Women’s wool bag

When the sunny days are rare, when rain and wind become our worst enemies, we women are looking for new trendy items to stand out with despite the cold and runny nose!

While for the most part we have already chosen our winter coat, for many of us, the choice of the sling, for those who wear it, has not yet been made. This is where the essential wool scarf makes its comeback! A real fashion accessory, but also the friend we can’t do without to avoid the flu-like state that awaits us, the women’s wool sling, once around our neck, never leaves us for the season.

In several colors, from the most neutral to the most colorful, but also in several forms, from the long and thick sling to the shortest and finest; choosing a sling is not done at random. Finding one that suits your style, skin type, budget, and is trendy is a complex task. But then, how to make the right choice to be the most stylish this winter?

Don’t worry, Bellepaga guides you step by step to choose your ESSENTIAL winter.
But for that, there are several factors to consider.


For several years, we have tended to abandon the softness and comfort of noble materials and quality textiles, to the detriment of products with irritating texture and more unpleasant contact with the skin, because they are cheaper.

Obviously, we are all tempted to buy a cheap women’s wool sling made of synthetic, of mediocre quality, not too expensive, found in large brands that produce more in quantity than in quality, But why always choose the ease when we can find a sling that would meet all our expectations and much more qualitative?

This winter, you should opt for quality and make this new room a timeless in your closet. This way, you could complement or start creating your capsule wardrobe with quality, timeless and trendy pieces in alpaca wool.
(A capsule wardrobe consists of timeless, minimalist, clean and ethical pieces)

The alpaca wool?

Indeed, it is well known that wool is a very hot material. However, from one wool to another, there can be great differences. Traditional sheep wool, for example, is quite rough and can sometimes cause itching. When you wear a sling, you just want to be wrapped in a soft cocoon that doesn’t scratch.

What about the other wools? First of all, you should know that there are different types of wool with very different qualities and at very different prices.

So how do you choose your women’s winter wrap?

The most common and cheapest is sheep wool.
But if we put this option aside this winter to opt for a less pungent wool, especially if we wear it directly on the skin.

Other wools exist, often better suited for a sling. Merino wool that also comes from the fleece of a sheep native to Spain or Mohair are wool that remain very light and very hot. We can still prefer the angora for its fiber with unparalleled softness but nevertheless very fluffy and which will tend to leave hair on your clothes. As for cashmere, in addition to its price, it is soft and very popular for capes and slings. Only drawback: its fragility.

And do you know alpaca wool?


It should be noted that alpaca wool makes it possible to obtain a very warm and soft sling at the same time. Just know what an alpaca looks like to imagine the comfort of an alpaca wool sling! Its fiber is like a soft cloud: bye bye the scraping, rough sheep wool, hello the silky alpaca wool!

Less fragile than cashmere, which tends to bulocher, alpaca is the ideal compromise for lovers of natural, soft and light fibres who are looking to spend the winter warm. In addition, the range of natural shades of this animal is very varied: dark, chocolate, brown, grey, white…

Bellepaga will reconcile you with the wool slings by offering you products with delicacy and durability without equal. It is not for nothing that alpaca wool is also called «wool of the gods».

As for the virtues of this wool, it has thermoregulatory, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. These are unique virtues that make alpaca wool a prestigious wool, very pleasant and perfect for any type of skin. It seems obvious that you will prefer an alpaca women’s wool sling, especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

It is also important to note that alpaca wool is seven times warmer and four times more resistant than sheep wool. Its warmth is unique in the world and its softness is very close to that of cashmere. This woman’s wool wrap will keep you warm all winter, and all the winters that follow.

So convinced?


This season, the trend is bright colors! While the timeless black, grey or white slings are on the front of the stage every year, this time, why not dare to dare the color and try to give originality to your outfit with a colorful woman’s sling wool.

Sand, grey, but also lavender, pink, blue, green, dalia… At Bellepaga, you will find your happiness, whether you are looking for a basic and neutral piece or rather an extravagant piece with sparkling colors.

But the alpacas, they live far away, right?

At Bellepaga, we are very concerned about the respect of the animal and the environment, which is why we ensure that the mowing process of our alpacas is done in the best possible way. In fact, the latter live in Peru in the open air in the Andes Cordillera, at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres, unlike sheep reared. In addition, the entire process is done on site, so there is no environmental impact regarding the division of the productive process.

In addition, ecologically speaking, alpaca wool is the only wool in the world that does not require chemical treatment before making clothing or accessories.

It is your skin and the environment that thank you!

Second, alpaca eats much less than other animals and releases fewer greenhouse gases into the air. Alpaca farming is therefore much less harmful to the environment than other animals. A women’s wool sash from our brand is therefore an eco-responsible product.



BellePaga, like other brands, is a relatively more affordable brand than some that also sell alpaca wool ready-to-wear. More than any interest in this wool, the creators of the brand share a story that connects them to this wool and they have thought and rethought the products of the brand to best meet the needs of customers, and especially the most cautious brands that the big distribution brands do not necessarily think about.

The know-how of our workers and their respect is a fundamental value that the brand promotes, which ensures the fair compensation of artisans from Peru and Bolivia.

That’s why we can proudly tell you that our products stand out from others by the values the brand carries, our history, and our quality.

• We offer quality women’s wool slings with a light but soft texture like alpaca wool. This material will bring you real warmth for the winter as well as unparalleled comfort.

• We prefer women’s wool slings in original shades, but also more neutral, as they are more easily combined with your clothing and are suitable for all styles.

• We offer a wide range of basic products. You have the possibility to choose the texture of your wool wrap according to the desired thickness. Besides, nothing better than a big sling to face the cold! Among our women’s wool slings, you will find subtle and modern cuts that are timeless!

Choosing a women’s wool sash at Bellepaga means contributing to a responsible purchase that is sustainable over time. It also means ensuring that fast-fashion does not last, that our purchases are respectful of workers and without negative impact on the planet. But it is also buying a know-how, a soft and comfortable textile of high quality. The Bellepaga slings are especially your timeless that will become your essentials as soon as the bad days show up.

So don’t wait any longer, order your women’s wool sash on our website, or come and choose it in one of our Belgian stores!