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Bellepaga is a brand that has set itself apart by offering women's alpaca sweaters of unparalleled quality. Bellepaga sweaters are soft, warm and incredibly comfortable, yet durable and stylish. Made from carefully selected alpaca fibers, Bellepaga sweaters offer unparalleled comfort and are perfect for the coolest winter days. Their elegant and timeless design makes them easy to combine with other pieces in your wardrobe, for a chic and casual look for any occasion.

Why choose a woman's alpaca sweater from bellepaga?


There are several reasons why you might choose a Bellepaga women's alpaca sweater:

- Superior quality: the women's alpaca sweater from Bellepaga is made from the best quality alpaca, which is soft, durable and long-lasting. The fibers are also finer than wool, resulting in a softer, more comfortable fabric for the women's alpaca sweater.

- Comfortable and Warm: The Bellepaga Women's Alpaca Sweater is warm, soft and comfortable, making it a perfect choice for cold winter days. Alpaca is also breathable, which helps regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable in your women's alpaca sweater.

- Durability: The Bellepaga women's alpaca sweater is built to last. Alpaca fibers are stronger than wool fibers, which means that the women's alpaca sweater will last longer and look like new longer.

- Ecological and ethical: Bellepaga is a company that cares about the environment and animals. Alpaca is a renewable fiber that is harvested without causing pain or stress to animals.

- Elegant Style: Bellepaga's women's alpaca sweater is designed to be elegant and timeless. These sweaters are available in a variety of colors and styles, making them easy to match with other clothing.

All in all, a women's alpaca sweater from Bellepaga is a stylish, comfortable, sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical choice that will keep you warm on cold winter days.

The bellepaga women's alpaca sweater collection


In the great collection of bellepaga sweaters, there is the Paskay, Paki, Puna, Churi, Mayra, and Aline women's alpaca sweater. They are all available in sizes S to XL and come in a wide range of different colors, each as beautiful as the next. They are all made of alpaca wool, which guarantees warmth and comfort no matter the season. They are of high quality and you won't be disappointed once you try them!

The characteristics of these sweaters are as follows:

- Composition: All Bellepaga sweaters are made from high quality alpaca fiber, a soft, warm and light natural fiber that does not scratch the skin.

- Comfort: Bellepaga sweaters are soft, warm and comfortable to wear thanks to the insulating properties of alpaca. They are ideal for cool fall and winter days.

- Design: Bellepaga sweaters are available in several models with different cuts, collars and patterns. Some models are round neck, others are V-neck or turtleneck. There are also models with twists, diamonds and stripes.

- Care: Bellepaga sweaters should be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent. They should not be wrung out or ironed. They should be dried flat on a clean towel.

- Quality: Bellepaga sweaters are handmade in Peru by local artisans using traditional techniques. They are designed to last over time thanks to the superior quality of the alpaca and the handcrafted production.

Fashion tips: what to wear with a Bellepaga women's alpaca sweater?

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Bellepaga sweaters can be worn in many ways to create stylish and comfortable outfits. Here are some fashion tips for wearing a Bellepaga sweater:

- With jeans: Bellepaga sweaters look great with jeans for a casual and comfortable look. Choose a dark jean for a dressier look or a faded jean for a more casual look.

- With a skirt: Bellepaga sweaters can also be worn with a skirt for a more feminine look. Pair your sweater with a pencil skirt or pleated skirt for a casual chic look.

- With dress pants: For a dressier look, wear your Bellepaga sweater with dress pants and elegant shoes. You can also add a jacket or blazer for a more sophisticated look.

- Accessorize your outfit: Add accessories to complete your outfit. Tall boots, a wool scarf or a leather handbag can add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

- Play with colors: Bellepaga sweaters are available in a variety of colors. Feel free to play with colors by combining your sweater with different colored clothes to create original and trendy outfits.

- Opt for a capsule wardrobe: it's a great way to simplify your life and create outfits that are both stylish and durable. A Bellepaga sweater is a great choice for a capsule wardrobe because it can be easily combined with different clothes to create a variety of outfits.

How to keep your alpaca sweater ?


To keep your alpaca sweater in good condition, here are some tips:

- Cleaning: It is recommended to wash your alpaca sweater by hand or have it dry cleaned. Avoid putting it in the washing machine or dryer, as this may damage the fibers and shrink it.

- Drying: After washing, it is important to dry your women's alpaca sweater flat on a clean towel or sheet, out of direct sunlight. Avoid laying it on a hanger, as this may distort the shape of the sweater.

- Storage: When storing your women's alpaca sweater, it is recommended to fold it carefully and store it in a drawer or on a shelf away from direct sunlight and moisture.

- Mothproof: Moths can damage wool fibers, so it is recommended to store your alpaca sweater with a moth proof bag or cedar balls to protect it.

- Use: Avoid wearing your alpaca sweater too often, as this can cause premature wear. Alternate sweaters for more even wear.

By following these tips, you will be able to keep your alpaca wool sweater in good condition so that it lasts a long time.

Learn more about alpaca


The alpaca is a domesticated mammal of the camelid family, native to South America, specifically the highlands of the Andes Mountains in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. It is closely related to the vicuna and the guanaco. Alpacas are bred for their fine, soft wool, which is considered one of the most valuable and luxurious in the world.

Alpacas are medium sized, measuring about 90 cm at the withers and weighing between 50 and 80 kg. They have a compact and slender body, slender legs and padded feet. Their wool is very fine and soft to the touch, and is available in a variety of natural colors ranging from pure white to deep black, brown, gray and beige.

Alpacas are gregarious and social animals that live in herds. They are adapted to live in cold, dry climates, as their wool provides excellent thermal insulation and protection from the elements.

Supporting an ethical company


Supporting an ethical and environmentally conscious company is an important action, especially nowadays. Bellepaga is a fashion company that focuses on the production of high quality, environmentally friendly alpaca wool clothing.

Here are some examples of our commitments and values:

- Respect for animals is paramount at Bellepaga: we work with alpaca breeders who respect animal welfare standards and treat their animals with respect. The alpaca wool used in production is harvested without harming the animals.

- Use of sustainable materials: Our Bellepaga garments are made from high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as alpaca wool, which is a renewable and biodegradable fiber.

- Responsible production: Bellepaga has implemented responsible production practices to minimize their environmental impact. They use dyeing processes that reduce water and energy consumption, as well as recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

- Fair Trade: Bellepaga ensures that alpaca farmers and the artisans who work for them are paid fairly for their work.

- Social Responsibility: Bellepaga is committed to social and environmental initiatives to improve the living conditions of local communities, including providing training to improve production techniques and working with local associations.

We strive to produce high quality clothing while respecting animals, local communities and the environment.
At BellePaga, we make clothes from Alpaca and other natural fibers. We believe it is important to offer you the best that nature has to offer. That's why our collection of clothing and accessories is designed and made with the utmost care and expertise.

Melt for an alpaca wool sweater and experience the unique comfort of the wool of the gods.
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