Tips to relieve and treat Raynaud's syndrome naturally

Tips to relieve and treat Raynaud's syndrome naturally

Raynaud's syndrome or more commonly known as Raynaud's disease is a disease that affects about 5% of the world's population.  Many people are confronted with it every day and suffer greatly from it.
Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure or medication that can permanently counteract its effects. 
So what can you do to live with this syndrome? 

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Raynaud's disease; what is it ? 

Raynaud's disease is a cardiovascular disorder affecting the hands, feet, nose and ears of certain persons. 
It is a blood circulation disorder mainly caused by cold or more rarely by intense stress. In some cases, this syndrome also occurs when your fingers are exposed to vibrations.

Usually, when your body is exposed to cold, it tries to conserve as much heat as possible by constricting the arterioles located just under your skin. This allows blood and therefore heat to flow into your deepest veins. This way your organs are kept warm. In Raynaud's syndrome, the nerves overreact to cold and restrict the blood supply to the affected areas. This causes pain, numbness and in some cases damage to the blood vessels. 

There are two forms of Raynaud's disease: 

The primary form is also the most common, about 90% of cases are affected.
It appears mostly in people between 15 and 25 years of age and resolves itself after a few years. Here the attacks are relatively mild and often symmetrical. 
This form is much less aggressive, it does not cause necrosis or tissue gangrene. 

The secondary form is much more rare. 
This one is often more serious and causes extreme pain to the person. This syndrome causes severe attacks that can be asymmetric and unilateral. 
The creation of ulcers, ischemic lesions and cyanosis, usually infected appear on the fingers.  It is often related to a history or associated conditions.   
Other factors can promote this syndrome, including smoking and caffeinated beverages because they cause the reduction of the caliber of blood vessels.

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What are the symptoms ?

Do your fingers and toes become white and frozen when you are cold? Do you feel numbness or insensitivity? This is caused by blood that no longer circulates or circulates very poorly in your extremities.  Generally, your three central fingers are affected, while the thumb is rarely affected. 

This phenomenon is divided into three phases:

The ischemic or "white" phase: your fingers turn white, are cold and insensitive. The time of this phase varies a lot depending on the person but lasts on average a few minutes. For some people, their attack is limited to this phase.

The asphyxiation or "blue" phase: this phase also lasts a few minutes. Your fingers become blue and an unpleasant and painful tingling sensation is felt. 

The recovery or "red" phase: this is the phase where your fingers regain their original color and become warm. In most cases, they become red, very sensitive and swollen. 

Grandma's remedies

Grandma's remedies to counter the effects of the disease.

As a first step, you can opt for 100% pure and organic essential oils to soothe your attacks.

The essential oil of thyme borneol will help you to accelerate your blood circulation. You can also adopt the essential oil of lemon and mandarin they will boost your circulation. 

If your crises are punctual, you can use the essential oil of thyme to Thujanol. For one week (minimum), pour two drops under your tongue and keep them for a few moments. 

Cinnamon bark hydrosol will help you warm up from the inside. Spray a teaspoon of this hydrosol on your hands throughout the day, it will be your best ally.  

To prevent your attacks in advance, the rosemary bud elixir can be a good alternative. Very powerful, it acts on your metabolism and activates your blood micro-circulation. 
Start your cure as soon as summer, 5 drops of elixir morning and evening, 3 weeks per month during 3 months.


Have you ever thought about homeopathic and natural treatments ?

Emotional stress is one of the causes of Raynaud's disease. 
In order to relieve stress, relaxation techniques such as yoga, pilates or mediation can help to relieve tension in your body and increase your blood circulation. 

Taking dietary supplements can be an interesting option to calm Raynaud's syndrome.
Ginkgo Biloba helps relieve many ailments such as stress and Raynaud's disease. Ginkgo leaf extract can be an effective treatment for cardiovascular disorders. It contains anti-oxidant substances that increase the diameter of blood vessels and reduce the symptoms of this disease. 
However, this remedy is still a bit long before it is effective. 

Horse chestnut is a natural vasoconstrictor and rich in flavonoids. You can prepare it as a tea and mix it with honey to reduce its taste. Ideally, you can drink 2 to 3 cups per day over a period of 15 days. 

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Alpaca wool: a miracle cure!

The best remedy for your symptoms is to avoid contact with the cold. But what do you do when your clothes don't warm you up enough or when you are faced with low temperatures? 

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Moreover, this fiber is thermoregulatory, which means that it is never too hot. It will bring you the necessary heat without making you sweat. 

The fiber is also 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, it does not pellet and does not catch fire. Your products will stay in your dressing room for a long time!

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