Wool Duvet

The wool duvet offers you an incomparable comfort thanks to its Baby Alpaca fibre coming straight from the highest plateaus of the Andes! Thanks to this extraordinary quality and softness, you will be able to sleep much better with a very restful sleep. Indeed, this duvet will allow you to be at the perfect temperature by protecting you from the freezing cold of winter and the unbearable heat of summer. The wool of Baby Alpaca is carefully woven in its length so that no balls of wool form inside. As for the outside, the cover is made of Pima Cotton which is the most prestigious and comfortable cotton in the world. Indeed, it is recognized as the silkiest and most resistant cotton. It will bring unparalleled comfort to your bed.
          Couette laine anti acariens chaude meilleure isolante confort couette en laine

Baby Alpaca's wool, an exceptional fibre

Alpaca fibre is "ecological" since it requires no chemical treatment, bleaching or dyeing.
Alpaca undergoes very large temperature variations during the same day which explains the development of a fleece composed of particularly thermoregulatory fibres.
Today, there are different types of wools. We find alpaca, baby alpaca and royal alpaca fibre. The fibres are sorted to keep only the softest. Just note that "Baby Alpaca" wool remains the softest.
Alpaca fibre in general is also known worldwide as "Wool of the Gods" because of its unique properties such as softness, strength, hypoallergenic fibres, high thermal effect and lightness. The fibre is elastic and strong, but also straighter and silkier than sheep's wool. Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep wool and 4 times stronger than cashmere wool!

laine alpaga nature bois

Alpaca is sheared once a year during spring. Mostly for the wool, but also to escape heat stress and to check the animal for signs of disease. Shearing an alpaca produces up to 3 kg of wool and lasts about 30 minutes. The first shearing will produce between 1.5 and 2 kg of Baby Alpaca fibre, while subsequent shearing will produce up to 3 kg of Alpaca fibre.
The Alpacas that produce this fibre evolve in complete freedom, raised in their natural habitat where they can feed in complete peace of mind. The fur articles that we offer come from animals that have died of natural causes.
Alpaca wool is evaluated according to different criteria, starting with fineness, shine and density, and ending with the evaluation of the hair, length and uniformity of the wool. Wool that is dense and uniform in length, hair and colour is highly valued. But also a wool with a shiny appearance.

In order to obtain a superior quality wool, BellePaga makes a point of choosing fibres with a low micronage, i.e. a very fine wool.

Very warm Alpaca wool duvet

Because you deserve attention and quality that matches the importance of your sleep, it is important to choose a very warm duvet for the best possible comfort and well-being. To choose a very warm duvet and be sure to feel good in it, it is necessary to refer to its heat index. It varies from 1 to 6, from "light" to "very warm" duvet according to different elements: type of filling, type of fibres present inside and weight of the duvet.
It is also important to know that the heat index varies according to the choice of duvet, whether synthetic or natural. For example, "natural silk" duvets adapt perfectly to your body temperature, giving you a unique warm sensation in winter without "choking" you in summer thanks to its thermo-regulating properties.

Couette laine anti acariens chaude meilleure isolante confort

As far as the weight is concerned, it refers to the weight of the fibres contained in a duvet. Indeed, the more fibre is provided, in other words the higher the weight, the warmer the duvet will be. Our duvets are very warm because they have a grammage of 450 g / m2. To give you an idea, we consider that duvets with a grammage of 250g / m2 to 500g / m2 are considered as winter duvets and therefore as very warm duvets.

To choose your duvet properly, you need to be able to ask yourself a few essential questions. Are you cold in your duvet? Are you particularly cold? Do you sweat at night? What is the temperature in your bedroom? First of all, it is important to know that the ideal temperature to fall asleep in good conditions is 17, 18°C because our body needs to cool down to fall asleep well so be careful not to overheat your bedroom. To help you find your way around, you should know that if the temperature of your bedroom is between 18 and 22°C, a duvet with a grammage of between 350 and 400g / m2 will be ideal.

So if you feel cold while you sleep, change your duvet and opt for one of our very warm wool duvets rather than turning up the heat! This will bring you comfort and adapted warmth that will give you a very restful sleep!
The filling is the base of the duvet because it is the filling that defines all its characteristics such as its warmth, its puffiness, its maintenance or its lifespan.

A duvet with hypoallergenic virtues

Faced with the growth of allergies, BellePaga has become aware of the need to analyse customer requests in order to offer adapted solutions such as very warm Alpaca duvets.
First of all, Baby Alpaca wool duvets promise a unique, authentic and natural experience. The thermal properties of this fibre are unequalled but above all, Alpaca is naturally anti-mite and anti-bacterial. An anti-dust mite duvet ensures you a restful and more serene sleep.
It stands out by its insulating power which is 7 times superior to sheep wool. This exceptional insulation means that our Alpaca duvet will protect you very well from the cold in winter, and also from the heat of summer. Whatever the type, BellePaga offers you a very warm quality duvet adapted to all demands, so that you can enjoy long and soft nights of quiet, warm and unspoiled sleep. It is important to point out that the inside of our Alpaca wool duvets is woven lengthwise to ensure that it is always perfectly distributed throughout the duvet without creating a ball effect, and the outside of the duvet cover is made of Pima cotton, a unique material with many advantages.

In addition, Alpaca wool is thermo-regulating. The wool of our duvets will therefore protect you much better from the cold, with softness, without ever making you sweat thanks to its thermo-regulating properties. Alpaca must adapt to temperature variations that can go from -25 to 30 degrees during the same day. To do this, he has developed a fleece made of very fine and silky fibres that are particularly thermo-regulating. However, during the night, our body temperature varies by several degrees. This causes sweating and/or shivering very quickly, which consciously or unconsciously wakes us up and makes us feel as if we hadn't slept well. This will be over thanks to our Alpaca duvets that will adjust perfectly to the changes in your body temperature. Contrary to a traditional duvet, you will not be woken up by sensations of "too hot" or "too cold", so you will have a much more restful sleep!

Couette laine anti acariens chaude meilleure isolante

This wool duvet by Baby Alpaca is covered with a very high quality Pima Cotton cover. This is a rare cotton, which is considered to be the silkiest cotton in the world and will be extremely comfortable in a bed. Pima cotton is also called "South American silk", it is very fine and its fibres are very silky. Pima cotton is extremely strong, carpets woven by Indians 1000 years ago are still visible today. Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic and retains the warmed air in contact with your body while at the same time absorbing excess moisture. You will therefore be warm enough without ever sweating.
Fourthly, our very warm Alpaca duvets are totally hypoallergenic. Indeed, Alpaca wool is the only wool in the world that is hypoallergenic, and its fibre structure makes it very difficult for dust mites to cling and grow. Our duvets are therefore very popular with allergy sufferers!

In addition to respect for the worker and the environment, respect for the animal is very important to BellePaga. Unlike other farms, such as the goose, no animal suffers in the production of the duvet. Alpacas are sheared once a year (in spring) and then enter the fields to enjoy the summer.
So don't wait any longer to visit our site and choose THE duvet that you need and that will give you a feeling of incomparable warmth.

Care of the wool duvet

Our BellePaga duvets aim to bring you comfort and softness. In addition, they are durable and easy to care for.

Indeed, Baby Alpaca wool is 4 times more resistant than cashmere wool. This property allows it to have a much longer life span, and therefore to be able to keep your product over a longer period of time without fear of holes or other defects that may appear later.

Alpaca fiber is very easy to maintain and resistant, one cleaning a year is enough to have a perfect hygiene! The best care for wool duvets is dry cleaning which destroys the mites at the same time! Our duvets can be washed in the wool program at 40°, however we recommend you to wash them at the dry cleaner's because of the large size of our duvets.

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