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Why BellePaga ?

Bellepaga provides an experience of comfort and unique quality through our natural items
and from an ethical and responsible production of the 'wool of the gods'.


The benefits of Alpaca for your customers

  • High Quality: carefully selected Peruvian alpaca wool
  • Warmth: 7 times warmer than sheep wool
  • Thermoregulation: adapts to the room temperature and does not make you sweat.
  • Comfort: soft, lightweight and elastic wool
  • Hypoallergenic: respects even the most sensitive skin
  • Longevity: only type of wool that does not pill
  • Ecology: 100% natural fiber, no chemical treatment and the wool comes from an animal
  • with a very low ecological footprint
  • Odorless: only type of wool that emits no odor when wet.
  • Social and solidarity manufacturing: We work with local craftspeople from South America
  • who specialize in weaving alpaca wool. It is a point of honour to maintain a transparent
  • relationship with the craftspeople and to pay them a fair price.


 BellePaga and You 

  • We offer you and manage online advertising campaigns for your store
  • Benefit from the visibility of your store on our site 
  • Possibility to make restocking directly on the site at your purchase price and delivered in 48 hours
  • Take advantage of BellePaga's customer network
  • Flexible and customized controls 
  • Increase the average basket and customer satisfaction 
  • Quick and easy contact 

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