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When it comes to sleep, we often think about choosing the right mattress and pillow. But we should not forget that the choice of our duvet is also very important. It's a bedroom essential, not easy to choose.

A good quality duvet is undoubtedly a breathable duvet. Indeed, a breathable duvet is a soft, thin and warm duvet, but above all a thermoregulating duvet, which adapts to the body and room temperature. The ultimate comfort at night is guaranteed!
Indeed, to sleep well, you need to feel good in your bed without being too hot or too cold. The thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic qualities of a breathable duvet are the solution!
For this, there is nothing like natural duvets and more particularly wool duvets. We know sheep's wool, but there is also Alpaca wool, which is a high quality wool.

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A warm duvet made of alpaca wool has many virtues. It has all the advantages of traditional duvets, without their constraints. Alpaca fibre is particularly breathable and has thermoregulatory qualities. This makes this duvet a breathable duvet that adapts to your body heat. During the night, the body temperature varies, which can lead to uncomfortable nights. Having a breathable and thermoregulating duvet reduces the risk of waking up because it adapts to your body's needs. Comfort is guaranteed as this duvet will keep you warm enough without making you sweat.

It is also a particularly warm duvet but surprisingly light. To have a warm and breathable duvet, you need to think about the material that covers the duvet.
An ideal warm and breathable duvet is one with a natural filling, such as a duvet made of alpaca fibre.
This alpaca fibre duvet is breathable, light and warm and has thermoregulatory qualities.
BellePaga's breathable Alpaca duvet is wrapped in a unique cotton called Pima cotton, which is of the highest quality, breathable and moisture absorbing. In addition, the quilting is done in a checkerboard pattern to keep the filling even.
Let yourself be tempted by a breathable, warm, anti-mite duvet made of Alpaca wool. Forget cold nights, micro-awakenings due to temperature variations and humidity that prevents you from sleeping. Opt for a breathable duvet in Alpaca wool, natural, thermoregulating, light and extremely comfortable, you won't regret it!
We are aware of all the advantages of the Alpaca wool duvet and we invite you to discover our collection. Our duvets are available in various sizes to suit all bed sizes.

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Choosing a wool duvet means choosing the best duvet there is. A wool duvet is a natural duvet with many qualities, such as insulation and lightness. Wool has many natural properties, which are known throughout the world. Due to its structure, the wool duvet has a great power of regulation and evacuation of moisture. It adapts to the needs of our body during sleep.

A duvet made of Alpaca wool regulates your body temperature in all seasons thanks to its thermoregulatory qualities. The animals sheared for their wool live in total freedom in the Andes, at an altitude of over 4000 metres. The daily temperature variations are between 25 and 30 degrees, which makes their fibre incomparable to that of Alpacas raised in other conditions. By dint of adaptation, their hair gets used to these variations and allows them to keep their body heat in all circumstances.

The lightness of this alpaca wool duvet and the fact that it is particularly breathable, makes it pleasant to wear in both summer and winter.

Alpaca fibre absorbs and regulates moisture, allowing a soft and dry sleep. It is capable of absorbing up to 30% of its weight in moisture before evaporation. It is soft and elastic, which gives the duvets optimum comfort.

The Alpaca wool duvet is hypoallergenic, thanks to the Alpaca wool in it. An alpaca wool duvet is suitable for everyone, even for those with sensitive skin.
It is interesting to know that in addition to all the virtues mentioned, alpaca fibre is ecological.

In fact, once sheared, the fibre is washed in soapy water, without chemical processes. The colours used are natural. Indeed, there are different colours of Alpacas, lighter or darker. This allows the use of other techniques, such as mixing the fibres to achieve the desired natural colour. These techniques make BellePaga products healthier and very environmentally friendly.

In addition, the wool duvet is biodegradable, which means that it can be composted.

Alpaca wool is one of nature's most precious fibres. All its qualities make it perfect for use as a duvet.

It is very light, comfortable, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, ecological, warm and of a very high quality.

Very cosy, it guarantees a perfect sleep. Its hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Unlike other fibres, wool is resistant to mould and dust mites. Because of its moisture wicking properties, it does not provide a hospitable environment for micro-organisms and is perfect for use as a duvet filling.

BellePaga's duvet not only has a high quality filling but also a cover made from an exceptional cotton, Pima cotton. It is soft and supple and guarantees greater strength and durability than any synthetic material available on the market. It is a rare, silky, high quality material.

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The warmth of a duvet depends on the weight density of the duvet. Depending on the weight, it will be more or less expensive. The denser the duvet, the more expensive it is and vice versa. Its weight will also vary according to this density.
To have a warm duvet, you should choose a winter duvet with a weight of about 270 g/m2 , when it is a natural fibre.
If you choose a synthetic duvet, it should have a minimum density of 350 g/m2 to be warm. There are also very warm duvets with a filling of up to 500 g/m². If you find a duvet with a density between these two values, you can be sure that it will be warm.
The density of these duvets has been designed to be adapted to our climatic conditions, which is perfect for keeping warm in winter and not sweating in summer.

So you'll have a perfect night's sleep!

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Did you know that some duvets are dust mite proof?

Dust mites proliferate in a humid and warm environment, as is the case with mattresses or duvets that do not allow the moisture produced during sleep to escape.
A duvet made of Alpaca wool is very good at wicking moisture and is very breathable while keeping a pleasant warmth during the night.
When choosing a warm and breathable duvet, you should pay attention to the filling. In general, duvets made of synthetic materials that are also hypoallergenic are in high demand. However, natural and breathable duvets made of Alpaca wool are also in great demand, as they are not only suitable for the most sensitive people, but also have other exceptional qualities.
Alpaca wool duvets are hypoallergenic as well as being a natural fibre, the best choice you can make. They are very warm and breathable because they retain warm air, incomparably better than synthetic ones. In addition, they will allow our body to breathe. So we will be warm without sweating and our body will enjoy a peaceful sleep.
So try our Alpaca wool duvets without delay!

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