Knee High Socks

Wool Knee High Socks for Women

These high socks have been carefully designed to provide you with a unique
feeling of comfort and softness. Indeed, Alpaca is very soft and does not scratch on
the skin unlike other wools. These high socks remain thin and elegant but have
been designed to provide you with the ideal level of warmth in all circumstances.
Indeed, the thermoregulatory power of Alpaca is such that you can keep a
fineness in the thickness of the high sock, while providing you with the warmth in
the feet and legs necessary, even in extreme cold.
These high heels will surprise you with their effectiveness in bringing warmth to
your feet and are perfect to wear from September to June.
Your legs will always be at the right temperature, and your feet will be dry,
without sweating.
For women we recommend socks that we have made for you that cover your legs
up to above the knee. They are perfect to match a skirt, dress, or shorts.
These high socks will keep you feminine, attractive and elegant by keeping you
warm, even in the middle of winter.
For men, our high men's socks stop at the knee level. They will keep you perfectly
warm and you can put them under your pants, jeans, suit or even up and visible.

Trendy Knee High Socks

The BellePaga brand's knee high Alpaca socks are of very high quality. Indeed, the
manufacture of each sock is finished and checked by hand for a perfect finish. Our
knee high socks have no stitching, and to guarantee our customers an

unequalled comfort, we have chosen hand remeshing, which has become very
rare but which gives a much higher comfort compared to machine remeshing.
We have also decided to privilege high quality by choosing to collaborate with the
masters of know-how for centuries in this particular fiber: Peruvian and Bolivian
craftsmen. Indeed, they have a great knowledge of this fibre transmitted from
generation to generation and this is reflected in the comfort and comfort they will
provide you. This will be felt directly, and especially after several hours worn
during the day. They will therefore provide you with exceptional comfort and you
will not be able to do without them!
Alpaca fibre is a very strong fibre, which is 4 times stronger than sheep's wool,
does not lint, and therefore wears very slowly. It is therefore the ideal fibre for
textiles that are subjected to severe tests such as socks. You will avoid the
frustrations of classic socks which are quickly found. These warm socks remain in
perfect condition for many years, wash after wash, and you can enjoy them for a
long time. Alpaca is very well known for its insulating power. Alpaca wool
is 7 times warmer than sheep wool when it is cold and allows feet to breathe
much better when they are hot. It therefore has exceptional thermoregulatory
properties, which is very important for our feet, which are often subjected to
strong temperature changes.

The care of our Alpaca wool socks is easy. You can put them in the
machine at 30 degrees with the rest of your clothes without having to pay any
particular attention to them. You just don't want to dry them in the machine.
Our high socks are perfect for all seasons. Indeed, due to the highly
thermoregulatory nature of Alpaca wool, they will adapt perfectly to autumn and
spring temperatures, but also to winter. Indeed, they are socks that will always
keep you warm but without ever having the disadvantage of traditional warm
socks that make you sweat, with the disadvantages that this entails such as the
multiplication of bacteria and odors, and the cold that comes to be put on feet
damp with perspiration and that freezes them.
Your legs breathe and are in ideal comfort all day long.
Try these exceptional socks now, and order them for women, and for men!

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