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Your feet and the big cold

Gentlemen, are you coming back from your Sunday jog with frozen feet? We know the feeling! That's why BellePaga offers the warmest socks in the world! If you have cold feet, it's hard to warm up your whole body. The origin of cold feet can come from a health problem, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, but it can also be related to poor foot coverage. Indeed, the socks you put on as well as their composition is very important. If you warm up your feet, your blood will circulate better and your whole body will warm up. To face the cold of winter, you must therefore arm yourself with warm, quality socks. In addition, beyond keeping you warm, wool socks for men have become trendy.

The socks fashion 

More and more nowadays, wool socks for men play an important role in the composition of our outfits. Revealing the personality and tastes of each person, socks "gain ground" in the collections of the biggest brands of ready to wear. 
They are obviously adapted to the occasion, but the woolen men's socks no longer go unnoticed. This fashion is particularly masculine, which is certainly due to the fact that a woman can differentiate herself with another colorful accessory. A woman can, for example, put on a headband, a scarf or jewelry. Thus, colored or patterned men's socks can spice up an outfit that could appear bland or dark. The wool socks become then, the little extra touch that changes everything! But beware, if they are poorly chosen, if they do not go with your outfit, they can ruin everything! It is therefore necessary to choose the size, color and patterns if there are any.

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Some main criteria

First of all, the height of your wool sock must be well chosen. If you wear pants that fall just a little above your shoe or if you roll up your pants above the malleolus, the choice of your sock in the morning will be different. In either case, you should wear socks that cover your calf, even when you cross your legs. The height of your sock can also ensure optimal comfort. You will be less uncomfortable if your sock is high and holds your calf well. Be careful to choose a sock with some elasticity at the end. A good support is ideal for maximum comfort!
Secondly, it is important to know your foot and your exact size. If your sock is too small, the seam could put pressure on your toes and this feeling is really unpleasant! If on the contrary you choose too big wool socks, the extra fabric will create folds under your feet which will be very unpleasant.
Thirdly, choose the right colors! If we have long despised the importance of our wool socks in our outfits, wearing socks that don't match the rest of our outfit can now seem like a fashion faux pas... So to avoid ruining the outfit you spent an hour finding the day before, think about which pair you are going to wear in advance! If your outfit is dark, like a black or navy blue tuxedo you can add bright colors or discreet patterns like dots or stripes. If your outfit has a colorful edge, like a vest or scarf in one color, you can match your wool men's socks to it! These colorful reminders are often appreciated and prove that you care about your appearance and are vigilant. If you combine these first 3 criteria, you are sure not to make a fashion mistake.

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Which material to choose?

Choosing the best material for your wool socks depends on you and when you are going to wear them. If for example you are going to do sports and therefore will sweat, we advise you polyester materials because the material easily evacuates perspiration. On the other hand, to keep you warm in winter, it is important to choose wool to insulate your feet from the cold. If you tend to sweat and have wet feet, choose a cotton sock instead, they will guarantee comfort and resistance. However, there is a material that combines all these features: alpaca wool. It is recommended to keep your feet warm! Alpaca wool can be worn in all seasons, indeed its effects are thermoregulatory, it is as well adapted for winter as for summer. Indeed, it is perfect for absorbing moisture and limiting odors in summer and is very warm and comfortable in winter. 
There is a large number of different materials. You just have to find the ideal sock for your foot!

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The socks man wool with pattern

That your wool socks are colorful is one thing, but what also counts a lot are the patterns! They raise your personality and your originality. They also allow you to assert your style, because there are all colors and patterns! If you hesitate between cactus, animal prints, rounds, smileys or lines you will find your happiness we guarantee it!

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The facts about wool 

Wool is one of the best materials for your skin! Indeed, it has several properties that make it unanimous. First of all it is an insulating wool, due, in particular, to its capacity to slow down the passage of the air. This makes it thermoregulatory in a natural way, it maintains the body in an ideal thermal comfort. 

However, there are several types of wool:

- Merino wool, from merino sheep
- Angora wool, produced from the hair of angora rabbits
- Mohair wool, produced from the mohair of goats 
- Alpaca wool, from alpacas, a domestic mammal of the camelid family
- Cashmere wool from the cashmere goat

Wool is one of the oldest natural resources of Europe. Since the Middle Ages, it has been at the heart of exchanges between peoples. Wool has always protected humans from heat, cold and humidity. No matter what kind of wool is made, it is one of the most comfortable materials in the world, and your feet will feel it! 
However, each of these wools has its own properties, and is therefore more suitable for this or that situation. For example, the cashmere is a softness without equal, but facing the repetitive rubbing, the wool risks to create holes at the level of the seams and that it is not the ideal thus for a jogging.

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Alpaca wool

Alpaca wool is the ideal wool for the woolen men's socks you are looking for! This wool of the gods, has exceptional properties, both on the softness and on the comfort it provides. Coming from alpacas, an animal native to South America, you can find many alpaca farms in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. In addition, they are "ecological" animals because unlike cashmere goats, they do not uproot vegetation and do not damage their pastures. Alpaca wool is the thinnest wool in existence, but that doesn't mean it's not warm! On the contrary, its properties make it light, soft and very warm. Moreover, it is a hypoallergenic wool, so if you have a sensitive skin that tends to itch when in contact with certain materials, alpaca wool will adapt to your skin and bring you the comfort that you did not find. Alpaca wool is also a very thermoregulating wool. If you tend to sweat your feet, you will love it! This wool allows you to keep your feet dry, to eliminate bad odors without irritating you.

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Men's wool socks at BellePaga

At BellePaga, we take care to offer you the best comfort possible. In order to protect you from the cold and the winter we offer men's alpaca wool socks, in different colors and with different patterns! You will go from classic white socks, to mid-calf sizes or even socks to charcoal gray socks with small alpaca (to stay in a sober outfit but with an extra detail). You will also find red socks with checks, to brighten up your style while remaining classy. These socks also have a high resistance and almost no pilling. So you can keep your socks in great condition even after several sports sessions or after several weeks of intense meetings at work! 
In short, you will find everything you need to combine comfort, originality and quality.


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