Alpaca Hiking


How about going on a hike to discover our friends the alpacas?

It is nowadays possible, in many European alpaca farms, to go for a walk or a hike with their alpacas. It is a way to get to know these animals in a playful and outdoor way. Different levels of hikes are offered according to your abilities. You will discover their living environment, their breeding, their breeders and much more! Alpacas are herd animals that like to move around in groups. You will therefore be accompanied by several alpacas! You have nothing to fear from these animals of rare gentleness and mignonie. Open to all, this hike will offer you a privileged moment with our friends the alpacas.

Alpaca breeding


Alpaca farms are suitable places for these curious, peaceful and majestic animals.
Building an alpaca farm is not so simple! In order to become a breeder, you first have to follow a very selective and rigorous training for about ten years. At the end of this training, an alpaca breeder can begin to build up a beautiful herd while taking care of their well-being and their adaptation to this new living environment, because the alpaca is an animal that requires a lot of attention and affection.

In fact, these animals, which originate from the high Andean plateaus, belong to the domestic camelid family. They have an elegant, fine and distinguished appearance. Entirely covered in wool, alpacas are characterised by their straight, pointed ears with a rounded back, a long neck and two toes with two pads and two nails. They weigh between 60 and 80 kilos and vary in size from 90cm to 1m. Their life expectancy is about 20 years, they acclimatise easily to their environment as long as they are not alone. Indeed, alpacas have a gregarious instinct and need to be in the company of other alpacas. It is vital for their happiness to share their living environment with other alpacas. They also need plenty of space to run. Their diet consists mainly of grass, brambles, foliage and hay.

Often confused with the llama, the alpaca is smaller, shyer and much less aggressive than the llama. Alpacas are gentle, sociable, intelligent, reserved and very harmless animals. When you are in contact with an alpaca, it is possible to establish a peaceful, harmonious and harmonious relationship. Their education is relatively easy because they are harmless animals with a gentle and very docile character.
Alpaca breeders create relationships with each of them. This relationship remains soothing and very serene. It is an anti-stress animal, which brings tenderness and comfort.
You can be sure of one thing: alpacas will love you for sure! They are sociable and affectionate with everyone, including other animals. So come and visit them at their farms on a hike!

Go hiking with the alpacas!


A novelty! BellePaga now refers to alpaca farms where it is possible to visit the place and go hiking. Indeed, many alpaca farms located in several European countries offer visitors a hike with their alpacas. It is possible to find an alpaca farm close to where you are located at You can then go directly to the website of the farm and schedule your meeting with the alpacas.

During this hike, you will discover the environment in which the alpacas live. Concerning the breeding conditions, the respect of the animal's condition is essential for the breeders and BellePaga. This is why we guarantee that the animals live in complete freedom in their natural habitat, without enclosures or fences. Alpacas are treated as a dignified and free living being.

The alpaca is the ideal partner for a walk or a hike. We have seen that it is a particularly gentle and kind animal. Children love alpacas because it is a caring, loving animal with a cute and funny little head. It can be considered the cutest of animals.

During this alpaca hike you will have the opportunity to benefit from an educational presentation of the alpaca by one of the breeders, visit the farm and its surroundings during a walk or hike with the alpacas held in a longe. Throughout the activity you will be accompanied and followed by professionals. You will be able to feed them, pet them, possibly stay on site or organise events... Each farm offers different activities and options that you can discover on our website.

Hiking with the alpacas is an entertaining activity that is out of the ordinary but above all a unique experience that will delight young and old alike!

BellePaga: Partner with alpaca breeders


BellePaga is a brand of natural, comfortable and elegant clothing and accessories made of Alpaca wool. It's a new brand that finds the perfect balance between comfort, warmth and elegance, with a modern and pure style offering a mix between natural and urban.
The main asset of these products is the alpaca wool used, fine, soft, light, warm and silky, also called "the wool of the gods". Thus, the exceptional virtues of BellePaga products come directly from the alpaca! Today, thanks to BellePaga, the qualities of this marvellous natural fibre are available in various variations of elegant clothing and accessories. They provide a new feeling of comfort, warmth and softness.
Too little known on our continent, BellePaga offers the possibility to those who wish to, to meet in their natural habitat, the alpacas. Through a hike, you will spend a unique moment with these animals and will be able to discover them in all their splendour.
At the end of this alpaca trek, it will be possible to discover a selection of BellePaga items and to test an experience of incomparable gentleness.
BellePaga is a committed brand that has chosen to promote the Alpaca, an animal that has a very low impact on the ecology. This is why BellePaga wishes to offer the opportunity to discover the virtues of this animal.

The BellePaga anecdote

Here are a few little anecdotes about alpacas and their wool!

- Alpaca wool was selected by NASA to dress the cosmonauts for the Apollo 11 mission. So we can say that the alpaca went to the moon! Indeed, the exceptional virtues of alpaca wool offering thermoregulation, warmth, comfort and softness were perfect for this trip to an unknown land.

- Alpaca wool is also called "Wool of the Gods" because before, in the lands of the Inca Empire, alpaca was worth more than gold. The most precious asset of the empire was the alpaca cloth, reserved for the emperor and the nobility.

- It was common in Peru in 500 BC to bury oneself with one's alpaca. Considered a particularly noble, precious and sign of wealth but also a sacred animal, some owners were buried with their alpacas.

- The alpaca is a particularly enduring and versatile animal. Thanks to its thermo-regulating wool, it can easily cope with drastic temperature variations.

- Alpaca wool is one of the most environmentally friendly in the world; its fibre is recyclable and biodegradable, one of the most durable and resistant over time. Alpaca does not pull the grass when it feeds, but cuts it. This allows the grass to grow back quickly. It does not damage the pasture because instead of hooves there is a soft pad and a nail.

All these anecdotes prove that alpaca wool is uncontrollable and out of the ordinary. Too little known, this wool of the Gods must be valued and highlighted.

BellePaga offers you the opportunity to test this divine wool with its men's, women's and home products, in 100% baby alpaca, such as the Poncho Warmi the Suni scarf, the Tawa hat, the Inti gloves, the Panaca jumper or our best-seller, the socks!

You will find part of our collection in the shops of our breeders and on the website !

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