Trends for the fall of 2021

Since a few days, the return to school has made its big return. And who says back to school, says arrival of the fall and new trends. In this article we have tried to list the essential outfits and items to have in his dressing room for fall-winter 2021.

For this, we have selected a combination of materials, colors and key pieces, as well as a combination of items from BellePaga trends for this new season. The year to be inspired: the 60s! So it's the big comeback of the sixties with different prints, mini skirts and headbands in the hair.

The materials to adopt



Timeless, this material will once again be a trend this season. In skirts, dresses, pants or blazers, leather will be on all fronts. If you are sensitive to the animal cause, think about faux leather or even second-hand.


From jackets to bags, this will be one of the season's must-have waterproof materials. Rather light and easy to match, a quilted jacket or coat will give you the feeling of having a blanket on your back.


Knitted in every possible wool, knitwear will be all the rage this fall/winter 2021. So grab your best knit outfit for a look that's both comfortable and trendy. Don't hesitate to upcycle an old sweater or knit one for the more adventurous.

At BellePaga, knitwear is not missing. Let yourself be tempted by one of our sweaters for this fall, like the Huaca sweater, one of our best-sellers that is easy to match. And if you have the time, you can also make your own mail-order clothes. For that, we have a panel of alpaca wool balls for your future creation.

The colors and prints you need to find



Once considered bad taste, brands now seem to know how to do without. For this fall 2021, it comes in all forms: dresses, coats, pants and especially accessories.

For us, it will be in the form of socks. A little touch never hurts! So stay tuned for the arrival of our new collection. You will find the leopard sock in several pastel colors.


Although we have already seen it a few times in the past years, for this fall 2021 it is everywhere that you will find this soft purple color. Focus on accessories, small touches or patterns for the arrival of the cold.

At BellePaga, as for the leopard, you will find some pairs of socks with touches of lilac and other pastel colors (such as the color melon or eggshell).

The pieces you have to buy



Warm but respectful of the animal cause. It's THE alternative to real fur but still keeps the garment warm. Don't hesitate to wear it with a belt, to choose a short, crop or long version.


In silk, satin or synthetic, it is easy to find the scarf that suits you. It's been a staple of women's dressing for decades. The good thing is that it can be worn in different ways: on a bag, in the hair or around the neck. There is something for everyone at the end of 2021.


Timeless, the moccasins make their comeback even for this fall-winter. Traditional or more modern models, this is the opportunity to take them out of your closet. Don't forget that the moccasin-sock combo is possible! So grab your best pair of BellePaga socks to put on your loafers this winter.