Woman Alpaca Scarf

During these periods of extreme cold, wearing a woman's alpaca scarf is more than a necessity to stay warm during your outings or simply to stay warm at home in a cocooning atmosphere. To stay warm, it is important to protect your neck! Indeed, it is a very sensitive part of our body, the skin of our neck is thinner than the skin of our face. In summer and winter, we must protect and cover our neck with a scarf or a warm scarf. In winter, like our head, the neck can produce up to 30% of body heat loss! Retaining so much heat is not to be neglected. At BellePaga we offer you what nature does best for your comfort: alpaca wool, the wool nicknamed the wool of the gods, and not for nothing. You will find a woman's alpaca scarf in the color of your choice but above all the warmest of all scarves. Its composition 100% baby alpaca makes it more comfortable and of a higher quality than the others, do not hesitate any more and test it!

scarf alpaca tileThe material of your scarves

As you have understood, arming yourself with a scarf for winter is more than necessary to spend good moments far from the unpleasant sensation of cold. But then how to choose the ideal scarf for your outings? First of all, you have to combine several important factors: the choice of the color, the size, the patterns and above all: the material. Find a material that keeps you warm, that doesn't itch, that doesn't give you any allergies, that isn't too heavy to wear and that preferably doesn't pilling. There are cashmere, wool, cotton, or silk scarves. But not all of these materials are ideal to protect yourself from the cold. Each material does not have the same use depending on the season. Cashmere is a luxury material par excellence, it is rare and therefore expensive but 5 times more insulating than sheep wool. Cotton is a natural and more accessible material. It is the ideal material for summer scarves because it has the power to absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water. Finally, silk is increasingly known for its scarves and scarves that protect the neck well. It is a natural and luxurious fiber. It is very light and offers a touch of a rare softness, it is the ideal material for mid-season scarves! The only material that combines all the qualities mentioned above (a material that is warm, not itchy, does not give you any allergies, is not too heavy to wear and does not pilling) is alpaca wool. Your alpaca scarf will become your best friend. This material is the ideal material to protect yourself from the cold without putting on 4 layers of clothing. Of all the materials stated it is the best to spend the winter and to be warm in a good comfort.

alpaca wool scarf

Alpaca wool properties

As its name indicates, alpaca wool comes from the alpaca animal. Originally from South America and the Andes mountains, it is particularly present in Peru. It is a sociable, curious and intelligent animal that has always lived in herds. It is sheared only once a year (around October/November) and each alpaca allows to collect about 3 kg of wool each. Its wool is very appreciated and sought after because it has exceptional properties. First of all, its wool is 7 times warmer, softer and more resistant than sheep's wool but much rarer. Its wool was even used in the suits of NASA astronauts for their missions in space. Secondly, alpaca wool is a natural wool. There are 22 different colors (from white to black) of alpaca wool, so there is no need to bleach and recolor it. For other garments that would be colored, they are made from white alpaca wool then colored. The alpaca is also an animal that feeds on its environment without destroying it, so it has, as well as its wool, 0 negative impact on the planet. It is also a renewable wool because the wool grows about 1cm every month. In Peru, the alpaca is an extremely respected animal, and one could even say idolized by the population which has had strong ties with this camelid for centuries.

alpaca herd

Baby alpaca scarf

In order to cumulate all these benefits in one product, BellePaga chooses to produce and sell some, gloves, mittens, headbands, hats, sweaters but also scarves 100% in baby alpaca. But what is baby alpaca wool? At BellePaga the quality of our products and your comfort are our priorities. Contrary to what you might think, baby alpaca wool is not the wool sheared from baby alpacas. It is a question of microns which represents the thickness of the wool. Baby alpaca wool is the softest part of the alpaca's hair and is between 18 and 22 microns. Baby alpaca wool also has a higher quality.
BellePaga has several models of women's alpaca scarves (all made in Peru) such as
- The Suni scarf: 180cm long, 30cm wide, 100% baby alpaca, plain design it exists in 15 different colors.
- The Quawana scarf: 180cm long, 30cm wide, 100% baby alpaca, two color design it exists in all over tones like white and grey but also in pink and cream.
- The Puyu scarf: 200cm long, 30cm wide, 100% baby alpaca, three color design and square design on top of each other this model has 2 variations: blue and burgundy red. These two models are shared with light and dark gray.
- The Sunimax scarf: longer than the Suni scarf, the Sunimax scarf is 200cm long and 30cm wide, its design is plain and the women's alpaca scarf is made of 100% baby alpaca.
- The Tika scarf: 180cm long, 30cm wide and made of 100% baby alpaca, it has a patterned design and two variations which are pink and blue.
BellePaga has thought of everyone and there is something for everyone so don't hesitate to look at our collection of 100% baby alpaca scarves for women. If you want to know more about baby alpaca wool and the different kinds of wool that exist I invite you to read our page "baby alpaca" and our page "alpaca wool".

baby alpaca scarf

Woman alpaca scarf maintenance

Although alpaca wool is a resistant material, it is also a fragile material that needs to be well maintained. If you take care of it, it will be a long term investment that you will not regret. It is however necessary to respect some rules of maintenance and especially that the alpaca scarf woman. If the socks can go to the washing machine at 30 degrees it is not the case of the other clothes. It is absolutely necessary to avoid the washing machine! Your clothes should be washed by hand in warm water with a mild shampoo made especially for fragile materials. You can also opt for dry cleaning, it is also effective.
Then, you must treat your clothes gently, for example you can put gloves to avoid damaging your clothes with your nails. You should also not wring out or twist your clothes after washing. You can press lightly on the garment to remove excess water. Do not use a tumble dryer, as it will reduce the size of your garment considerably and damage it! So air dry your alpaca wool garment naturally. You may want to place the garment on a towel to soak up excess water, this will prevent the fibers from stretching. Finally, you should not iron your alpaca wool clothes because it is known not to wrinkle (yes, another benefit!). If the garment does wrinkle, place the cloth between the iron (set at low temperature) and the garment. Your alpaca wool garment will then be a long term investment that you will not regret.

white alpaca wool

In short, you will find at BellePaga the best alpaca scarves for women, made 100% of alpaca, you will not be disappointed with all its properties. Your scarf will protect you from the winter by covering your neck in an unmatched comfort.
If you wish to discover all the alpaca wool products we offer, we invite you to browse our women's, men's and home&decoration collections.