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At BellePaga you will find the best long scarves! They are colorful, comfortable and above all modern. BellePaga knew how to associate your needs and your desires with the warmest wool of the kingdom. For women as well as for men, the scarves from BellePaga will satisfy you! The long scarves have become a timeless and essential model to spend the winter in the warmth, to face the last coolness before the beautiful spring or to stay in a cocooning atmosphere at home. Long scarves protect a sensitive area of our body and allow us to retain 35% of our body heat, which is not negligible. BellePaga explains below why scarves are fashionable and how to wear them if you are a woman or a man.  Then, you will find all the answers to your questions about alpaca wool, its properties and its care.

echarpe grise laine d'alpaga

The fashion of long scarves

Long scarves have been a popular trend in recent years. Unlike shorter scarves, which can be more practical for everyday life, long scarves have a more sophisticated look and can be used to add an elegant touch to a look. Long scarves can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be simply draped around the neck and left hanging in the front, or wrapped several times for a thicker, warmer effect. Some people also prefer to tie them for a more structured look. 

Long scarves are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns. Geometric prints, stripes and floral patterns are popular, as are classic solid colors like black, white and gray. Long scarves can also be adorned with fringe or tassels to add a touch of texture and movement. Long scarves are often associated with winter outfits, but they can also be worn year-round to add a touch of style to a casual or dressy outfit. In summary, long scarves are a popular trend that offers sophisticated style and a variety of ways to wear them to suit any outfit.

echarpe longue homme
Women's long scarf: a versatile accessory

Long scarves worn by women are a popular and versatile fashion accessory that can be worn in many different ways. Women often wear long scarves to add a touch of style to their outfit. They can be worn casually and simply, wrapped around the neck and falling to the front of the body, or wrapped several times around the neck for a thicker, warmer look in winter. 

Long scarves can also be used as a fashion accessory to dress up a more formal outfit, like a dress or suit. Wrapped around the shoulders or draped elegantly over the arms, long scarves can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to an outfit. 

In addition, long scarves can also be used as a protective accessory against the elements, especially the cold. Women can drape themselves in a long scarf to stay warm on cold and windy winter days. Overall, long scarves are a versatile and practical fashion accessory that can be worn in many different ways and can add a touch of style and sophistication to any outfit.

Long scarf for men: a sophisticated accessory

Long scarves worn by men are a popular fashion accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. They are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns.

When worn correctly, long scarves can not only protect the neck and face from the cold, but they can also add a touch of sophistication and style to an outfit. Men can wear them in a number of ways, including simply draping them around their necks, tying them in a knot, or wrapping them around the neck multiple times for a thicker, warmer look. 

Long scarves can be paired with a variety of casual and formal outfits, and can be used to add a touch of color or contrast to an outfit. For example, a gray or black wool scarf can add a touch of sophistication to a business outfit, while a colorful scarf can bring life and personality to a casual outfit.

Which material to choose for a long scarf?

Choosing the best material for a long scarf depends on several factors such as season, climate, personal preference and lifestyle.
For winter scarves, warm and soft materials like wool, cashmere, silk, mohair and alpaca are popular because they are warm and comfortable. Wool is especially popular because of its durability, ability to retain heat and ease of care. Cashmere scarves are also popular for their softness and comfort, but they can be more fragile and require more delicate care.
For summer scarves, lightweight, breathable materials like cotton, linen and silk are recommended for their ability to keep the skin cool and dry. Cotton is particularly popular because of its lightness, softness and ease of care. 
Finally, lifestyle and personal preferences should also be considered. For example, if you plan to wear your scarf for outdoor activities, you may opt for more durable and easy-to-clean materials like wool, while if you prefer a more elegant and sophisticated look, cashmere may be the ideal choice
But remember the choice of the best material for a long scarf depends on your needs, your lifestyle and your personal preferences so listen to yourself and don't hesitate!

Our alpaca wool scarves

Among all the wools that exist for the confection of long scarves, alpaca wool is undoubtedly the softest, warmest and most resistant. The quality of its wool allows you to wear a unique and irreplaceable product! At BellePaga there are many models of long scarves, for boys as well as for girls. BellePaga works with Baby Alpaca wool, it is the finest fiber of the Alpaca hair and it represents the softest part that the hair can have. Alpaca wool then has many benefits and advantages: 
- Warmth: alpaca wool is a hollow fiber that retains heat effectively, making it an excellent natural insulator. It is particularly suitable for winter clothing and accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves.
- Softness: Alpaca wool is extremely soft and silky to the touch, making it pleasant to wear directly on the skin.
- Hypoallergenic: Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, which means it is less likely to cause allergic reactions than other types of wool.
- Durability: Alpaca wool is stronger than other types of wool, making it more durable and easier to care for.
- Moisture regulation: Alpaca wool is able to regulate body moisture, which helps maintain a stable body temperature and avoid excessive sweating. 
- Ecological: the production of alpaca wool is considered an ecological activity because alpacas have a lower environmental impact than sheep and produce less methane.
In short, alpaca wool is the perfect wool for your long scarf!

The maintenance of an alpaca wool scarf

Although alpaca wool is a resistant material, it remains a fragile material. It is therefore necessary to know how to take care of it in order to keep your scarf soft, warm, beautiful and without pilling for many years! We advise you to take several actions in order not to damage your alpaca wool clothes
- Hand cleaning: it is recommended to wash it by hand rather than machine. Use warm water and a mild detergent specially designed for wool items. Avoid using hot water as it can cause the scarf to shrink.
- Avoid rubbing or twisting: When washing your alpaca wool scarf, avoid rubbing or twisting it to dry. This can damage the wool fibers and make the scarf less soft and more fragile.
- Drying flat: After washing your alpaca wool scarf, lay it flat on a clean towel to dry. Avoid hanging it up, as this can stretch the scarf and change its shape.
- Avoid ironing: Alpaca wool is often treated to be wrinkle resistant, so there is no need to iron it. If you absolutely must, use an iron set on low and place a thin cloth between the scarf and the iron.
If you follow these many tips, you will be able to fully enjoy your long alpaca wool scarf.

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