Why is my item made in Peru and not in Belgium?

What's the difference between Peru and Belgium?

Immerse yourself in the world of BellePaga and discover why our products are made in Peru, a decision that goes far beyond simple production. We emphasise our commitment to the environment and local communities, offering our customers a more meaningful shopping experience.

Wool quality and respect for the environment


In the heart of the majestic Andes mountains, alpacas thrive in their natural environment, producing wool of exceptional quality. In Peru, this wool is harvested with respect for nature and the animals, guaranteeing high-quality products while preserving fragile ecosystems. Unlike production in Belgium, where the conditions for raising alpacas are not as favourable, Peru offers an ideal setting for obtaining wool with unique properties.

Support for local artisans and rural communities

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By choosing to manufacture our products in Peru, we are helping to boost the local economy and preserve traditional craftsmanship. Our products are made by talented artisans, often from rural communities, offering them economic opportunities without them having to leave the countryside to look for work in the city. This approach reduces the rural exodus and preserves the social fabric of remote regions.

Quantity and availability of alpaca


Although some alpaca farms exist in Belgium, their numbers are limited. As a result, the quantity of wool produced locally is insufficient to meet our manufacturing needs. By turning to Peru, where alpacas are more abundant, BellePaga guarantees a regular supply of quality wool, while preserving local resources in Belgium.

Choose BellePaga and support an ethical approach !

By choosing BellePaga, you're opting for much more than just an article made from alpaca wool. You're supporting an ethical and responsible approach, while benefiting from products of exceptional quality. Explore our collection today and discover why BellePaga is your destination for alpaca products.

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Thank you for your support and commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion.