Women's knee-high socks

In this article we present the women's mid-height sock collection from Bellepaga, a Belgian brand that has combined baby alpaca wool and bamboo fibre to create comfortable, soft and durable socks. Thanks to their natural qualities, these socks offer optimal comfort in all seasons and in all situations, whether for daily or occasional use. With their meticulous design and impeccable workmanship, Bellepaga socks set the standard for comfort and style.

bamboo fibre

The indispensable bamboo fibre

Bamboo fibre is a natural and sustainable material that has many beneficial properties for the skin and the environment. First of all, it is known for its antibacterial properties. This means that it has the ability to prevent unwanted odours and inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause fungal infections and skin problems. In addition, bamboo fibre is highly absorbent and allows for rapid moisture wicking, making it an ideal choice for sportswear and underwear. It is also thermoregulatory, meaning it regulates your body temperature in response to changes in the outside temperature, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

In addition to its natural properties, bamboo fibre is also very soft and non-irritating to the skin, making it comfortable to wear even for people with sensitive skin. Furthermore, it is easy to care for and stain resistant, making it a practical choice for everyday clothing. Finally, the production of bamboo fibre is environmentally friendly, as it requires less water and pesticides than growing cotton, for example. It is also biodegradable, which means that it decomposes easily in nature without harming the environment.

In conclusion, bamboo fibre is a natural and sustainable choice for clothing and accessories, as it offers a unique combination of properties that are beneficial to the skin and the environment. Whether you are looking for comfortable and absorbent underwear, thermo-regulating socks or practical and durable clothing for your daily life, bamboo fibre is a choice to consider. By choosing this natural fibre, you can help reduce your environmental footprint while caring for your skin.

baby alpaca fibre

Baby alpaca fibre

Baby alpaca wool is a natural fibre appreciated for its many qualities. Unlike traditional wool, baby alpaca wool is finer and lighter, making it softer and more comfortable to wear. Its luxurious, soft texture makes it a great choice for winter clothing, including socks, gloves and hats.

In addition to its softness, baby alpaca wool is also thermoregulatory, which means that it helps to regulate your body temperature as the outside temperature changes. This means that it keeps you warm in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer months. In addition, baby alpaca wool is resistant to stains, wear and tear and odour build-up, making it easy to maintain and keep in good condition.

Finally, the production of baby alpaca wool is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Alpacas do not require a lot of space to live in, so their environmental impact is much lower than that of other livestock. In addition, their wool is ethically produced without cruelty to animals, making them a conscience choice for ethically and sustainably minded consumers.

mid-high socks

Our mid-height sock designs

Bellepaga offers a range of women's knee-high socks that combine the qualities of bamboo fibre and baby alpaca wool. Here is a selection of models according to your preferences:

For a sober look, Isku socks are ideal. Available in cream/melon, cream/lilac and denim/cream blue, they are soft, comfortable and will keep you warm all day long.
If you prefer a more original style, Ari's socks are for you. With their geometric pattern and vibrant colour range, available in cream/green and cream/coral (leaf pattern), they will add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.

Polka dot socks are a timeless classic and Bellepaga has several options to suit your taste. Ekiko socks, available in cream/melon, cream/lilac and navy/light grey, offer a chic and elegant look. The Anay socks have a more colourful and playful polka dot pattern and are available in cream/beige, cream/light grey and cream/coral. Finally, the Challi socks, with their pea pattern, will add a touch of softness to your outfit, available in light blue/yellow, navy blue/red and navy blue/grey.

wool care

How do I care for my baby alpaca socks?

Bellepaga's baby alpaca wool and bamboo fibre socks are high quality products that combine comfort, quality and durability. To preserve their appearance and quality, it is important to take care of these socks by following a few care tips.

First of all, it is recommended to wash the socks by hand or in the washing machine with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid using hot water or bleach, as this can damage the fibres and discolour the socks. The socks can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, but it is best to use a gentle cycle to avoid damage.

It is also important not to put baby alpaca wool and bamboo fibre socks in the tumble dryer, as the heat can damage the fibres and reduce the life of the socks. Instead, it is advisable to let them air dry away from direct heat and sunlight. Also avoid hanging them up, as this can deform the socks.

It is recommended not to iron baby alpaca wool and bamboo fibre socks, as this can alter the texture of the fibres and damage them. If the socks have wrinkles, you can iron them at a low temperature using a damp towel to avoid direct contact between the iron and the socks.

Finally, for baby alpaca wool socks, it is normal to notice some pilling after several washes. To remove the pilling, use a fabric shaver or a pilling machine to gently remove the pilling. Avoid using scissors or sharp objects, as this can damage the fibres.

white alpaca

By following these care tips, your Bellepaga baby alpaca wool and bamboo fibre socks will retain their original softness, comfort and quality for many years.

In conclusion, Bellepaga's baby alpaca wool and bamboo socks for women are much more than just a fashion accessory. They are a symbol of comfort, durability and ecology, which will delight all women looking for a soft, warm, breathable and nature-friendly solution.

The natural qualities of baby alpaca and bamboo fibres are well proven. The anti-bacterial, anti-odour and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo fibre combine perfectly with the warmth, softness and thermoregulation of baby alpaca wool, for an incomparable result in terms of comfort and well-being for the feet.

But Bellepaga's mid-height socks are not only comfortable, they are also stylish and modern. The various models offered by the brand, such as the sober Isku socks, the original Ari socks or the elegant Ekiko and Anay socks, can satisfy all tastes and occasions.
But what makes these socks even more special is their commitment to the environment. Bellepaga uses natural, eco-friendly and animal-friendly materials. By buying these socks, not only are you doing your feet good, but you are also helping to preserve nature and encourage more sustainable and responsible fashion.

So don't hesitate, treat yourself to Bellepaga's baby alpaca wool and bamboo fibre mid-height socks, an experience of comfort and ecology at your feet. With their incomparable quality, their refined elegance and their commitment to the environment, these socks are much more than a simple fashion accessory, they are an investment in your well-being and in our planet.