Bamboo sock

Bamboo socks exist and it is a more than revolutionary invention! Its benefits and qualities are numerous, which makes it a material particularly appreciated by all. Everyone knows the bamboo plant, but not everyone has yet tested bamboo socks. Moreover, the plant has natural benefits. So why should you try this product? After reading this article the bamboo fiber will have no more secret for you. Moreover, at BellePaga we thought of assembling two materials to create the socks of your dreams. These two materials are obviously bamboo but also alpaca wool. What nature does best for your comfort: extreme quality with multiple benefits.

chaussette à carreaux en bambou

The bamboo industry

Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber made from natural bamboo. It is created from bamboo pulp. Bamboo fiber is currently enjoying great popularity, the plant can be grown quickly and is associated with ecology. Bamboo can also be used to improve economic growth in developing countries. It is often referred to as the "camel plant" because it is a very fast growing plant with a low water supply and does not require fertilizers or pesticides. The leading bamboo producing country is India, followed closely by China. There are also bamboo plantations in South East Asia and also in Africa, where it is naturally present and is starting to be marketed thanks to its popularity. Because the commercialization of bamboo is not only for the textile industry, even if it is a big part. Bamboo is also used for handicraft production such as furniture, flooring, houses (in Indonesia). It is also used in everyday products such as toothbrushes, razors, straws ... Bamboo can be a substitute for wood, it is very resistant, very light and it is a natural resource.

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The durability of bamboo

Bamboo plays a crucial role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere. In fact, a bamboo grove releases on average about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent amount of many other common types of trees (i.e. pines, oaks, palms, etc.). ). Thus, fewer trees produce more oxygen and absorb more carbon dioxide. In this case, planting bamboo is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint and help fight global warming.
In addition, bamboo grows quickly and can be grown in many types of environments. This makes it an ideal plant for production in virtually any country. In addition, bamboo is also excellent for soil conservation. It helps to greatly reduce erosion of the soil in which it is planted. This is because it reduces rainfall runoff, which prevents the soil from becoming too soft and loosening. 
This is also why bamboo is seen as a natural material and is very trendy.

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Bamboo fiber properties

Bamboo fiber is the ideal fiber for clothing, it has many benefits. First of all, it creates very comfortable, very breathable clothes that wick moisture, dry quickly and regulate temperature. Secondly, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, a property that is normally passed on to the finished product, which also allows it to resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria, even after numerous washes. In addition, bamboo fiber has thermal regulation properties, this property is probably the most appreciated by all: it allows to be cold when it is very hot and warm when it is cold. Another of the most appreciated properties of bamboo fiber is its superior absorption capacity. For example, if you are used to sweating feet, the material of your socks will absorb moisture and odors. Bamboo clothes do not stick to the skin no matter what the weather is like! Finally, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for people with sensitive skin, bamboo very rarely causes allergic reactions. Bamboo is also wrinkle resistant, colorfast and dye resistant and easy to maintain. The bamboo and alpaca wool socks from BellePaga can be washed in the washing machine, which is a big advantage for a product made with fragile materials. This fiber is one of the softest that exist and is very resistant when taken care of. To conclude, bamboo fiber combines practical, aesthetic, ecological and paramedical properties that we are looking for to be comfortable in our sneakers.

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Bamboo sweat socks

If the bamboo fiber is very appreciated for all the clothes thanks to its multiple properties, its flagship product is without any doubt the socks. You know that it is very important to protect your feet in winter, to take care of your feet in summer, to pamper them with quality, soft and comfortable socks. The foot is a sensitive part of our body, it often reflects our body temperature. If your feet are cold, you will feel the cold a lot. When your body is cold, your heart sends blood to your vital organs first, so your hands and feet can be neglected!  It is therefore important to protect your feet from the cold of winter but also from other unpleasant factors such as their smell, their perspiration ... Fortunately bamboo has a unique fiber that absorbs 3 to 4 times more moisture than cotton and can again quickly release this moisture and thus avoid bad odors.

chaussettes en bambou grise foncée

Bamboo and Alpaca = the perfect mix

At BellePaga, we've come up with the perfect combination of soft and comfortable socks that combine style and elegance! Our socks are made of 35% baby alpaca, 20% bamboo, 9% acrylic and 35% nylon. The Baby Alpaca fiber we use at BellePaga is finer, more prestigious and rarer than the classic Alpaca fiber where absorbent cotton is known to have exceptional virtues. 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, it was considered a more precious material than gold at the time of the Incas! This fiber is very precious because it represents only 10% of the production of Alpaca wool and is taken only during the first shearing of the Alpaca, young or adult. The bamboo used in our socks complements perfectly the Baby Alpaca fiber. Together they provide unparalleled comfort and thermoregulation properties. They allow your feet to breathe throughout the day and not be afraid of keeping too much moisture inside your shoes, which could lead to certain complications. Bamboo and alpaca wool socks can be worn in summer as well as in winter because they are light and breathable if your feet get hot.

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Maintenance of his bamboo socks

Our BellePaga socks are designed to bring you comfort and softness. As previously mentioned, they are also very durable and easy to care for. 

Indeed, Baby Alpaca wool is 4 times more resistant than cashmere wool. This property allows it to have a much longer life, and therefore to keep your product for a longer time without fear of holes or other defects that could appear later. 

Bamboo fiber is very easy to maintain and resistant, so there is no need to worry about machine washing. You can wash your bamboo socks in the washing machine up to 40°C with the rest of your clothes without any problem!

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Try our bamboo and alpaca wool socks for men and women. 

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