Warm winter socks for men

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What are socks for? Socks are a fashion accessory but above all a protection for your feet. Indeed they were invented to protect the arch of the foot by avoiding friction that can cause injury. With a cushioning effect in the shoes. To find a good sock it is necessary that the wool is perfectly adapted to your foot.

But what wool socks to choose? Several choices are available to you: sheep's wool, alpaca wool or even bamboo fiber. At BellePaga you will find socks that will give you the best feeling of well-being for your feet. Indeed, thanks to the mixture of Baby Alpaca wool and cold bamboo fiber will no longer bother your little feet, but will bring them a long term comfort especially by the thermoregulatory action of this one, they will let your feet breathe very well by strongly reducing perspiration.


In addition, the warm winter socks for men BellePaga offers a wide range for all tastes and all sizes. You will be able to associate your socks with all the looks even the most extravagant.


What is the alpaca? The alpaca is an animal that lives at more than 4000m of altitude in the Andes Mountains in South America. The climate really varies in this kind of region between very cold and very hot temperatures. It is thanks to their hair and their coats that they manage to resist these strong variations of heat. Moreover, Alpacas are ecological animals, meaning that they do not contaminate the vegetation by uprooting it. Alpaca wool is nicknamed "wool of the gods" because it is known for its lightness, softness and warmth.


The bamboo fiber is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, it is able to reach almost 1 meter in 24 hours. This plant contains many assets and this is why we chose it. Indeed, it allows to reinforce the immune system thanks to its antibacterial properties. Moreover, the bamboo fiber allows a good evacuation of moisture so your feet will not end the day sweating. It also has a natural ventilation system that allows a real thermoregulatory effect that is to say that your warm winter socks for men will adapt perfectly to the heat of your feet.


Ideal warmth

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Alpaca wool is a fiber that is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. It protects you all day long. No need for big, itchy socks that prevent you from putting on your favorite sneakers. Moreover, it is not the thickness of your socks that will define the warmth that your feet need.

You will find all the warmth you need in our warm winter socks for men.

Plus, because of its thermoregulatory effect, your feet won't end the day dripping and breathless. They will be in a continuous cloud....

These warm winter socks for men are also useful for everyday life as for our friends skiers or hikers. You can then use them at your ease without worrying if they will be suitable for the situation.

Top quality

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The quality of the warm winter socks for men is a priority. For us quality rhymes with durability. Thanks to the Alpaca fiber, which is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, it has a very long life span. And you and I both know that socks are put to the test. They are more likely to disintegrate over time but with BellePaga this is impossible. Our warm winter socks for men are very resistant to wear.

In addition, the maintenance is very easy, just wash them in machine program wool at 30 degrees. And it is not the numerous washings that you will make to your beautiful socks which will damage them because it does not pellet either. Finally, BellePaga uses only natural dyes that are also another element that promotes resistance since they are much more solid than solid colors.

The comfort of your dreams

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Sensitive skin? We have the solution. The warm winter socks for men made of Alpaca are as soft as never before. They are true treasures of wisdom. They bring softness and rest to your busy feet. You will only feel good with our Alpaca wool socks, no more feet slipping in the shoe, no more bad odors, no more cold feet. They do not contain lanolin which is an allergenic substance that can cause reactions in people with very sensitive skin.

How about socks that don't compress your feet? The dream!

Well, with BellePaga's warm winter socks for men this is possible, as our socks do not have any compression edges which leaves your ankle and calf untouched all day long. Your feet will thank us! At BellePaga the perfect balance between warmth, comfort and elegance is our primary motto.

BellePaga tips

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How to find the right pair of warm winter socks for men? First of all you need to analyze the recurring problem you have with your old socks. That's when you often realize that your socks don't suit you at all, too thick, they itch, your feet sweat too much, your feet are cold.

But finally what to do?

This is where BellePaga will be able to intervene by offering you a sock that solves absolutely all the problems you are facing. Moreover they are super stylish and will accompany all your looks.

Amazing, isn't it? But yes, it does exist! So come quickly to the rescue of your feet with us in store or online!

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Who has never dreamed of wearing Andean gold? Well, BellePaga puts the dream within reach: here it is live in Brussels, bringing comfort, warmth and softness to your little feet. You can't imagine such softness and lightness until you put on these beautiful warm winter socks for men. Composed mainly of natural fibers such as baby alpaca and bamboo, they will reconcile you with the cold of winter. Visualize yourself wearing a seamless wool combining softness, resistance and warmth respectful of the values of respect for the environment, animal and human welfare at a very affordable price and far from fast fashion...   
The alpaca, a pretty little Peruvian camelid, lives in complete freedom. It is sheared annually and from this shearing are recovered the softest and finest fibers: it is the baby alpaca. This fiber is associated with bamboo whose anti-bacterial and breathable properties keep your feet warm and protected from moisture. And it is not our friends skiers and hikers who will say the opposite...

Our nice warm winter socks for men are waiting for you in our stores...


Come and try without further delay our beautiful warm winter socks for men but also for women!


We also offer warm winter socks for men Premium is the improved version of our classic socks. They have 55% of BabyAlpaga wool against 33% for the classic ones. They are therefore even warmer but also much softer, which puts your foot in a real cloud.


Discover also all the other Alpaca wool products of our women's and men's collection.