Winter Alpaca hats

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Why choose winter alpaca hats to brave the cold?
BellePaga offers you several models of winter alpaca hats with elegant and timeless designs, but also other headwear that can also be used to protect against the cold.
Our winter alpaca hats are made by Peruvian craftsmen on a hand-knitting machine using a thousand year old technique.
In this article, we will introduce you to our different hat models and the reasons why you should choose our winter alpaca hats. Below you will find a brief description of the different models we present, their colours and the material used to make them.

Our range of traditional winter alpaca hats

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For those who want to make a lasting and timeless investment, BellePaga offers two different winter alpaca hats that are timeless basics.
To begin with, we present the Tawa winter alpaca hat. This is a winter alpaca hat that is worn at mid-head level. It is available in two different colours: grey and navy blue which are quite common colours that can be combined with everything. Its design, modern, simple and uncluttered, will not leave you unscathed.
This beanie is made of 100% Baby Alpaca wool. Baby Alpaca is the softest and most prestigious wool of the adult Alpaca. It corresponds to the Alpaca fibre which is between 18 and 22 microns. It is therefore a very fine fibre which represents the softest part of the adult Alpaca's hair. If you want to know more about the difference between Alpaca wool and Baby Alpaca wool, please read our blog post on the Baby Alpaca subject. It is also very warm and trendy.
To continue with the traditional hats, we suggest the Cari winter Alpaca hat. It is a very warm and trendy hat. It has a modern design that is a perfect marriage between nature and the urban world. It is an ideal beanie for everyday life because of its flexibility and its adaptable style for all faces regardless of their morphology. And yes, Alpaca wool adapts to your face! This hat is available in four different colours: sand, grey, navy blue and ochre.
Finally, we offer you the Pacha winter Alpaca hat. This is also a very warm and trendy hat. It has a modern design with a pompom. This hat is available in five different colours: white, beige, light grey, light blue and wine.
These three hats are ideal for those who like timelessness and durability. They have been in vogue for many years and will always be in vogue. This makes them a lasting investment in the long run. For those who like traditional and casual, these two cups are perfect.

Our most original chef covers

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For those who want to make a statement with a hat, the Sofia Winter Alpaca Hat is a great choice. The Sofia Winter Alpaca Hat is the most unusual hat in our collection.
It is a bold, different and distinctive hat. The Sofia Winter Alpaca Hat is flared, which gives it a special elegance. For those who like to be original and distinctive, you won't find anything better at BellePaga.
This hat is available in three different colours: white, beige and dark grey.
If you want to warm up your ears without covering your entire head, we also offer two headbands from our collection.
Firstly, the Minka headband, which is made of prestigious Baby Alpaca and Merino wool. It is a high quality headband that will be your ideal companion. It is incredibly comfortable and will bring elegance to your outfit.
Last but not least, we offer you the Tuta headband which is also made of prestigious Baby Alpaca and Merino wool.
Headbands are the perfect alternative to hats for those who are looking for style and elegance in all its originality.
At BellePaga we have a wide range of different headbands to suit all tastes, from the more traditional to the more original. This way, there is something for everyone. Yes, we have thought of everything!

Baby Alpaca hats?

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Alpaca wool comes from camelids in South America. Alpaca wool is a noble and natural material. It is very virtuous because of its resistance, softness, warmth and waterproof qualities.
It is also hypoallergenic which, for the sensitive skins of our western societies, is essential to avoid any risk of redness and allergies. This material is therefore suitable for all skin types. It does not contain lanolin, which is an allergenic substance in most wools except for alpaca wool.
This information already explains to you in a clearer and synthesized way, why Alpaca wool is more virtuous than the others.
As a reminder, Alpacas live in very good conditions, whether in Peru or elsewhere in Latin America, they live without fences and are very free. They are only sheared once a year, in spring. During their annual shearing, the Alpacas produce 2.5 to 4.5kg of fibre which is then transformed by local producers into quality clothing.
Baby Alpaca wool is, contrary to popular belief, not for baby Alpacas. Baby Alpacas are not shorn. The term "Baby Alpaca" simply refers to one of the finest parts of the Alpaca fibre along with the Royal Baby Alpaca.
A short summary of the different types of Alpaca fibre, to give you an idea:
In descending order, from the thinnest to the thickest, there is first the Royal Baby Alpaca, its thickness being less than 18 microns;
In second place, the Baby Alpaca, which we favour because it is the softest part of the Alpaca hair which is between 18 and 22 microns;
Then there is the Fine Alpaca which is between 22.1 and 26.9 microns;
In fourth place we find the Medium Alpaca, which is between 27 and 29.9 microns;
In last place is the Strong Alpaca, which is over 30 microns.

The warmth of alpaca wool

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BellePaga's alpaca clothing is known for its exceptional warmth. Alpaca is a natural fibre that comes from the fur of the alpaca, an animal of the camelid family native to the Andes. This fibre has exceptional thermal properties that make it an ideal choice for winter wear.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of alpaca is its ability to retain heat. Alpaca fibre is hollow, which means it can trap warm air close to your skin. This keeps you warm even when the outside temperature is cold. In addition, alpaca is warmer than sheep's wool and even cashmere.
In addition, alpaca garments are lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear all day. Alpaca fibres are also softer than sheep's wool, which means that you won't feel itchy or scratchy on your skin when wearing alpaca clothes.
BellePaga uses only the highest quality alpaca to make its garments. This fibre is selected for its softness, warmth and durability. BellePaga's alpaca garments are made from natural fibres, which makes them more durable than synthetic garments.
Finally, BellePaga alpaca clothing is available in a variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes and occasions. Whether you are looking for a soft, warm jumper to keep you warm on a winter's evening or a stylish coat for a night on the town, BellePaga has something for you.
In conclusion, BellePaga's alpaca garments are a great option for those looking to stay warm and comfortable all winter long. Thanks to their exceptional thermal properties, softness and durability, they are an investment that will last for years. So don't hesitate to add BellePaga alpaca clothing to your wardrobe for unparalleled comfort and style.

The care of alpaca wool

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Alpaca wool clothing is an expensive but worthwhile investment as it provides unparalleled warmth and comfort. However, in order for these garments to last a long time and stay in good condition, it is important to care for alpaca wool properly. In this article, we will give you useful tips for the care of alpaca wool.

Hand wash or machine wash?

The first thing to consider is whether you should wash your alpaca wool garment by hand or in the machine. In general, it is best to wash alpaca wool garments by hand, as this helps prevent damage and shrinkage. If you decide to machine wash it, be sure to set the water temperature to a gentle, cold cycle.

Use a mild detergent

It is important to use a mild detergent to wash your alpaca wool garment. Avoid using harsh detergents that could damage the wool fibres. Instead, opt for a detergent made specifically for woolen clothes or a mild baby detergent.

Avoid twisting or stretching

When washing your alpaca wool garment, avoid wringing or stretching it to dry it. This could damage the fibers and lead to loss of shape. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water with a clean towel and lay it flat to dry.

Do not use a dryer

It is important not to use a dryer for alpaca wool garments, as this may damage them and cause them to shrink. Instead, let the garment air dry, lay flat on a clean, dry surface.

Store properly

When storing your alpaca wool garment, it is important to do so properly to avoid damage. Do not hang it up, as this can stretch and distort its shape. Instead, store your garment flat in a drawer or on a shelf.

Avoid chemicals

Finally, it is important to avoid using chemicals on your alpaca wool garment, as this can damage the fibers and affect its quality. Avoid using dry cleaners or fabric softeners, and instead use natural methods to care for your alpaca wool garment.

In conclusion, alpaca wool care is important to maintain the quality of your garments. By following these simple tips, you can preserve the quality of your alpaca wool garment and enjoy years of warmth and comfort!