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In our daily lives, we are constantly on the move. Many of us are very busy during the day with our work and daily life.  So we don't always have time to change our socks during the day. This can lead to a number of problems such as sensitive, dry or sweaty and smelly feet. There is a way to combat these problems without sacrificing your time or comfort. The solution is BellePaga bamboo socks for women.

Bellepaga Socks

Chaussette Bambou femme naturelle durable rouge

BellePaga women's socks are made from high-quality materials such as soft Baby Alpaca wool and all-natural bamboo fibre. The materials are ethically recovered from their natural environment and the community in which they are found. All our socks are hand finished by Peruvian artisans who are paid a fair price for their work. The seams are invisible. This makes the women's bamboo socks very comfortable to wear.
But why do these materials make a difference? How can they help women to be more comfortable during the day?

Alpaca Wool

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Let's start with alpaca wool first, as we have already mentioned, at BellePaga we use Baby Alpaca, which is not the wool of baby alpacas! So you can feel reassured! Indeed, it is the finest part of the hair. If we only choose this finest part to create our women's bamboo socks, it is because it is the softest and we are looking for the best.
Alpaca has many fantastic qualities such as thermoregulation. Wool will not just keep you warm in winter. It is also effective at keeping you cool in the summer. It is also the only type of wool that does not pilling, which makes it last much longer than other types of wool. In fact, it is 4 times stronger and 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. What's more, it is incredibly soft and comfortable. Even on the most sensitive skins, it doesn't itch or scratch. Another great aspect of alpaca is that it does not contain lanolin, a chemical to which some people are allergic in sheep's wool.
In short, this amazing fibre will keep you warm and comfortable while being durable.

Bamboo Fibre

Then there is the bamboo fibre, used in our women's socks, which has many advantages. Bamboo wicks away moisture, which means you won't feel like your feet are wet. The natural properties of bamboo fibre keep your feet dry and free from perspiration.

It is also an excellent alternative to synthetic fibres. Usually these are used in the creation of anti-perspirant socks. Not only is natural bamboo better for the environment, it is also better for you! There are no chemicals that could be harmful to your skin in the process. On the contrary, we can rely on the natural and effective properties of bamboo to guarantee the solution to your problems.

Chaussette Bambou femme naturelle durable

 Washing wool

The first essential element in washing an Alpaca wool jumper and keeping it in perfect condition is the choice of a good, gentle shampoo, with the smallest possible dose of detergent. Too often people neglect this essential element and are disappointed with the result after washing despite taking many other precautions. There are various types of natural products available, suitable for all types of delicate wools.

Although Alpaca wool is extremely hardwearing and performs much better than all other wools after machine washing, BellePaga recommends it only for socks (at 30 degrees). We recommend dry cleaning or hand washing in lukewarm water (between 10 and 20 degrees) with a mild shampoo.

It is important to keep the temperature constant and between 10 and 20 degrees when washing your Alpaca wool clothes, as temperature variations tend to felt the Alpaca wool (however, our Alpaca wool socks can be machine washed at 30 degrees C with your other clothes and an ordinary soap).

If you wash your Alpaca clothes by hand, just let the water run for the duration of the washing and rinsing to keep the same temperature. Do not wring out or twist the garment after washing: simply pressing gently to remove excess water will do the trick!

It is also advisable to wear plastic gloves to avoid damaging the wool with long fingernails or jewellery.

Remember that alpaca wool is known not to retain odours and dust. From time to time, you can place the garment on a flat surface, put it on a clean towel and let it air dry. Simply airing it out gives it a refreshing kick and saves you unnecessary cold washing or machine washing.

It is simply advisable to wash your wool clothes and accessories at the end of the season to protect them from dust mites that may settle in these natural fibres.

The Perfect Harmony

Using these two key ingredients, alpaca wool and bamboo fibre, BellePaga women's socks are the solution you've been waiting for. They are perfectly balanced and provide you with a pleasant scent and warm feet. Alpaca wool and bamboo fibre are both breathable and completely natural. Women's bamboo socks are wonderfully soft and comfortable and will give you unparalleled comfort.
You can feel good about supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices and have amazing socks that give real results. So make the change and find THE solution to the problem of sweaty feet with these BellePaga bamboo women's socks.
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