Alpaca and spit, a myth?

The llama, this funny camelid is known for its character not always very easy to live with and especially for its annoying habit: spitting! Not very pleasant, is it not? But is it the case of the alpaca? In this blog article we will explain you everything about our favorite camelids. 

alpaga blanc et marron

What is the difference between llamas and alpacas?


As you may have noticed, the alpaca and the llama are two different species. Both, originating from the Andes Mountains, our favorite camelids are in fact cousins. Their very similar physique does not reflect their very different character.

Indeed, the llama is known to have a strong character unlike the alpaca which is much more gentle and friendly with humans. Very docile, the alpaca likes to be stroked and live with men. Like the llama, the alpaca is also very intuitive and curious, very calm, it does not like solitude and likes to live in herds.

Physically, the llama is much bigger than the alpaca, about 1.7 meters for 80cm / 1 meter. It is also heavier, it weighs between 130 and 200kg unlike the alpaca which weighs 70kg at the most.

Finally, let's talk about the coat. The llama has a relatively rough wool, its coat is very long and woolly. The alpaca has a much thicker and denser coat.
Alpaca wool is also known for its many virtues and its different natural colors. Its fineness and lightness are highly prized because it is incredibly pleasant to wear and touch. This wool is also thermoregulating, very resistant and hypoallergenic. What more could you ask for?

alpaga crache

But does the alpaca spit? 

The answer is yes! But it is very rare. Like the llama, the alpaca can spit. However, unlike its cousin, it is very rare! Indeed, the llama has this annoying tendency to spit on us without apparent reasons and in a sudden and regular way.

However, the alpaca, despite its similarities with the llama, does not spit as much. In fact, it is very rare that it spits. If an alpaca spits on you, or on anything else, it is because it is in distress. Something is scaring it or worrying it, so it will defend itself in this way.

So no! The alpaca spits, this is not a myth. But it is rare, so don't worry. If he lives in a healthy environment for him and he is comfortable with you then you will just have to enjoy his sweetness and give him lots of love.