Women's Large Scarf

Big scarves for women. That's what models and fashion designers love. This accessory will keep you warm, like in your little cocoon when the air is cool outside. But which is also an essential element to finalize an outfit. Nothing better than a big coloured scarf to bring out that often dark coat in winter, or an elegant scarf to dress your neck.

There are many large scarves for different women. What you'll see in this article is a collection of the main trends, while also introducing you to a new variant: Alpaca wool. This wool with still unequalled properties will seduce you on days when it would be better to stay indoors but don't worry, you will be pampered by your scarf.

At BellePaga, we offer you an elegant, timeless scarf in a variety of colours and distinguished patterns. Produced in Peru, by local artisans, we wish to bring you all the happiness and comfort that this Alpaca wool provides.

Our large women's scarves are made of Alpaca wool, more precisely "Baby Alpaca" fiber. The alpaca lives at 4000m of altitude in the Andes Cordillera in South America. Known to have excellent natural properties, at the time of the Incas it was more precious than gold. This is why we offer you its properties to meet all your needs.

Women Winter Scarf


It is especially in winter, when snow covers the pavements, when in the morning it is necessary to thaw the car, that we are in need of heat. Getting out of the comfort of your home to discover the cold outside, nothing better than a big scarf to bring you back the warmth you dream of.

Of course, there are different models. First of all the classic scarf, the one we all already have in our closets. An elongated rectangle that can make one or more turns around our neck. For styling advice, make sure you take a scarf that matches your size: the smaller you are, the more interesting it will be to take a thinner and shorter scarf, at the risk that it might hide your face and vice versa for taller women.

There are also large women's scarves in the form of a tube or neckband. These scarves are handy to bring you all the warmth you need without the fear of losing it in a gust of wind or getting one of the ends dirty when it falls on the ground. For this kind of scarf it is more interesting to take a long and thin one, it will allow you to make several turns and thus protect you to the maximum against small drafts in the neck.

There are many large women's scarves available in different materials. The most used in shops nowadays are acrylic scarves. A material that does not keep warm and does not last over time.

To overcome these problems, turn to warmer and softer materials. For example, cotton or wool can provide some warmth and comfort.

Although there are still disadvantages to these materials. Cotton, although very soft, is not wide enough to create that cocooning atmosphere in your neck. On the contrary, wool is much thicker but can itch, scratch and not be comfortable over a long period of time.

That's why there are other, more noble materials that can give you what you need: comfort, warmth and softness. All of this in one product. That's the purpose of the large women's Alpaca wool scarves from BellePaga.

Women's Alpaca Wool Scarf  


BellePaga's main goal is to be able to offer you a product of the highest quality.
This is why we use a special fibre in our large women's scarves. This fibre is known as one of the softest and most comfortable fibres. And what's more, it will accompany you for a long time thanks to its different properties.

The fibre used in our large women's scarves is mainly Baby Alpaca, which is finer, more prestigious and softer than classic Alpaca fibre or cotton wool.

The Baby Alpaca fibre is not the child's alpaca hair but part of the adult's hair. Indeed, each part of the hair of the Alpaca is more or less fine, each size brings different properties. We have therefore chosen to offer you this fibre which is one of the finest, the Baby Alpaca.

This fiber represents only 10% of the production and is only taken during the first shearing of the Alpaca.

Above all, it must be recognized that Alpaca fiber is very soft to the touch, it can be worn on the skin without fear of irritation after a few minutes. It is also suitable for sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic.

Then, it will be able to keep you warm thanks to its thermo-regulating property. The Alpaca, living at high altitudes, must be able to adapt to temperature differences in the same day. Thus, it is its coat that regulates its temperature and allows it not to be too cold in the high altitudes but also not to be too hot once down from the mountains.

On top of that, this wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, so you can be sure to have a big scarf that will keep you warm.

Finally, Alpaca wool is 4 times more resistant than sheep wool, allowing you to have a big scarf in your closet that will not plop and that will accompany you throughout the seasons.

Large Scarf Woman                                               

BellePaga offers you all the advantages of Alpaca wool through different designs, colours and shaded patterns to match all your outfits.

Large scarves for women in classic colours as well as more original colours. Thicker knit scarves as well as finer knit scarves are available. All this to embellish your outfit, always elegant and timeless, that's what large women's scarves offer.

Wear these designs fearlessly in a variety of ways. It all depends on the weather conditions, and your desire to wear the large women's scarves. First of all, it is possible to wear your scarf as a cape. That is to say by simply placing it on your shoulders, around your neck. This will bring you warmth and comfort without keeping you too warm and leaving you some freedom of movement.

Then, if you wish to reduce the volume of your scarf you can fold it into a triangle. Then tie the wrap around your neck, leaving the tip of the triangle on your chest. This way you will be protected from the cold, while having a nice big scarf around your neck.

Finally, when the weather is really cold and you don't want to uncover an inch of skin, wrap your large scarf as much as possible around your neck. Then tuck the ends of the scarf in between the different layers. You'll feel like you're in bed under a blanket, nice and warm!

Luxury Woman Scarf


At BellePaga, we offer you a high quality product. Different aspects come into play for this qualification. From ethical production to easy maintenance and long life. That is why the large BellePaga women's scarves will allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest without fear of the known disadvantages of more classic scarves.

Indeed, as mentioned before, Alpaca wool has the property of being more resistant than sheep's wool. This property allows it to have a longer life span, and therefore to be able to keep your product for a longer period of time without fear of holes or other defects that may appear later.

Alpaca wool does not pill, so it is not necessary to wash the high socks by hand. A machine wash at 30°C in the wool programme or in the soft programme with the rest of your clothes will be sufficient.

Be careful not to tumble dry your large women's scarves. Not recommended for Alpaca wool.

Furthermore, please note that the colours used on our large women's scarves are not chemical but come from the natural colours of Alpaca wool or mineral pigments.

These pigments are more resistant than chemical dyes and are more environmentally friendly. Thus, these scarves will allow you to have access to colours that last over time.

The quality of our products can also be felt by the fact that it is not a mass production but a responsible, ethical, social and local production.

We work with local producers, knowing the places, the animals and the culture. It is thanks to their know-how that we can guarantee this quality and all the advantages of Alpaca fibre.

Our large women's scarves are produced respecting the values of the BellePaga brand, namely, a short circuit in Peru, respecting Peruvian traditions, the environment, the animals and the artisans who are paid at the fair value of their work.

Try our large scarves for women and men without further delay!

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