Seamless Socks

BellePaga offers a wide choice of seamless socks, perfectly suited to feet that offer maximum warmth. The socks are available in various colours, sizes, and heights. They will therefore perfectly match your clothes and shoes, just choose the style that suits you.

BellePaga socks are made of alpaca wool, more precisely baby alpaca wool, one of the softest fibres in alpaca.

It is important to know that alpaca is a cousin of the llama and lives at more than 4000 m altitudes in South America. This animal is exceptional, it produces a fibre that has many recognized natural virtues. These virtues correspond perfectly to what people are looking for in a sock, quality, warmth, comfort, and thermoregulation.

BellePaga offers you this thanks to its large collection of high-quality seamless socks for women and men.

Hand Remeshing 


BellePaga offers socks specially designed to offer you a unique feeling of comfort and softness. Alpaca is very soft and unlike other itchy wools, it is very pleasant. Alpine wool can be worn directly on the skin.

The seamless alpaca wool socks are therefore soft, thin, and elegant. No seams can be seen. This wool will keep your feet warm while offering finesse and elegance to your socks. Thanks to our wide range of colours, patterns, and lengths, they will perfectly match each of your clothes, and each of your shoe types.

BellePaga pays great attention to ensuring that its socks are hand reworked to remove visible seams that could reduce the comfort of the sock. As a result, his socks have no seams and therefore guarantee optimal comfort.

The comfort of our socks is our priority. That's why BellePaga has decided to rework each of its socks. The technique of hand remeshing is rare and allows us to be much more precise and fine in the finishing than would a traditional machine with remeshing. This ensures that no more seams will be visible and felt.

BellePaga offers seamless socks of very high quality and enormous comfort.

This can be felt directly, especially after several hours worn during the day. Seamless socks will bring you direct comfort and you won't be able to do without them!

Incomparable Quality and Warmth


In addition to being very comfortable, the seamless baby alpine socks are of very high quality. The manufacture of each sock is finished and checked by hand for a perfect finish. Alpaca fibre is 4 times more resistant to sheep's wool and wears very slowly.

Moreover, it is the only fibre that does not pill, so the fibres stay in place and keep the sock seamless for several years. It is the ideal fibre for textiles that are subjected to severe tests such as socks.

Alpaca is appreciated especially for its insulating power. Indeed, alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep wool. It has an incredible property which is thermoregulation.

BellePaga's seamless socks are thin and elegant, yet they will keep your feet warm and dry at all times of the year and in all circumstances. They will adapt to your feet and will always keep them at an adequate temperature, dry and without sweating to keep your feet healthy.

Their thermoregulatory properties will, therefore, provide heat without being too strong, so you will no longer have to worry about the perspiration of your feet and can quietly enjoy the softness and warmth of alpaca fibre.

If you are a skier or hiker, thanks to their finesse and finish, these seamless socks will also be ideal to wear under your usual thick socks.

The disappearance of perspiration and bad odours 

Why do our feet sweat?

You must have felt the sensation that your feet are wet - the smell is disturbing. Yes, it is our dear little feet that have brought us to the point of suffering the most, as we put them to the test every day with the many rubs we make with our shoes, following long days or during physical activities, etc. In fact there is a reason why our feet are sweaty. This is related to the role of the sweat glands located under the feet. It is normal for humans to sweat, but some people are more affected by it. However, sweating is a necessary phenomenon for the proper functioning of our body. In fact, sweating allows us to regulate our body temperature at 37 degrees. After sweating, this is where odours appear. Many people think that the odours that appear are caused by the sweat, but in reality the odours do not appear from the sweat itself, they are often caused by bacteria on the surface of the skin. These bacteria consume sweat and produce chemicals that are actually the result of the unpleasant odours you smell when you sweat.

There are a number of factors that can cause excessive sweating of the feet, such as stress or anxiety, being overweight, a hormonal problem or simply a hereditary problem. But it is often also due to physical exertion, closed shoes or the use of synthetic socks. That is why we advise you to choose socks with natural and not synthetic properties. Synthetic materials can be linked to perspiration problems. With BellePaga, choose socks made from natural alpaca fibres to combat perspiration and keep your feet warm, in comfort and with the discovery of this exceptional fibre.

Our seamless Alpaca socks let your feet breathe very well and greatly reduce perspiration and odours. Indeed, as explained above, alpaca is a very thermoregulatory fibre.

In addition, BellePaga has a collection of seamless socks that include bamboo fibre, renowned for its absorbent properties and softness.

Say stop to the humidity due to the perspiration of your feet and enjoy a pleasant warmth that adapts to your needs. Your feet breathe and are in ideal comfort all day long. Bamboo is also a fibre that provides natural protection against bacteria and reduces odour formation.

Indeed, thanks to the thermoregulatory properties of our remeshed socks, your feet breathe better and perspire less. BellePaga's seamless socks wick moisture away from the skin very well and offer ultimate comfort.

At BellePaga our socks don't make you sweat, they let your feet breathe while being comfortable and soft to the touch and keeping your feet at the right temperature.


Since our seamless socks are made of alpaca fibre, you can keep them for many years. Indeed, alpaca fibre is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool. Our seamless socks, in addition to being super comfortable, are therefore very resistant to wear and have a long life span. In addition, it is important to remember that alpaca wool does not pill unlike other wools and will also be more resistant.

Our seamless socks are easy to clean. Simply put them in the machine and choose a wool program or a soft program whose temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. You can wash our socks seamlessly with the rest of your laundry.

Finally, BellePaga uses natural shades derived directly from the animal's wool or mineral pigments, which are much more resistant than chemical shades and much more environmentally friendly. The natural colours will not change with each wash.

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