Where do your socks go?

Where do your socks go?
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Everyone has wondered where their socks disappear to during laundry. You put them in pairs in the washing machine and only find one of them after you've done your laundry. It is then impossible to find them despite very thorough investigations in the washing machine. No trace of your favorite sock! And as if by chance, it is always the socks that disappear, never the underwear or other small clothes.

So where do your socks disappear to? Did we lose them on the way? A leprechaun stole them? Did the machine swallow them? So many unanswered questions for years, so many myths about a possible sock monster... Today, BellePaga helps you to solve this mystery!

The sock monster
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Well, it turns out that your washing machine eats your socks. Well, to be more precise, it hides them somewhere, where you can't see them anymore.

Your socks can disappear in different ways.

First, they can get stuck between the rubber and the drum of the machine. In this situation, you can retrieve your socks since they are within reach. All you have to do is pull the rubber seal apart, using pliers if necessary. The socks will actually get caught between the edge of the drum and the edge of the tub.

On the other hand, if your sock gets close to the heated rod of the machine, you can already give up on your sock because it will gradually decompose due to the heat. Your socks can also fall out of the drum, so you should remember to look behind your washing machine just in case.

Be careful! Remember to unplug your machine before you begin your search for lost socks.

Socks can also clog the drain hoses of the machine, which can damage it, so be careful.

How do I stop losing socks?
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Don't panic, there are ways to protect your socks from the monster and stop looking for where your socks are disappearing.

First solution: tie your socks together. To do this, you can use a safety pin or a clip or a washable sock clip. This is very useful because it keeps your socks together during the wash, which prevents them from getting stuck behind the rubber. Plus, it saves you from having to sort through all your socks after a wash: they're already in pairs!

Another trick that can also be used to prevent bra stays from getting lost and damaging the machine is the wash net. A washing net is a net made of a very thin fabric, in which you place all small clothes like socks. The net stays closed during the washing process, but lets water and detergent through to wash the clothes inside. And presto! No more lost socks.

Finally, technicians recommend not to overload your laundry. The more clothes you have, especially heavy clothes like sweaters or pants, the more likely the laundry will press against the drum and the seal of the machine, causing socks to get between the seal and the drum as it spins.

The less laundry there is, the less likely this will happen. You may also decide to wash all the underwear and socks together so you don't have a problem with too much laundry.

So if you don't want to wonder where your socks are disappearing to, follow our tips!

What to do with socks that have been orphaned?
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It's up to you what to do with your orphaned socks, but since the number of socks that go missing each year is relatively high (about 15 per household), it's better to reuse them than to throw them away (especially if you couldn't get your socks out of the machine).

If you have children, you can create an army of sock puppets. It's very simple and easy to make, even for young children. You take an orphaned sock, draw eyes and a mouth with a marker (or you can glue on self-adhesive eyes) then with some string and strong glue, you make your sock a great hairstyle and that's it! You can of course add more detail if you like.

Orphan socks can also be used to store small items that you don't know where to store, to store a pair of glasses whose box you have lost, to protect fragile objects in a suitcase or to serve as rags for the household. It's up to you to be imaginative!

The sock-eating monster has now no more secrets for you! You won't wonder where your socks go anymore!

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