Scarves women wool

We know that woolen scarves women are very pleasant and keep warm. When women look for such scarves, they think directly of the usual wools such as sheep's wool. 

However, another wool is less known but much more luxurious: Alpaca wool.


If you are looking for a trendy and eco-friendly accessory, Alpaca wool dames scarves from the BellePaga brand have a timeless charm. They can keep you warm during the winter or cooler spring evenings and complement your casual or elegant outfits. They brighten up your outfits with the many colours available. Our scarves are large and stretchy, so they can be worn as a scarf or a stole. 

Alpaca scarves are made of Alpaca fiber as well as Baby Alpaca fiber (not from young Alpacas, but from the first shearing of the adult animal). This one is finer and is incredibly shiny, silky and soft. This fibre is extremely rare and is considered the most prestigious in the world. It is a top-of-the-range fibre. It does not contain lanolin, so it will not irritate you and is suitable for the most sensitive skins. 

It has thermo-regulating properties to keep your neck warm while allowing it to breathe, thus avoiding perspiration. 

Alpaca wool is very resistant and have hardly any pilling. Your scarf will, therefore, follow you for many years. 

Our scarves are made in accordance with BellePaga's values. They are produced locally in Peru where the Alpacas live in their natural habitat. We are very attentive to the respect of the animals and the environment. 

Don't hesitate any longer and crack on an Alpaca dames wool scarf! 

Knitted scarf


Add colour to your outfits with our gorgeous women's scarves. BellePaga women's scarves are uniquely soft and warm, made from Alpaca fibre, the softest and most prestigious wool of the adult animal. Our wool woman scarves are suitable for all body types. You will find different models with elegant and chic designs. You can wear them in different ways and colours. We have knitted scarf models like our Apocuna scarf which is a real comfort when you are cold. This scarf will give you absolute comfort. The reason for the knitted effect is that it is made from a pleasant combination of prestigious Baby Alpaca and Fluffy Merino wool. It will bring you a real feeling of happiness and warmth because of its soft and comforting side. Our scarves are of high quality and thanks to its large size you have plenty of fabric to arrange it in any way you like. Let yourself be tempted by our collection of women's scarves to face the winter like you never faced it before.

Women's wool scarf


For women who appreciate wool, indeed, wool is particularly used for its exceptional characteristics to protect against cold and weather variations. When you go from a warm environment to a cold and wetter one, wearing a wool scarf will allow you to constantly maintain your body heat. Furthermore, the advantage of wool is that it is a fibre that does not retain odours and therefore it will be easier to care for than some other textiles. Characteristics of alpaca wool : Some rarer wools exist and alpaca wool is one of them. Indeed, this wool with many virtues is not yet well known by a large public. Among the different types of alpaca fibre, BellePaga has chosen Baby Alpaca, which is actually not the baby of the alpaca but of the adult animal, which is finer, softer and silkier. Alpaca wool is made from the annual shearing of the animal, from this wool a fibre of only 12 and 32 microns is obtained. This fibre is known to be the most prestigious fibre in the world. Its insulating power is 7 times higher than that of sheep's wool. This fibre protects you against all cold without making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory power.

Large wool scarf for women


Our women's wool scarves have been specially designed to guarantee warmth, softness, comfort, lightness and reassurance. If you are a cold person we advise you to turn to wool scarves made of alpaca fibre, indeed, alpaca fibre has many benefits for your skin as well as for the cold. For women who are looking for quality wool scarves, BellePaga offers in its collection wool scarves made of Baby Alpaca fibre. It is important to understand that this fibre does not correspond to a baby alpaca, but rather designates the category of fineness of the fibre, this designation is used for the classification of fibres according to the micron (the thickness of the fibre). This quality can come from an adult animal with a very fine fleece. It is a natural hypo-allergenic fibre because it does not contain lanolin and does not require any chemical treatment, unlike sheep's wool. It is recognised by its softness and lightness. Alpaca wicks moisture and offers a real comfort effect. Furthermore, of all the animals producing fibre or wool, alpaca has the widest colour spectrum, with over 200 shades listed. The fibre can also be dyed in a natural and organic way and this is what BellePaga is all about, providing a unique experience of comfort and quality, through natural and ethically and responsibly produced items that respect the animal. 

Handmade women wool scarf

Knitting your own scarf in 10 tips is doable!

1. Prepare the necessary material
2. Get yourself in condition
3. Start your sling
4. Put on 10 stitches
5. Knit 12 rows
6. When you have done your 12 rows, cut the wool with a pair of scissors
7. Add a second colour of wool to the first
8. Start knitting the yarn of the other colour
9. Knit another 12 rows with the new colour
10. Fold up the stitches

Our brand is Belgian, we started by offering socks made of alpaca fibre, as it was a project that was close to our hearts, having just returned from a trip to Peru and having discovered this wonderful fibre that alpaca provides. We jumped at the opportunity to propose to European countries the quality and virtues of this fibre. Following the craze that we had as well as the strong demand, with our various models of socks we wished to develop our range by developing other accessories in this fibre as well as a collection of clothing. With more models of jumpers, waistcoats, ponchos for women and accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves and even slippers. Then we made a home and decoration category, to propose plaids, balls of wool as well as throws. In short, all the equipment you need to spend your winters in better conditions and especially warm! Our mission is revealed by our promise of local production, natural wool, fair trade, respect for animals and environmental protection. We pay special attention to the quality of our products. With BellePaga you are sure to have an ethical wardrobe with quality clothes for a long time.

If you want to know more about our brand, our universe and our collection, don't wait any longer and click on our website to discover our collection of scarves for women and many other models for men.