Natural Anti-moth

The best natural anti moths solution is the lavender sachet!

You certainly want to keep your favourite clothes in the best possible condition and make them smell amazingly good and fresh every time you take them out of your dresser, closets or suitcases. BellePaga has come up with a natural and ideal solution for you.

Indeed, to protect them properly, you need to protect the clothes from certain small insects that are fond of different fibres in your clothes, especially wool fibres. The best known are moths. They are very widespread in our regions, and frequently feed on the fibres of your clothes. Most of the small holes that you find on your clothes are caused, generally without your knowledge, by these small pests.

An excellent natural anti-moth solution from our grandmother's is the lavender flower. In addition, to keeping pests away, lavender flowers emit a delicate fresh scent that naturally perfumes your clothes, wardrobes, rooms or vehicles in which you store them.

BellePaga has therefore travelled for you to the heart of lavender country, in French Provence, to select a natural, high-quality lavender and have it packaged by small local artisans. We offer it handpicked in elegant fabrics and easy to place in your wardrobes, closets, closets, suitcases, under the pillow, in a glove box... or simply to decorate. They will also delicately perfume your laundry and the room in which you put them.


It has several other recognized properties. It thus helps you to fight against stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, digestive disorders, colds, asthma, muscular pains, and depression.

All products are 100% natural and hand made in French Provence.

As you know, for us it is important to have our items made where the raw materials are produced in order to help the different regions to live from the products of their soil, and this allows you to take advantage of their know-how, and to reduce the journeys, and therefore the pollution caused.

As you know, BellePaga has strong values, among which is the importance of having our products made where the raw materials are produced in order to help the different regions to live off the products of their terroir, and this allows you to take advantage of their know-how, and to reduce the number of trips, and therefore the pollution caused.

Moreover, as far as the manufacture of our lavender flower sachets is concerned, 2 artisanal workshops located in Provence were very important to us. These are workshops with a social purpose, which allow them to reintegrate into society and to revalue different types of people around a common project, and to allow them to find a form of autonomy. We met them. We visited their workshops, we fell in love with them, and we decided to work together.

By buying Lavender BellePaga flower sachets, you get the best natural anti-moth, and you protect and naturally perfume your clothes, as well as all the rooms in which you store them.

You enjoy all the benefits of lavender. And you help to preserve the work, and the know-how of the local craftspeople, while helping people in difficulty to reintegrate into society.

These items are also perfect little gifts to give to family or friends!

Tip: To extract the aroma and all the benefits of lavender flowers, including protecting your clothes from moths, squeeze your sachets regularly. Each sachet of this natural lavender keeps all its properties for about 2 years. Ideally, we recommend replacing them after this period.