Bamboo Socks


The Bamboo sock is the new trend of the moment! You've probably already heard of bamboo, the plant that can reach a height of almost one meter in 24 hours! What's more, bamboo reaches maturity in only 3 years, unlike other woody plants that can take up to decades to grow!
This plant with thermo-regulating properties brings softness and comfort to the Baby Alpaca fibre of the BellePaga sock. Don't wait any longer to combine comfort and excellence!


At BellePaga, we offer you the services of the best Peruvian producers who have been working Alpaca wool to perfection for centuries. This is why their unique and ancestral know-how will bring you comfort and softness. Thanks to their unique techniques, the socks will be able to carry you away on a small cloud of tenderness.

Our socks are therefore made of Alpaca, an animal living at an altitude of more than 4000 metres in the Andes Cordillera in South America, and Bamboo fibre, a plant renowned for its absorbent properties.

Are you curious to know more about the alloy of these two exceptional materials? Keep reading this article to discover the new BellePaga sock!

Bamboo, an exceptional fibre

You have obviously already seen or heard about this unusual plant that is bamboo. Bamboo can be used as an excellent alternative for livestock feed, as the leaves and stems contain up to 22% protein, where millions of people feed on bamboo shoots.

But it can also be used for concrete reinforcement, it can be machined into many different wood shapes to create a more environmentally friendly option for furniture, household items, etc.

However, the use we are most interested in today is bamboo fiber used in the fashion industry. Plant fibres behave like cotton and can be used to produce a number of garments such as our top-of-the-line BellePaga socks.

However, we may wonder how is it possible to have bamboo socks? Bamboo fibre has been used for some years now in the manufacture of household linen and accessories because of its many qualities that are unique to natural fibres. Indeed, just touch a bamboo sock and you will fall in love with it immediately! Indeed, bamboo fibre can be perceived as a mixture of silk and cotton. It is even sometimes called "plant cashmere" because of its luxurious texture.
Bamboo viscose is extremely soft and respectful of sensitive skin. This fibre is anti-allergenic, does not scratch and avoids any itching sensation.

This viscose is also highly recommended for baby's linen and nappies. You can use it an infinite number of times, wash it repeatedly and your bamboo linen will always be the same soft, warm and thermo-regulating cloth! Bamboo fibre has many antibacterial properties that are preserved wash after wash. Ideal for the whole family!

Formerly called "artificial silk", bamboo fibre has the property of being crease-proof! If you have hung your laundry out properly after machine washing, there is no need to iron it! What more could you ask for?

Choosing Bamboo Socks means saying goodbye to bad smells

This unique material is breathable and light thanks to its outstanding absorption capacities! These absorbent properties are due to the preservation of the natural characteristics of bamboo. It is therefore possible to wear bamboo socks all year round, summer and winter! During summer evenings, don't hesitate to wear your bamboo socks for fear of being too hot or feeling feet because these socks have anti-perspirant and thermo-regulating properties.
You can wash as much bamboo fibre as you like and you will not see any change! Indeed, bamboo is extremely resistant to successive washes and other external elements of deterioration and wear. Moreover, bamboo viscose does not deform unlike other textile materials such as sheep's wool for example. Unlike cotton, which can be damaged by light or moths, bamboo viscose is not subject to any risk of alteration.


Socks of unique quality and comfort

In order to provide the best comfort there is, BellePaga decided to combine the famous Baby Alpaca fiber with bamboo viscose. BellePaga's ultimate goal is to be able to offer you a pair of quality socks that are warm, thermo-regulating and anti-allergenic. In addition to seducing you with their comfort and softness, BellePaga's Alpaca-Bamboo socks are designed to guarantee you a pair of socks that will last over time and prevent your feet from sweating.

If you are already familiar with Alpaca wool, you may have noticed that it has many similarities with bamboo fibres. Indeed, Alpaca wool is also a very soft, non-irritating material with thermo-regulating properties. Just like bamboo, alpaca wool is also anti-odour and wicks away moisture.

The Baby Alpaca fibre we use at BellePaga is finer, more prestigious and rarer than the classic Alpaca fibre where cotton wool is known to have exceptional virtues. 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, it was also considered a more precious material than gold in the time of the Incas! This fibre is very precious because it represents only 10% of the Alpaca wool production and is only taken during the first shearing of the Alpaca, young or adult.

The bamboo viscose used in our socks therefore complements perfectly the Baby Alpaca fibre. Together they provide unrivalled comfort and thermoregulation properties. They thus allow your feet to breathe throughout the day and do not fear keeping too much moisture inside your shoes, which could lead to certain complications.


The quality of our products can also be felt by the fact that it is not a mass production but a responsible, ethical, social and local production.

Indeed, BellePaga only works with local producers, knowing the place and their Alpacas are like their children. It is thanks to their know-how that we can guarantee this quality and all the advantages linked to the Alpaca fiber.

Our socks are therefore produced respecting the values of the BellePaga brand, namely, a short circuit in Peru, respecting Peruvian traditions, the environment, the animals and the craftsmen who are remunerated at the fair value of their work.

This is why by choosing BellePaga bamboo socks, you are assured of a unique quality choice that will support you throughout the trials of your life.

Durability and bamboo

Bamboo plays a crucial role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere. On average, a bamboo grove releases about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent amount from many other common tree types (i.e. pines, oaks, palms, etc.). ). Thus, fewer trees produce more oxygen and absorb more carbon dioxide. In this case, planting bamboos is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against global warming.

Also, as mentioned, bamboo grows quickly and can grow in many types of environments. This makes it an ideal plant for production in virtually every country. In addition, bamboo is also excellent for soil conservation. It helps to significantly reduce erosion of the soil in which it is planted. This is because it reduces rainfall runoff, which prevents the soil from becoming too soft and loosening.


Care of Bamboo Socks

Our BellePaga socks aim to bring you comfort and softness. In addition to this, they are also long-lasting and easy to care for.

Indeed, Baby Alpaca wool is 4 times more resistant than cashmere wool. This property allows it to have a much longer life span, and therefore to be able to keep your product over a longer period of time without fear of holes or other defects that may appear later.

Bamboo viscose is very easy to maintain and resistant, so there is no need to worry about the machine. So you can wash your bamboo socks in the machine up to 40°C with the rest of your clothes without any problem!


Moreover, the dyes used for our socks are not chemical but come only from the natural dyes of Alpaca wool or mineral pigments. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, these pigments are more resistant than chemical dyes. Thus, these socks will allow you to have access to beautiful colours that last over time.

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