough to feed two alpacas for a week. When they are grazing, they do not tear up the grass but cut it with the teeth of their lower jaw and the pad of their upper jaw. These ruminants therefore do not ravage the pasture like other types of animals. It is sufficient to rotate the pastures. The character and behaviour of the alpaca The alpaca has a very gentle and sociable character and young children have nothing to fear from it. However, it is necessary to learn how to approach an alpaca. They are sensitive to sounds, vibrations and body language. To reassure them and make them feel safe, they will let you touch them without any problem. During your visits to the alpaca farms, you can even caress and feed them without any fear. But also enjoy a walk with them for the alpaca farms that offer it. Looking at alpacas is always a relaxing experience. They are so quiet and calm because of their tenderness, you will feel relaxed and as soothed as they are. These animals give you such a feeling of well-being that you will not be able to do without them.

As far as its diet is concerned, it feeds mainly on high quality grass (lower green grass) and hay, but can provide other minerals. On farms, they are left to their camelid minerals and dedicated feed supplements. Alpacas are not big drinkers, but they must have clean water. Beware: many plants are toxic to alpacas, such as azaleas, holly, azaleas, oleanders, etc.

It only needs shelter in winter, and in the shade of high temperatures (avoid facing the wind to avoid strong winds). Fencing is usually made of 1.20 m high mesh. Electronic fencing should also be avoided. Barbed wire is not always suitable for these small camelids. Its wool and hoof

Alpaca llama ?
A cousin of the llama, the alpaca differs from the llama in a number of ways, such as its size: llamas are twice as big as alpacas, which are smaller. They can also be distinguished by their ears, those of the llama are curved, unlike those of the alpaca which have straight and pointed ears. The alpaca is used to produce fibre for clothing, whereas the llama is used to carry loads, such as alpaca fibre. The alpaca is the bushier of the two. This is why it is called a small plush animal because its fur is very soft. Its wool is very good for creating a quality textile fibre. You can take advantage of a visit to an alpaca farm to see how the shearing is done, usually from November to April. Unlike the llama, the alpaca does not spit. It will be more tempted to make little kisses which is more pleasant indeed. On the other hand, alpacas may spit not on humans but on other animals to communicate. For example, the female spits on the male to indicate that she does not wish to be mated. These animals love human contact, so don't wait any longer to visit an alpaca farm and discover them in an idyllic setting.

Alpaca farm 


Are you looking for a new experience? Satisfying and fun? Spend a morning or afternoon with stuffed alpacas, a fun alpaca farm visit for young and old. The various breeders of the alpaca farms take great pleasure in showing you their innovative concept and their farm with alpaca farms and spinning mills. You will be able to discover the path from the selection of the animals to the finished product. You will also discover their profession, which is based on a passion. Alpaca farms are where these animals are born, raised and bred. The alpaca farm is a good place for these curious, peaceful and majestic animals. The breeders take care of their alpacas and have a lot of influence on them. Breeding must respect the animal's lifestyle, adapt to its needs and reproduce as much as possible in its natural habitat. You can visit these alpaca farms and get to know them. On this alpaca breeding trip, you will have the opportunity to walk or hike in the area. This is a fun way to get to know these animals in the open air and in the setting of lives!

Alpaca breeding 

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If you are an animal lover, a visit to a farm will be exceptional and will delight you. Alpaca farms also use alpaca wool. Indeed, alpaca hair is fine, soft, light, warm and silky, and is also called "the wool of the gods". The use of this wool has extraordinary virtues and can be transformed into high quality and coveted products. BellePaga is a brand of natural, comfortable and stylish alpaca wool clothing and accessories. It is a new brand that strikes the perfect balance between comfort, warmth and elegance. The modern and sophisticated style combines the fusion of nature and the city. The quality of our products comes directly from the alpaca wool! Today, thanks to BellePaga, the quality of this exquisite natural fibre can be used in all kinds of stylish clothing and accessories. They provide a new feeling of comfort, warmth and softness. This type of wool is little known on our continent, and BellePaga hopes to democratise it.

Alpaca visit nearby


Thanks to our new platform you can find the different farms closest to you. To discover alpacas and learn more about them. We invite you to spend some time in their company on the farms. How does a visit mainly work? For most of the farms or breedings, this is how a visit takes place. The visit starts with a short tour of the farm, followed by a meeting with the alpacas, where you can discover the different alpacas present on the farm. You can discover their way of life thanks to the breeders who will explain it to you during the visit. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the wonderful alpacas to pet them and enjoy the moment even more by feeding them and capturing the moment by taking beautiful photos with them. Some farms also offer to spend an unforgettable moment enjoying a walk in the middle of nature with alpacas accompanying you? It's a dream! Thanks to BellePaga the possibility to find an alpaca farm is possible! We are happy to present you the brand new interactive platform that has been created for you, the nature lover who is looking for an incredible experience to do with the people you love. We invite you to click here to discover what this platform can offer you, so that you can discover the farms closest to you with just one click.

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Discover without further delay via our interactive online platform the different alpaca farms and alpaca breeding for carry out your activity with the alpacas.