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Protecting your feet when it's cold is essential to endure the winter, but it's also essential to be comfortable and wear comfortable socks for men. It is then necessary to find warm socks, in your size, without big seam and of a pleasant material. At BellePaga, the quality of its products and the customer experience is one of its main concerns. Its flagship product: socks. If you are looking for socks that combine comfort and warmth you are in the right place! BellePaga's comfortable men's socks are unique and allow you to wear your socks, summer or winter, if you are a woman or a man, a child or an adult, if you have sensitive skin, if you are worried about blood circulation in winter, if you are a hiker or if you like to stay warm under the comforter.
But then what is the secret of real comfortable socks for men?

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The material of your comfortable socks for men

One of the most important things when you wear socks is definitely its material and composition. Your comfortable men's socks should be soft and light. Wearing itchy socks all day long is not good and it is highly likely to irritate your feet and cause unpleasant sensations. Of course, each sock material is used for different circumstances. For example, if you are going to do sports you would prefer breathable and resistant materials. Here nylon and acrylic will be ideal. On the other hand, for your everyday socks you have multiple choices: wool, silk, viscose, angora, bamboo ... These materials allow you to keep your feet warm. But then what are the ideal materials for the 4 seasons? A material that allows you to have socks that protect from the cold but also from the heat is possible. Indeed, wool has this unequalled power of thermoregulation! The material of your socks insulates your feet from temperatures that are too low or too high, which makes them very comfortable. Alpaca wool is undoubtedly the best wool for the comfort of your feet! 

BellePaga socks are almost always made of 30% baby alpaca, 69% nylon and 1% spandex. More recently the brand has launched socks with different but equally strong components: 35% baby alpaca, 20% bamboo, 9% acrylic and 35% nylon.

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High socks man

Men's comfort socks are becoming more and more popular. First of all, they are the best option for sports because your high socks will not slip in your sneakers and they are very warm. The fact that it goes up so high, almost to your knee, allows to isolate and protect a large part of your body that can be in the sensitive areas that are very cold. Indeed, when it's cold, our heart sends blood to our vital organs first, so it leaves our extremities like our fingers or our toes. It is then necessary to think of protecting ourselves in order not to find ourselves in unpleasant situations. In addition, high socks are becoming more and more fashionable, people like to wear comfortable high socks man to differentiate themselves and express their style. The high socks can also add color to an outfit that could be bland or dark in appearance.

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Non-compressive socks for men

The basis of comfortable socks for men is the fact that it does not compress your feet or toes. Already, the size of your socks must be well chosen, your toes should not be compressed by a bad choice of size because on the one hand it is not pleasant and on the other hand it risks to cut you the blood circulation. Then, try to adapt your socks and its material to your shoes! Often the problem of compressed feet is due to a bad concordance of the two and it is not pleasant at all. You need socks that combine comfort and lightness at the same time and it is possible! At BellePaga you will find lightweight socks that do not compress your foot, they are thin and suitable for all types of feet and all types of shoes. When you wear them, you don't feel any tension or compression because your foot breathes and you are comfortable in your shoes.

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Alpaca wool properties

If your foot breathes so much in the BellePaga socks it is undoubtedly thanks to the alpaca wool which composes your comfortable socks for men. If you don't know it yet, you will love it. Alpaca wool, nicknamed the wool of the gods, is by far the warmest and most comfortable wool known. It has many benefits and makes your socks the most comfortable socks you can find. Alpaca wool is also used for all types of clothing, at BellePaga you will find sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves and all these types of products are made in Peru in an artisanal way. It is according to us, what the nature makes of better for your comfort. The different benefits of alpaca wool are diverse and varied but they all come close to one sensation: comfort. First of all, alpaca wool is a natural material. Harvested from alpacas and their wonderful hair, alpacas are animals that do not pollute. Moreover, contrary to other animals that can be sheared, alpacas respect the nature that surrounds them and do not destroy the vegetation to feed themselves. Moreover, alpaca wool is rarely colored or bleached, it has a panel of 22 different colors naturally, no need for toxic dyes. The fact that this wool is natural also makes it hypoallergenic! It will be perfect for people with sensitive skin or babies for example, who will not be deprived of its softness. Moreover, as said before, alpaca wool has the power to be thermoregulatory, that is to say that it allows you to never be too cold or too hot. If you tend to sweat for example, socks made of alpaca wool and bamboo will change your life. Alpaca wool is also a very resistant wool! Long term investment, if you take care of it your garment will last you a long time! In addition, alpaca wool does not pilling and that makes it very appreciated by all! In short, alpaca wool is more comfortable than any other material and allows you not to catch cold.

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Alpaca wool care

Although it is resistant, alpaca wool is a fragile material that needs to be well cared for. You are lucky, if you want to buy socks it is easier! BellePaga, having combined alpaca wool with bamboo, has adapted its socks to offer you the best possible experience by allowing you to wash them in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

However, it is important to know that other alpaca wool garments are hand-washable. Alpaca wool is not machine washable, you must wash your clothes by hand, with warm water and a mild shampoo made especially for fragile materials. You can also opt for dry cleaning, it is also effective.

Then, you have to treat your clothes gently, for example you can put gloves to avoid damaging your clothes with your fingernails for example. You should also not wring out or twist your clothes after washing. You can press lightly on the garment to remove excess water. Do not use a tumble dryer, as this could reduce the size of your garment considerably and damage it! So air dry your alpaca wool garment naturally. You may want to place the garment on a towel to soak up excess water, this will prevent the fibers from stretching. Finally, you should not iron your alpaca wool clothes because it is known not to wrinkle (yes, another benefit!). If the garment does wrinkle, place the cloth between the iron (set at low temperature) and the garment. Your alpaca wool garment will then be a long term investment that you will not regret.

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To conclude, at BellePaga you can find the best comfortable socks for men or women. You have to know how to combine shoes, sock material, size and style! But it's possible, don't take the headache and try the thin, light and trendy socks made of alpaca wool.

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