The 7 best tips for dealing with the cold

The 7 best tips for dealing with the cold 

How does the body react to the cold ? 

You have certainly noticed it, a cold snap, and very often, shivers and shivers appear! But why? First of all, the cold attacks our body in 3 ways: temperature, wind and humidity. When it is cold, the body loses heat and our body temperature can be brought down. This is why we shake, it is a reaction of our body that we cannot control. This action makes the muscles work to produce heat (up to 4 times more than at rest). In addition, certain factors make us more vulnerable to the cold, the main ones being: alcohol, tobacco and fatigue. BellePaga offers you 7 solutions to fight against the cold.

How to whithstand the cold ? 

Hot drinks when you wake up 
In winter, cold air contributes to the drying of skin, hair and mucous membranes. To resist the harsh winter weather and the cold, it is essential to stay hydrated. There's nothing like a good hot drink to start the day. But is it really the right idea to resist the cold? Hot drinks can be comforting, but they don't actually have the desired effect. They may warm you up at the moment, but a simple glass of water is more beneficial. Indeed, in winter we are more sensitive to certain viruses (such as the flu or colds) in which case our body becomes more dehydrated. You can opt for a lukewarm lemon drink with a little honey. This drink helps to wake up the body and gently activates the digestive system.

Essential oils
Treat yourself to a little massage with essential oils before the shower, what more could you ask for! Not only will you spend a little moment of relaxation, but it's good for your body! On the one hand, with the massage you will make small frictions to improve blood circulation. And on the other hand, the essential oils of the resinous family on certain parts of the body such as the lower back, helps to warm up your body! (A few drops of vegetable oil in addition to coconut oil which will deeply moisturize it is the best to resist the cold).

Breathing through the nose
A simple technique that you don't necessarily think about: breathing through your nose! Indeed it's a great way to keep the heat inside us (well outside of efforts like when we are jogging). This is because breathing in and out through our nose blocks out the cold, and warms the air before it reaches the throat and lungs, unlike the mouth.

Doing sport: boosting the body
Then, to withstand the cold, sport is once again our ally. Practicing a physical activity favours the diffusion of happiness hormones and will reduce your stress and tension. As well as being good for your mind, sport boosts your body and your immune system. Our immune defences depend on several elements, such as our diet, or our physical condition. Sport increases the production of the immune response, and makes our natural defences more efficient in the face of the various aggressions that our body undergoes. But we must not forget to take precautions when we go to do sport in the cold, by warming up and covering ourselves accordingly, because sport in cold weather puts more strain on our body. Between the bronchial tubes which are exposed to the icy air and the joints which are subjected to the cold, we are vulnerable.

Adapt your diet
It's good to warm our body on the outside, but don't forget to warm it from the inside! Food is very important for this. First of all vegetables, they are pleasant, good and invigorating for our stomach. Root' vegetables are preferable during cold spells (carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, etc.). Cereals and legumes (rice, lentils, beans, wheat, etc.), in small quantities, will also provide the necessary energy for the spleen! The organ which ensures the protection of our precious body. Moreover, drinking a hot drink before and after meals can be a remedy against the cold, as it helps to maintain our body heat. Finally, don't forget to drink often during the day because cold air increases dehydration!

Warm foot bath
During this winter period, we tend to get cold often in the same places. Hands and feet. Our advice to keep your hands warm is to first use a superfatted soap to wash your hands and avoid antiseptic soaps. The second advice to apply is to never go out in the cold without putting on suitable gloves and socks that keep the heat well, avoid socks that are too tight, they compress your feet and make them more vulnerable to the cold. Finally, after a long day spent in the cold, immersing your feet for a few minutes in warm water is a good way to fight against the vasoconstriction phenomenon which weakens the immune system due to the cold. Once your feet are dry to eliminate moisture, you can use two drops of essential oils and treat yourself to a massage.

Cover up well 
Finally, the last trick to fight the cold is obvious, you must cover yourself and this requires adequate clothing. Favour accessories that are essential for winter: cover your head with a hat, your hands with a pair of gloves and your neck with a large scarf. These are the areas most subject to cold and heat loss. It is essential that you wear warm materials such as alpaca fibre, which is an ecological material. Avoid viscose and polyester which can make you sweat. To avoid layers, prefer technical garments with breathable and insulating properties.

Ideas BellePaga

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