Male cashmere scarf


The man cashmere scarf is an essential part of any modern and trendy man. In summer and winter, cashmere scarves and stoles add a little extra to your outfits. You can wear them in many different ways depending on the style you have. Cashmere has many qualities such as its softness, lightness and strong insulating properties.

Nevertheless, there is a much better wool than cashmere. It is alpaca wool. In this article, we will explain the properties of cashmere and show you that alpaca wool is a better quality wool and much more eco-responsible than cashmere because the process of cashmere production may, within 10 years, lead to land desertification in Mongolia.

Cashmere scarf for men 


A man's cashmere scarf is a trendy fashion accessory for the modern man. It is an accessory that allows you to add a little something extra to an outfit. There are many different styles and cuts. In addition, it can be worn in different ways.

First, you can wear it the Lenny Kravitz way in a casual way with one end in front, the scarf wrapped around your neck, and the other end hanging behind. Then you can wear your cashmere scarf for men elegantly simply placed behind your neck with both ends hanging on both sides. You can also tie it to make a Parisian knot. This is probably the most functional and masculine way to wear a cashmere scarf for men. Then you can also wear it by going around the neck, or two, depending on the length of your man cashmere scarf. This will give you a relaxed and classy style at the same time. Finally, one of the most elegant ways to wear the scarf, as long as it is not too large, is to slip it inside your coat or shirt.

However, buying a male cashmere scarf is still a small investment. It is a question of not making a mistake when buying a male cashmere scarf. To recognize a good cashmere item, the knitwear must be flat and regular. It should be dense, so that if you run a finger under the knit, it should not be visible.

Properties of cashmere


Cashmere used to produce a male cashmere scarf comes from cashmere goats and is a highly sought-after wool in the luxury sector for its softness, finesse and lightness. Cashmere is best known for its insulating properties and absorbs moisture well. It is quite rare, hence its high price because a cashmere goat produces no more than 150 grams of wool per year. It takes about 4 to 5 years for a goat to produce enough cashmere to make a sweater. In addition to its insulating properties protecting you up to -30 degrees, it is also appreciated for its light weight.

Cashmere production is mainly in China and Mongolia. Nevertheless, global cashmere production is constantly increasing and this poses environmental problems as intensive cashmere goat farming damages the soil. Cashmere goats, unlike sheep, pull the grass to the root, causing soil desertification. This desertification will irreparably upset the land balance and according to NGOs, in 10 years' time Mongolia will be a desert if no measures are taken to stop this production process. So why not give up the man's cashmere scarf for an Alpaca wool scarf?

Alpaca wool, a much better wool than cashmere

                           laine alpaga

Put your man's cashmere scarf aside and read the rest of this article carefully. More advantageous than cashmere, alpaca wool beats cashmere flat out.

But first what is alpaca wool? It is a wool of incomparable softness and has many beneficial properties. It comes from alpaca, a mammal of the camelidae family that lives in herds in South America. There are two categories of alpaca wool. There is the normal alpaca fiber and the baby alpaca. Baby alpaca is the finest and softest wool in alpaca (between 18 and 22 microns). It is the most natural, soft and prestigious wool in the world. It is a top-of-the-range fibre that is light, odourless and has a high thermal insulating power. There are also 22 different natural colour shades, making the use of chemical dyes unnecessary.

Alpaca wool represents only a small percentage compared to other wools produced worldwide, making it all the more valuable.

Unlike cashmere, alpaca wool also has the power not to pill  and does not relax. This means that your clothes will remain intact and last over time. It's a good investment.

In addition, an alpaca produces 2.5 kg of wool per year, while a cashmere goat produces 150 grams. The difference is enormous. Knowing that alpacas do not destroy the soils on which they live because they cut the grass and do not pull it at the root when they graze it. Alpacas are super ecological. They eat little because their digestive system is particularly effective. They do not have hooves but hooves and cushions under the legs. This means that they do not damage the soil on which they graze.

Alpaca wool therefore prevents over-consumption due to its long life and low ecological impact. So why not swap your cashmere scarf for a beautiful alpaca wool scarf? 

So why not trade your cashmere man scarf for a beautiful alpaca wool man scarf?  

Alpaca wool scarf

echarpe alpaga homme

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Easy to care for, we recommend hand washing or dry cleaning between 10 and 20 degrees and drying your scarf flat so as not to stretch the wool. Be careful, the dryer is not recommended. You can also use a shampoo for delicate wool. (See Care)

Finally, BellePaga scarves are made with the greatest respect for animals and the Peruvian environment. Everything is made locally and alpacas live in their natural environment in total freedom. And as read before, alpacas are very ecological because they do not tear the grass at the root, leaving the soil undamaged. 

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