How to tie, put on, wear a scarf

Having a beautiful scarf is good, but knowing how to tie it, wear it, or put it on is better! The fluidity and flexibility of a scarf will allow you to have several beautiful looks as elegant as they are relaxed, depending on your mood and your current fashion desires! 

comment nouer porter mettre écharpe rouge chaude femmeThe cool September breeze, the autumn rain,... we may even be there soon enough that we will already be there by the time you read this article! The return of the autumn and winter seasons obviously means the return of scarves! And to face this cold, there's nothing like a good scarf that keeps you warm! But how to combine the wearing of a scarf and be fashionable? In this article, we will introduce you to different ways to wear, tie, and put on a scarf! So, man or woman, you can get a different look every day! BellePaga scarves, the flagship product of this Belgian brand, offer you unparalleled comfort, unparalleled softness, and exceptional thermoregulatory power. BellePaga offers you a wide range of scarves, thin, thicker, plain, or patterned, there is something for everyone. Also, these scarves are elegant, adaptable to all outfits, and available in various colours. In short, the best in all circumstances and all seasons! 

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How to tie, put on, wear a scarf - ACCORDING to the LOOK 

How to wear a scarf with a casual/urban look 

For a fun trip, a girls' evening out or to go shopping,... a tip, don't worry too much! Throw your scarf on you in a rather careless way and let it fall naturally on your shoulders. Your scarf will then take shape and come to life in a natural way by following your movements. This will give you an elegant and casual silhouette. Wears a scarf in such a way that it blends with a casual or urban style. A word of advice: for cool summer nights, you can wear your scarf in the same way. 

Tip: also remember to adapt the colour of the scarf according to the seasons. Choose light, pastel and bright colours in summer and darker colours in winter. Nevertheless, to add pep to a dark outfit, don't hesitate to wear a colourful scarf in winter too! To find the various colours offered by BellePaga, visit, you will undoubtedly find the scarf of your favourite colour! 

How to wear a scarf - classy look 

For a more classy event, a meeting at work, a meeting or a conference, a tip for wearing a scarf properly: tie it like a tie. So all you have to do is fold it in the width direction and make it narrower. Then tie it on the front like a tie. If the idea seems a little crazy to you, opt for simplicity: make a simple loop knot! Combined with a chic and classy look, it will be perfect! 

Tip: With a classy look, opt for a scarf in a sober colour or with patterns such as the houndstooth, very trendy this year.

Nevertheless, if you want to give pep and originality to your outfit, don't hesitate to choose a coloured scarf. 

How to wear a scarf - some techniques, tips. 

Yet another way to wear your scarf and put it in the "European" way. To do this, it's quite simple, all you have to do is fold your scarf in half and wrap it around your neck. Then, bring the ends of the loop to the other end and pull them through to adjust it more or less tightly according to your taste. Finally, let the ends hang on your chest. Tying your scarf in such a way is elegant and refined and is suitable for both men and women. It is also a good way to keep your neck warm, ideal in the cool season. 

Another trick, rather than wearing your scarf as we would normally do, that is, around your neck, you can also wear it like a stole, around your shoulders. Ideal with a casual/urban look. 

Then, for a simple and casual look, opt for the "turtleneck" trend, which literally means "turtle neck". By this we mean wrapping your scarf around your neck several times, making a knot with the two sides that you then hide under the fabric! A good technique for those who are very cold!

For the most original among you, don't hesitate to wear the patterned scarf. Indeed, if you are a print enthusiast, dare to mix'n'match! Why not mix the prints, wear two scarves, use tone-on-tone colours or striking patterns! With such a look, you're bound to catch the eye! In short, guaranteed effect! 

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How to tie, put on, wear a scarf - ACCORDING to the MATERIALS  

Depending on the material of the scarves it is possible to wear them, put them on, or tie them differently. Here are some tips to wear your scarf depending on the material! 

How to wear a scarf - wool 

What could be better than a good big wool scarf that keeps us warm? Obviously, this kind of scarf can only be worn in winter, but it feels so good. Often what we look for when buying a wool scarf for men and women is naturally, the comfort and warmth but also the volume it can give. Indeed, a wool scarf can give in the blink of an eye, all the volume that our outfit lacks. 

This scarf, like all the others, can be worn in several ways. So you can simply wear it around your neck by doing only one turn. Ideal to be protected from the cold with class. 

What is often found in this material (wool) are plaid scarves! These are more suited to a casual and casual style! With jeans, a leather jacket, or a long elegant oddball, a plaid scarf will dress all your outfit. In addition, being generally long, the plaid scarf can be tied in any direction! You will, therefore, be able to wear a plaid scarf in all possible forms. It's also up to you to let your imagination and creativity speak for themselves! 

How to wear a scarf - cashmere

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Very clearly cashmere remains one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics to wear. The finesse of a cashmere scarf also makes it possible to wear it in several ways and to associate it with different looks. Cashmere scarves are knitted very finely and this is what allows you to put them on in order to obtain different and very elegant draperies. The cashmere scarf is the unique accessory that will add a touch of class to your outfits... It is the so chic garment... 

Tip for wearing a cashmere scarf: do several turns around your neck and let the drapes fall naturally along your bust, simple and effective. You're the one who's going to be the most popular with this beautiful accessory around your neck. 

Another way to put on a cashmere scarf, in a more original way: wear the cashmere scarf like a kind of hood by gently placing it on your head. For a touch of originality and to protect yourself from the cold, choose this option!  

How to wear an alpaca scarf - scarf 

The alpaca scarf is undoubtedly the must-have in his dressing room! We end up with this one because it is definitely our favorite one of the moment! A fantastic fashion accessory that you can wear in addition to that, summer and winter alike! 

Here are some ideas to be connected with a scarf tied around your neck. 

Alpaca fibre is well known for its exceptional properties: fine, supple, soft, thermoregulatory & warm. That said, just because it is thin does not mean it will not give volume. Indeed, for both men and women, wearing an alpaca scarf by tying it around your neck and making a few folds will give the impression of a puffy scarf. The different colours available in the BellePaga scarf collection allow you to have the scarf that can be associated with all outfits! 

In short! After all these tips & tricks, we hope to have won you over that wearing a scarf is not an easy thing but still essential to face winter! Winter is fast approaching, so go out covered! 

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