Women's warm hat

We are in winter and it is getting cooler and cooler, you are cold and you have already tried everything to warm up? You are at the right place, because BellePaga sells the warmest wool in the world and in all its forms. Indeed, the alpaca wool fiber can be transformed into a sock, a scarf, a sweater, a headband, a hat, a plaid but also a glove or a mitt. But one of the most important pieces is undoubtedly the warm alpaca wool beanie for women. BellePaga sells 4 different models, white, blue, purple, ochre there is something for everyone! Putting on a hat is to protect the sensitive areas of your body, to get warm quickly and in a "natural" way. The quality and softness of this cap is also essential to spend a good winter. Winters are harsh, energy prices are rising and inflation is being felt! If you want to get out of your house and be comfortable, I invite you to wear a warm alpaca wool beanie for women, because it is what nature does best for your comfort.

a cap pill

The origin of the cap

Formerly called head covers, bonnets have existed since antiquity. At that time, they were worn by babies to protect their skulls and fragile little heads. There were also bonnets that looked like helmets with rounded edges in the shape of a pudding that prevented children from hurting themselves when they fell. The bonnet also originated in France, following one of the most important symbols of the French Revolution: the Phrygian bonnet or bonnet of freedom. Following this, the Phrygian cap gave birth to the classic cap that we find today. The cap was also very masculine at the beginning, in the adults, only the men carried some. Women wore veils or headdresses, more or less voluminous depending on the period.
Today, the hat is a timeless and unisex accessory because of its practicality and especially because of the warmth it provides. Everyone wears it, from birth to retirement. The warm beanie for women is now sold by a large number of brands and stores.

couple bonnet

An accessory that keeps you warm

To face the winter and the great cold, a warm hat for women is essential, but not only. It is absolutely necessary to know how to cover the fragile parts: the head, the neck, the hands and the feet. If you manage to protect your head with a warm hat, this part of the body can produce up to 30% of body heat loss. This accessory is therefore essential to keep you warm, if the head gets cold it is the whole body that in turn cools. So, to be well equipped, don't hesitate to buy a large enough cap that will cover your ears to limit the sensation of freezing cold. 
It is also a sporty accessory! The cap is the ally of speed! If you practice outdoor sports such as skiing, skating or biking and the temperature is not higher than 12 or 13 degrees, you will appreciate having your ears covered and your head warm. It protects from the cold but also from wind, rain and snow!

alpaca beanie

The material of a warm beanie for women

The beanie is a practical, warm and very appreciated accessory because of its shape and the place it covers but also greatly appreciated for its material. It can be made of cotton, wool (alpaca, merino, mohair), fleece or a mixture of different fabrics. The material is a very important factor in choosing your hat and is important for the experience that can offer you! If you have an itchy women's hot hat or a rough and uncomfortable women's hot hat you are not going to wear it, at the expense of your comfort. It is then necessary to choose the softest and warmest woman's hot hat, two very important factors! And depending on the use you want to make the hat can be classy or more in a sporty style. The warmest and softest material we can advise you is alpaca wool! It will be the ideal material for a warm and trendy woman's beanie. They are often in a thick wool and have fantastic thermal properties, really worth testing! In addition to being an ideal wool to knit a warm beanie for women, alpaca wool has many benefits due to its unique and unmatched properties.

alpaca wool fiber

Alpaca wool 

As its name suggests, alpaca wool is derived from the animal "alpaca". This animal of the camelid family is a sensitive, intelligent and endearing being. Native of South America, and more precisely of Peru, the alpaca has lived in herds in these regions for years. It is a wild animal but also a being that has been domesticated, to carry loads during long trips or for its shearing. Nowadays there are also alpaca farms so that the public can come and see these nice animals and their way of life. These farms reproduce the living environment of the alpacas and some of them harvest their wool once a year, allowing them to collect about 3kg of wool per alpaca. But why is the harvest of this wool so important? Simply because alpaca wool is nicknamed the wool of the gods and this is not a myth but a reality
Its strong points are numerous and here are some of them:
- Wool 7 times more insulating than sheep's wool: allows you to wear a thinner, less thick, light but equally insulating hat. 
- Exceptional thermoregulatory properties: the alpaca is an animal that must resist to very irregular temperatures. The greatest variations are often -25 degrees to 30 degrees from day to night in some countries where they live. These changes in temperature give it an extraordinary wool that allows us to never be too cold or too hot. 
- It is the only wool that does not pilling: even after several washings, your warm hat will be like the first one. 
- It is a wool that does not retain odors or dust, which is very pleasant when wearing a garment.
- It is a hypoallergenic material! It does not cause any allergy even to the most sensitive people! 
- Wool is 100% natural and generally undyed (22 natural colors).

alpaca herd

Wool care

Alpaca wool is also a durable wool and a good investment but only if you take care of it! The maintenance of your warm hat is very important because the material (wool) is fragile despite its great resistance and quality. It is therefore essential for you to follow our care tips! Alpaca wool is not suitable for the washing machine, you must wash your clothes by hand, with warm water and a soft shampoo made for fragile materials. You can also opt for dry cleaning, it is also effective. 
Then, you have to treat your clothes gently, for example you can put gloves to avoid damaging your clothes with your fingernails for example. You should also not wring out or twist your clothes after washing. You can press lightly on the garment to remove excess water. You should definitely not use a dryer, as it could significantly reduce the size of your garment and ruin it! So, air dry your women's hot hat in a natural way. You can perhaps place the cloth on a towel to absorb the excess water, this technique will prevent the fibers from stretching. Finally, you should not iron your alpaca wool clothes because it is known not to wrinkle (yes, another benefit!). If ever the garment wrinkles, place the cloth between the iron (set at low temperature) and the garment. Your warm hat will be a long term investment that you will not regret.

two women with bonnets

In short, if you are looking for a warm beanie for women, you are someone who is cold, that the outside temperatures are low and unbearable you must test this wool of the gods. The hat is an important accessory and in winter it will become your best friend, provided it is made of the right material. BellePaga recommends a material that combines warmth, softness, lightness, resistance, thermoregulatory capacity and hypollergenic. With this wool of the gods you are sure not to be bothered by pilling, scratches and annual redemptions! Long term investment and quality assured!
To test the wool of the gods and its benefits and do not hesitate to stroll on our website to discover our collections man, woman and home&decoration.