A more responsible Christmas

A more responsible Christmas

Christmas time is here! It's time to start making presents for everyone around you and to prepare for Christmas Eve. But this year, why not try to organize something more responsible, that is to say more respectful of the environment?

Between decorations, meals, gifts and packaging, there are many tips to limit your carbon impact this Christmas.

A responsible Christmas decoration and meal


Once December arrives, it's time to decorate your home to get in the Christmas mood. And who says Christmas decoration, says tree. Although Christmas trees are grown especially for the holidays, they still have a certain environmental impact. So to avoid this, there are alternatives such as potted trees that can be reused from year to year or the rental of trees replanted after the holidays.

Let's also talk about food. Whether you celebrate Christmas on the 24th in the evening or on the 25th at noon, or even both, you have to prepare a meal for a number of people. The problem? The turkey, the chocolate, the foie gras, the waste... all these things have more or less a negative impact on the environment. So to avoid throwing half of it in the trash, watch how much you take! It's a simple, even obvious tip, but it has its effect.

As for the meal itself, if you can, first of all, choose local food and for the most motivated, why not opt for vegetarian dishes? We remind you that it is often the animal products whose production pollutes the most.

Responsible gift ideas and packaging


Once the meal is over and your home is decorated, it's time to think about the gifts you're going to give. We have several tips to offer you to give responsible gifts this year.

First tip, the second hand. For a zero waste Christmas, opt for second hand (clothes, decoration, books...) on Esty, Vinted or Leboncoin. As far as websites are concerned, there is really a lot to choose from. For electronic devices, such as a phone for example, we suggest a site that you may already know: Backmarket.

But we understand that when it comes to gift giving, second hand can sometimes be a hindrance for some. In these cases, our second tip is to turn to eco-responsible brands. The easiest way to do this is to go to a platform that includes several of them. For example, the Dream Act platform. By the way, we are sold there. If you don't know much about it, it's a good way to discover brands that, like us, try to limit their carbon impact.

When it comes to gift wrapping, it gets a little more complicated. The simplest trick is to buy recycled paper, but there are better options. For the more dedicated among you, we suggest reusable fabric bags. Just remember to ask for it once the gift is unwrapped!

BellePaga's Christmas selection


Obviously, what would be a selection of Christmas gift ideas without proposing you some of our products...

Are you looking for a gift idea under 30€? We recommend our Christmas BelleBox. Composed of a pair of YUPA socks (you can choose between men and women), an alpaca mug with Christmas colors, a lavender sachet produced in French workshops for handicapped people and an organic cotton washing net, this box is a good way to introduce the brand to someone you know.

Otherwise, we also have more standard gift ideas for you. If the gift is for a woman you know, we recommend the pair of La Paz slippers in alpaca wool; they are all the rage on our site. Also, don't hesitate to accompany your gift with a pair of socks from the new 2021-2022 collection. 

On the other hand, if the gift is for a man with a low budget, the CARI hat or a nice pair of INTI gloves will do the trick. If you have a bigger budget, we recommend the KAINATA sweater, a timeless V-neck.

To your gifts on the site bellepaga!