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Nowadays, choosing a good mattress and pillow is essential for a good night's sleep.
But don't forget that choosing a quality duvet is also essential for a good night's sleep.
At BellePaga, we offer duvets made from Alpaca wool, a very precious fibre that has many virtues. Comfort, warmth, softness and thermoregulation guaranteed! These duvets are natural and ecological, without chemicals. They are made from Alpaca wool, a particularly environmentally friendly wool.

These BellePaga duvets will appeal to you if you have sensitive skin, if you wish to acquire a duvet that will serve you in winter as well as in summer without being too hot or too cold!

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The quality and comfort of Alpaca wool duvets is due to the fibres of this duvet. Indeed, these are Baby Alpaca fibres. This wool comes directly from the highest plateaus of the Andes. The quality of this fibre gives the duvet an extraordinary softness and warmth. Indeed, their thermoregulatory quality allows you to sleep in an environment with an adequate temperature. This is an important factor for a calm night's sleep, without waking up on hot summer nights or freezing winter nights. The baby alpaca wool is carefully woven along its length so that no wool balls form on the inside. On the outside, the cover is made of Pima Cotton, the most prestigious and comfortable cotton in the world. Indeed, it is known as the silkiest and most durable cotton.

BellePaga's high quality duvets are particularly environmentally friendly. Alpaca fibre is environmentally friendly and does not require chemical treatment, bleaching or dyeing.

Alpacas are subject to very wide temperature variations during the day, which explains the development of a fleece made up of fibres that are particularly thermoregulatory. The natural thermoregulation of these quality duvets is directly related to the quality of the alpaca wool. It is important to know that alpaca has several types of wool: alpaca fibre, baby alpaca fibre and royal alpaca fibre. The fibres are sorted to keep only the softest ones. Baby alpaca wool is the softest.

Alpaca fibre in general is also known worldwide as the "Wool of the Gods" because of its unique properties such as softness, strength, hypoallergenic fibres as well as its very high thermal effect and lightness. The fibre is elastic and strong, but also straighter and silkier than sheep's wool. Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool and 4 times stronger than cashmere wool! Alpacas are sheared once a year in the spring. Shearing an alpaca produces up to 3 kg of wool and takes about 30 minutes. The first shearing will produce between 1.5 and 2 kg of "Baby Alpaca" fibre, while subsequent shearings will produce up to 3 kg of "Alpaca" fibre. The Alpacas that produce this fibre are free-ranging, raised in their natural habitat where they can feed in peace.

Alpaca wool is evaluated according to different criteria, starting with fineness, brightness and density and ending with the hairiness, length and uniformity of the wool. Dense wool, uniform in length, hair and colour, is highly valued. But also a wool with a shiny appearance.
BellePaga makes it a point of honour to choose fibres with a low micron count, i.e. a very fine wool, in order to obtain a wool of superior quality.


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Getting good quality sleep over many years is no easy task. Many factors influence our sleep. The quality of our bedding is a factor that influences our sleep much more than we think. Having a duvet that prevents you from waking up cold or hot contributes to good sleep.

The inside of the Alpaca wool duvets is woven lengthwise to ensure that the filling is perfectly distributed throughout the duvet without balling up, and the outside of the duvet cover is made from Pima cotton, a unique material with many advantages.

Quality duvets made of alpaca wool stand out because of their insulating power, which is 7 times higher than that of sheep's wool.
This insulation means that this duvet will protect you from the cold in winter as well as the heat in summer.
Indeed, Alpaca wool is thermoregulating. The wool of these duvets will therefore protect you much better from the cold, with softness, without ever making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties.
The Alpaca is an animal that has to adapt to temperature variations that can go from -25 to +30 degrees in the same day. To do this, it has developed a fleece made up of very fine, silky fibres that are particularly thermoregulatory. During the night, our body temperature varies by several degrees. This quickly causes sweating and/or shivering, which consciously or unconsciously wakes us up and gives us the feeling of having slept badly.

Alpaca duvets are a solution to this problem because they will adjust perfectly to the changes in your body temperature. Unlike a traditional duvet, you won't be woken up by feelings of "too hot" or "too cold", and you will have a much more restful sleep.

This duvet is made of Baby Alpaca wool and is covered with a high quality Pima Cotton cover. This is a rare cotton, which is considered to be the silkiest cotton in the world and will be extremely comfortable in bed. Pima cotton is also called "South American silk", it is very fine and its fibres are very silky. Pima cotton is extremely hard-wearing, the carpets woven by the Indians 1000 years ago can still be seen today. Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic and keeps the warm air in contact with your body while absorbing excess moisture. So you'll be warm enough without ever sweating.


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People often cannot stand synthetic duvets. This is not a problem when using quality alpaca wool duvets. Baby Alpaca wool duvets have thermal qualities thanks to this exceptional fibre. Anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial, BellePaga duvets are particularly hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool is the only wool in the world that is hypoallergenic, and the structure of its fibre makes it very difficult for dust mites to cling to it and develop. This fibre does not contain lanolin: the fatty substance in animal hair that is responsible for allergies (found in all other wools). This substance requires the hair to be treated with chemicals before it can be made into yarn. This is not the case with alpaca. No allergens or chemicals. The fact that lanolin is not used in alpaca also means that there is no irritation on the skin. Our duvets are therefore very popular with people with allergies.

In addition to respect for the worker and the environment, respect for the animal is very important to BellePaga. Unlike other livestock, such as geese, no animals suffer in the production of the duvet. The Alpacas are shorn once a year (in spring) and then go into the fields to enjoy the summer.

So don't delay in visiting our website and choosing THE duvet that will give you a warm feeling.

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BellePaga's advice: MAINTAINING A DUVET

The ultimate goal of BellePaga duvets is to provide you with comfort and softness during your nights.
In addition, they are long-lasting and easy to care for.

Indeed, Baby Alpaca wool is extremely durable. Buying a quality alpaca duvet is certainly an investment, but a long-term one. There is no fear of holes or poor ageing of your duvet!

Alpaca fibre is very easy to care for and very resistant, one cleaning per year is enough to keep it perfectly hygienic! The best care for wool duvets is dry cleaning, which kills dust mites at the same time! Our duvets can be washed in the wool programme at 40°, but we recommend dry cleaning because of the large size of our duvets.

Try our Alpaca wool duvets without delay!

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