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The warm alpaca wool poncho has become a classic for our wardrobes. Made for both men and women, this garment is fashionable all over the world. But even if both genders can wear it, the warm poncho is particularly appreciated by women, because of its practicality but also its fashionable side.

The origin of the Poncho

Originally from South America and more precisely from Mexico, ponchos are known for the warmth and comfort they provide. Dating back to minus 1000 years before Christ, it attributes its origin to the pre-Inca, Inca, Paracas and Nazca cultures. Considered as ancestral and typical piece of Peru, a poncho is a traditional heritage used as an offering during funerals. In the past, the poncho was also used to differentiate the social status of the people, according to the geometric patterns that composed it. The very first ponchos were made of alpaca fiber.
In the 19th century, ponchos were even adopted by the American army for its practicality, versatility and comfort. It was used by the soldier to protect himself, to camouflage himself but also to sleep with a minimum of comfort.
Still as well known, the warm poncho has crossed cultures, the world and social classes to become today a must-have in our wardrobes.

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Why is the poncho fashionable?

Considered timeless and fashionable, the warm poncho for women was originally made to face the cold and optimize the comfort of those who wear them. Today it is also chosen for the elegance it brings. Made by many brands and in important materials such as cashmere, polyester or alpaca wool, the woman's hot poncho will become your greatest ally.
First of all the poncho will become your ally because it is portable during any season. Indeed, the poncho can replace your small sweater in mid-season but can also replace your big winter coat. You just have to evaluate what you will wear underneath it, because the width of a warm poncho for women allows you to adapt your outfit to your desires. Secondly, the poncho is a garment that does not discriminate! Its shape and versatility are at the mercy of all morphologies. Whether you are small with generous shapes or tall and slender you will find the warm poncho you need! It also adapts to all looks, and it is easy to add your personal touch of accessories and jewelry.

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Trendy woman poncho

The hot poncho may seem difficult to wear and this mainly because it is rather imposing. Indeed, on an outfit the poncho takes a considerable place, and that is why it is important not to neglect it! Being able to emphasize all the silhouettes, the hot poncho for woman is worn in different way. The key to beauty: balance your figure. You can, for example, associate it with a slim pants or a short skirt. The pants can be jeans, leather pants or colored slim pants. In terms of footwear, if you lean towards a short skirt, opt for thigh-high boots or boots to balance the outfit and the length of the poncho. If you opt for slim pants, we advise you to wear ankle boots or pumps for the bravest of you.

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Why wear a poncho?

The poncho is an important piece of our closets, it is appreciated and very practical. So we have listed why you should wear a poncho and that for all tastes, all ages and all styles:
- First of all a poncho is seen as an alternative. Alternative to the coat but also to a sweater, a sweatshirt, a knit, a cardigan ... Depending on the season, a poncho is easy to put on and does not take the head if you hesitate.
- Versatile, it is between the cosy and chic. The poncho has indeed several faces and can easily adapt to the mood of your day. It can be wide and very large to give a blanket, plaid or quilt effect. When you want to be warm at home on your couch or to go shopping on a Sunday morning, you can wear it. The comfort of a warm poncho for women or men has never been so appreciated. Then, if the next morning you go to work, no matter what the season, you can dress up with a poncho, more classy, maybe thinner. Worn with a wide belt it can come to hug your body and give it a side directly more dressed and classy.
- There is a multitude of different ponchos. You will have the choice between the material of your warm poncho, the shape, the thickness, the color according to what you seek. For example, regarding the material of your poncho, it can be made of alpaca wool, cashmere, cotton, suede, knit, fleece or synthetic materials. It also exists with fur, bangs, tassels, beads, closures, pockets, turtlenecks ... Everything exists, you define what you prefer.
- The warm poncho woman is particularly practical. Its shape leaving the arms free to move allows those who wear them to be comfortable with their body and their clothes in any circumstance. It is for this characteristic that in the past, riders wore ponchos during long trips on horseback. The shape of a warm and comfortable poncho allowed them to shoot a bow and gun quickly, or to control their mounts and their movements without being embarrassed. The poncho is still practical today because of its shape, it can be put on very quickly, which can be very practical during hikes and sudden bad weather.
- The poncho is warmer than a coat. As practical as it is soft and comfortable, a final reason to opt for a poncho is the incomparable warmth it provides. Some ponchos can cover your upper legs, providing an unforgettable
"cocoon" experience.

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Tips for your first poncho

For a first poncho, it is important to know your body and your morphology. Depending on your style, you can choose a plain poncho. This one will be easier to wear and to assemble at first. It also allows you to not take too many risks. The easier the color is to wear, the more you can test it with different outfits.
Your warm poncho should also be matched to your body type, if you are tall and thin you can wear your poncho tightly with a leather belt for example.
If you have a plain poncho you can wear underneath a sweater or a long sleeve t-shirt with patterns such as stripes or other designs. This allows you to wear what you want underneath without taking the head and playing on the details. If you are rather cold, take alpaca wool for sure with long sleeves, to wear it in any season but especially in winter.

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The warmth of alpaca wool

From its creation to now, the poncho has been made in different ways and with different materials. Originally the first ponchos were made of alpaca wool, this wool of the gods was anchored in the indigenous culture of the Andes. The benefits of this wool are still highly appreciated today. Protecting against rain and freezing mornings, warm ponchos for women made of alpaca wool are still, more than 100 years later, in fashion. The success of this wool comes from its incomparable qualities. Alpaca wool is extremely warm. Coming from the alpaca animal, the wool of the gods is not called that by chance, it is considered as high quality. It is indeed warmer, more resistant and lighter than the wool of any other camelid. Its thermoregulatory properties are also exceptional, being able to keep us warm without ever making us sweat. With over 200 colors listed, 22 of which are officially recognized, using alpaca wool is more environmentally friendly because there is less artificial dye. It also offers a greater variety of natural colors as a result. In addition to making a poncho warm, it also makes it perfectly soft. The fineness of the wool creates a warm, soft and very pleasant poncho to wear in any season.
In short, don't hesitate! If you are looking for a practical, warm and comfortable poncho, try it, you will love it. In addition to being versatile and easy to wear the poncho is far from being out of fashion! Whether you wear it at home or at work, your quality alpaca wool poncho will be your ally for a long time.

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