DIY Easter

DIY Easter

Easter is fast approaching! It's one of the most anticipated times of the year for children (and some adults too)! Chocolates, surprises, the bunny or the Easter bells... all of these are highly anticipated at this time of year. For some, it's time to see the family again for a day of egg hunting, most often at the grandparents' house. For others, it is at the moment of waking up, on Easter morning, that everything is played out: the children are already ready to go on a chocolate hunt at 7am, whether it is raining or windy, with their little basket.

But before this Easter day, to make the children wait, you have to know how to keep them busy! For that, what better than crafts on the theme of Easter?

Today in this blog, BellePaga helps you to find cool ideas of decoration to make with children while waiting for the bunny to come and drop the chocolate eggs in the garden.

Discover now our Easter DIY ideas!

Easter DIY idea n°1 : A bunny garland

DIY Easter

There are many easy Easter DIY ideas that you can make yourself and that don't require a lot of material.

Our first idea is a bunny garland. For this you will need sheets of paper (any color you like), glue, scissors, colored pencils, a black marker, cotton and string.

Start by drawing several circles on a sheet of paper (they don't all have to be the same size). These circles will be used for the bodies of the rabbits. The number of circles you draw depends on the size of the garland you want.

Now draw more circles, but this time make ears for them (as you can imagine, they will be used for the bunnies' heads). Make as many heads as you have bodies, so you can assemble them later.

Once your circles are ready (the bodies and heads), you can color them (unless your paper is already colored, of course) in any color you like. Then take your marker and draw a mouth, nose and eyes on your rabbits.

Once the decoration is done, cut out all the shapes you made, and color the other side of the circles. You can then take the cotton, make a little fluffy ball out of it, and glue it to the bunny's body to make little tails.

Once it's ready, assemble the heads and body together (in the right direction, be careful not to put the bunny's tail on the same side as his face!).

Then, once your bunnies are finished, tie them to the string. To do this, you can either glue your bunnies to the string, with strong glue, or you can drill a small hole in the top of the bunnies' ears to put the string through, the choice is yours!

Easter DIY Idea #2: Decorate your Easter eggs!

DIY Easter

Our second Easter DIY idea is to decorate eggs! Don't panic, this activity can be adapted for children of all ages, even the youngest.

For this activity, depending on the variation you choose, you will need either:
- Salt dough, small decorations such as beads or sticky fake diamonds, paint, strong glue, brushes.
- White paper (ideally catonné, but regular paper will do), paint, brushes, scissors, markers and stickers if you wish.

For the first variation, use salt dough. With this dough, form an egg shape (flat (as smooth as possible but it should still be thick) or in 3D, depending on your sculpting skills and the age of the children). Once you have created the egg shape, put it in the oven for the time indicated for your dough.

Once your eggs are cooked through, remove them from the oven and wait for them to cool.

Now that they're cool, grab the paint and brushes and go ahead and decorate them however you like! Once they are painted, you can glue decorations on them (this step is easier if your egg is flat). If you can't glue decorations on them, take the finest of your brushes and make small patterns yourself. Wait for it to dry and voilà! You have beautiful Easter eggs to display in your home!

For the second variation, take some white paper and draw eggs on it. Then get your paint and paint them all over! Once it's dry, take your markers and draw nice decorations on them: be inventive!

You can then cut them out and hang them all over your house! You can even make a garland out of them if you want (you might have to paint the other side of the eggs in that case).

And there you have it! Now you have some DIY Easter ideas to make with your kids while you wait for chocolate!

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