Christmas Gift Idea

Don't have any gift ideas for Christmas?

YEAH ! Christmas is already in four months. The favorite period for cocooning atmospheres lovers, Christmas markets, hot chocolate, and watching movies under the blanket... All this, in front of the wood fire. Christmas is also the season for gift... and for some, here is where the atmosphere turns grey, often we don't know or no longer know what to buy and we are really short of Christmas gift ideas… That's why today, in this article, we're going to give you some ideas to find the ideal gifts to place under the tree! This year, YOUR Christmas gifts will be in great demand! 

Flocon Noel sapin blanc décorations

Christmas Gift Idea for Women 

It is not always easy to offer a gift to a woman who, in addition to that, gives a gift to everyone (or almost everyone). Every year, it's the same, we offer the same thing and over the years, we often find ourselves without any idea of a Christmas gift. So we do it at the last minute to finally buy useless things. Don't panic! Don't panic! This year, we have concocted a top 3 of small gifts that could please a woman!  BellePaga is a Belgian start-up that offers you alpaca wool clothing and accessories. This very soft and much too cute little animal has sumptuous and ultra-soft wool. There is nothing better than to represent the Christmas spirit and the cocooning atmosphere of this period.  Here is our selection and our three good Christmas gift ideas:
- The key ring: very soft, light, and very trendy, the alpaca wool key ring is the "trendy" and chic accessory that all women love...
- The pair of slippers: ideal for keeping your feet warm, with an unparalleled softness... They can only love it!

- Clothing or accessories: a sweater, a cape, a scarf, a hat, a pair of gloves,... there is something for every taste and especially for every budget! Simple and elegant, our clothes and accessories match all styles and are perfect in the autumn-winter season! 

Papier cadeau noël neige

Christmas Gift Idea for Men 

As far as men are concerned, it's even less obvious... Still a little difficult to find the ideal Christmas gift idea! But don't worry, Bellepaga is here and this year, you won't have to look for everything at the last minute!  With our wide range of clothing and accessories, you will find your happiness and above all, that of your man! We have for you two, three Christmas gift ideas that will delight more than one!  As for women, BellePaga has a large collection for men. Sweaters, slippers, scarves, gloves, hats, and our flagship product, the SHOES! Once again, there is something for every taste and every budget. In short, something to really please! 


Christmas Gift Idea for Kids 

At BellePaga, we think of everything! Our alpacas also take care of your own little babies. A great Christmas gift idea for the little ones is the plush toys, which are also hypoallergenic. Ideal, sweet, and too cute, the children love them! 

Cadeau noël don ruban

Original Christmas Gift Idea 

And then there are the eternal lovers of originality who, every year, are in search of renewal and innovation! At BellePaga, originality is reflected in the quality of our products. Alpaca wool also called "wool of the gods" by the Incas because of its exceptional properties. Thermoregulatory, soft, and hypoallergenic are the qualities of alpaca clothing.  In our range of accessories, you can then find balls made of alpaca wool, available in various colours, to add cheerfulness to your creations. The ideal gift for knitting enthusiasts! But BellePaga also has a wide choice of very high-quality Alpaca plaids. You will be able to decorate your home and enjoy the warmth and unique comfort of this sumptuous wool... 

After all these Christmas gift ideas, don't tell me you don't know what to buy anymore! Visit our online shop! You can also find all our products in our shop-showroom located in Ixelles but also in our partner stores and Christmas markets! 

At BellePaga, all our products are "Made with: 40% of Love, 20% of Happiness,  25% of Kindness and 15% of Sweetness"